Xbox One Buyers Convinced 720p is Better Than 1080p

With rumors swirling around that some third party games on the Xbox One will only output in 720p rather than matching the PS4’s 1080p, many Xbox fans have convinced themselves that 720p is actually better than 1080p.itsactuallyaretrothrowbackSome would claim that the Xbox One is objectively less powerful than the PlayStation 4 if these rumors are true; however, Xbox One fans are resilient and refuse to go down without a fight even if they do not have any facts to support their side.

“A higher number isn’t always better,” wrote GameFAQs member M4st3rCh33fZ, “It’s like golf, you actually want a lower number. This is what I think Microsoft is trying to do with the Xbox One. It’s why they went from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. It’s all part of the branding and message. Sony’s just trying to appeal to intellectuals with higher numbers and stuff. That junk’s not for me.”

“I hope these rumors are true because that is just proof that the Xbox One is better than the PS4,” hoped Xbox Forums member TopKinecter, “I don’t know why so many Sony idiots want these rumors to be true. Since 720p is better than 1080p, if the rumor is true, then the PS4 is worse! I bet the PS4 doesn’t even have any Kinect games on it. How dumb is Sony?”

Even Microsoft employees agree that 720p is a vast improvement over 1080p and say that fans should be thrilled that Microsoft is making the best decisions with the Xbox One.

“The Xbox One is more versatile than other gaming consoles,” said Microsoft corporate VP Phil Harrison, “Not only can it output in 720p, it can output in 480p, or even 600p. This versatility actually makes the console more powerful because developers now have a choice in what number they want to use as long as it’s below 720. In fact, some of the best games out there output in 720p or less and that’s one reason why we hope all Xbox One games output in 720p or less as well.”

Many Sony fans are unable to fight back against this claim since they used the same argument to say that having three exclusive launch titles is better than four.

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72 Responses

  1. Richard John "Rick" Santorum says:

    Kaz Hirai said he want all games to be in 1080p.
    What a snob.

  2. Transfat Pansexual Christian-to-Atheist Ponylover says:

    The human eye can’t see above 600p so it doesn’t really matter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Only PC nerds need high res because they sit close to their nerdy monitor on their nerdy chair. I sit eight meters away from my 32″ TV. I can’t even tell the difference and I don’t care.

    • Justa Mabans says:

      Funny thing is most console players lean in when they are playing anyway. Interesting..

    • XBOX720Por less says:

      It’s because you have a tiny 32″ TV is why you can’t tell the difference.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dirty peasant pleb. You make it sound like PC gamers are incapable of setting their rigs in their living room. Quit justifying using your shit console.

    • Anonymous says:

      wrong ! we sit in front of large full HD screens…muppet

      • WufanGohan says:

        Oh and you beggar beginner anus-faced trash, those budget brainwashing and mind-control tools are still inferior in resolution to the PC monitor. Sad but true. I don’t know or care about you, but I get a headache looking at garbage.

        Still playing television games and on beginner level. Relishing those 8-year-old moments huh kindergarten graduate?

    • Anonymous says:

      wow 32 inch, jk

    • WufanGohan says:

      No la anus face you’re just a poor kiddy-console beginner trash who can only afford to play his cheap nerdy garbage resolution television (good for brainwashing and mind controlling dumps like you that’s all) and your trashy secondhand consoles on your nerdy plastic beggar chair that your flea-ridden rabid dog looks better in.

      Hahaha you sit 8 metres away you nerdy dumb geek? Your mom told you? Your science teacher? Of course your dog eyes can’t tell even if it’s 140 p. Worthless anus face cheating on welfare geez!

    • lol console peasant. Every word you said in that sentence is a wrong stereotype, If you really want a couch experience, there is also a hdmi on the pc. WOW, I NEVER KNEW THAT!!! There is like this tray you can use for mouse+keyboard. Some games will go over 60hz (most tv’s refresh rate), so pc gamers with a decent pc might want to consider getting a good monitor and maybe chair. Stop being a console peasant pls.

  4. TotallySpooky says:

    If microsoft fans think that “the lower number is better” does this mean they expect their system to sell less?

    • DUDEBRO says:

      You always want to be #1. Thats why Xbox1 is better then PS4 its a scientificaly proven fact

    • Monkey Man says:

      The iPhone 5s costs $650 and is the weakest gaming console of the current generation except for the 3DS. Microsoft saw that being expensive and weak is a good electronic gadget design philosophy. Microsoft’s plan was to make all games digitally distributed and cost $60 thus making them overall more expensive than an iPhone.

      Can the XBox One hope to compete with the iPhone 5s in terms of value?!?!?!

  5. Covarr says:

    720p is only better if it also means 60fps. But knowing MS it’ll probably get 20fps on games that run at 30-40 on PS4.

  6. ThoughtCancer says:

    This is brilliant. You really had me going there for a while. I bow before a master.

  7. Albert Einstein says:

    I’m going to guess that the higher ups, and fans of Microsoft all have Dementia…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lucky for them the xbox won’t sell near as much as the ps4 will… But why is the price higher than the ps4 fanboys?

  9. Monkey Man says:

    Everyone knows that 1066.66×600 is perfectly acceptable. My Vizio TV comes with an extra two-thirds of a pixel. Doesn’t yours?

    720p will probably be achieved with cloud computing. This will only be available in North America, however.

  10. Hero says:

    ….Okay, are ALL the articles on this site fake? Because after the PETA thing and…well, this, I feel like I should take everything here with a grain of salt. I mean, is this entire site just full of inside jokes that I am not aware of or something?

  11. Kretenn . says:

    So leaving out other 50% of the whole thing is acceptable to you? Lets see how many games are actually 1080p 60fps on PS4? 0 KZ multiplayer being 1080p 60fps but not locked to it.
    So what looks better 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps?
    Can someone point me to the game that looks better than Ryse right now? 900p 60fps with a lot of AAA would it be better at 1080p 30fps? Because you see 900p 60fps is 1.5x the pixel count per second vs 1080p 30fps

    These half ass articles are pointless.

    I don’t get it why do sony bots insist on providing half the info or false info? Or game dev have less credit than gaf members

    • I May Be A Baby But I'm More Mature Than You says:

      Big Baby.
      Accept the fact that Playstation is better.

    • Junoh says:

      Well, let’s just say that Sony has the raw power advantage right now. The PS4 is about 20-30% stronger than the X1. That is a fact. Now, just think about what you said. How many games are 1080p with 60 frames per second on the PS4. Not counting Killzone’s multiplayer, the answer would be none.

      Just think about that. The PS4 is lacking power for newer games but is still 20-30% more powerful.

    • GamingGuy says:

      Megaman X for the Super Nintendo looks way better than Ryse.

    • JD Martinez says:

      lol if ps4 had rise it would run it 1080p , xbox cant even run cod in 1080p , thats just fucked up , cod is not even that advanced , bf4 900p with higher fps than the xbox running it at 720p

    • Anonymous says:

      I can only think of 720 reasons why you’re wrong

    • Anonymous says:

      1080p is still better even at 1fps. Fps has no control over image quality.

    • True says:

      Call of Duty: Ghost is released on Xbox One at 720p 60fps (with upscaling to 1080p) and PS4 at 1080p 60fps. Remember, as more games release for both consoles, unless the Xbox One release a more powerful version, 720p with 60fps is the best that the Xbox One will be able to do.

  12. Junoh says:

    Wow, I thought this was just satire but I actually saw someone in a different comment section saying that 720p would look better than 1080p.

    “Seriously doubt the X1 version will be worst than the P$4. The upscale on the X1 is so good, that games like CoD will look even better at 720p than 1080p.”

  13. Frost says:

    Those guys are fucking stupid, no way in hell xbox one is better than PS4, its rite about now impossible until a new model comes out

  14. Mark Cardenas says:

    You guys are the biggest xbox fanboys I have had the displeasure of reading your stupid comments. How is having a smaller number in everything better how is a lower resolution number better that is so dumb that you should not even bother spending your money on next gen stick to your current system because you obviously think 720 is the shit

  15. RAR_TREX says:

    If lower is better, go watch a youtube in 360p…

    Exactly what I thought 360p looks like crap right? (the higher the better)

  16. Anonymous says:

    All of you peasants need to repent to GabeN, and ask for his forgiveness.

  17. xXxbotfanboy36OneXx says:

    Well it’s a scientific FACT that the human eye cannot see past 720p so who cares? Also, I’m glad it is 720p, 1080p is too sharp and hurts my eyes.

    • Anonymous says:

      720p is a resolution, not a pixel density. past 300 something ppi the human eye cannot make a difference. but at you are able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Xbox fanboys would rather twist the situation and completely ignore the problem, rather than accepting the fact and doing something about it. Stop riding Microsoft’s d**k and complain to Microsoft about it it. Don’t just accept it.

  19. PcandConsoleGaming says:

    For all those ignorant console fanboys, you can plug a PC into a TV and use a wireless or wired controller (Xbox or other controllers) to play games. Better graphics, cheaper games and unlimited upgradability; I don’t see why a console is better, unless your friends have consoles.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, I don’t care about 720p OR 1080p when my monitor is 1900×1200 and my fps is reliant on the hardware I have installed (which admittedly is shit right now).

  20. weedlord420 says:

    if the human eye could perceive resolutions bigger than 720p, then why are movies in 15 fps? console haters are so delucional lol……

    • [Censored] says:

      You asked if the eye can see past 720p. Then you ask why movies are 15 fps. Those are two different things, make up your mind. Besides, most movies are 24 fps.

    • Two things. First, as mentioned below, standard movie frame-rates are 24 fps. The reasons for this are three-fold. The first and most fundamental reason why films are 24 frames per second is because back when the industry used film projectors, they cycled their films at 24 fps.

      Secondly, even after theatre projectors went digital, many filmmakers still insisted (and some still do) on using film when they capture imagery. When a camera uses film, the difference in length of physical film is enormous between 24 and 30 fps. A fifth more. When you have literally days and days of footage to sift through, the amount of film makes a huge difference.

      The third reason is a little more esoteric, but just as crucial. Lower frame rates mean that darker scenes can be captured with less light. Much like shutter speed, a lower frame rate creates longer exposures. In very dark movies, such as the Dark Knight, being able to create a more natural darkness creates much more atmosphere.

      It’s only been recently that filmmakers are moving towards higher frame rates, most notably Peter Jackson, who is filming the entirety of the Hobbit at 48 fps.

  21. FinTheBeast says:

    Can’t believe that young Xbox fanboys in my school are deciding to get the Xbox One because “All of their friends are getting it and it’s better for socialising”. What a load of bull shit. They don’t take into the account that the PS4 has a lower price point, better graphics, a more well designed and smaller console (great if you travel), a regular 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use any headphone that you want, and an option as to whether you buy a camera or not. Let’s not forget about the re-chargable remote, as batteries in console remotes should be unheard of by now. PLUS, it has exactly the same capabilities for voice chats as the Xbox One, and it is included with a social-network esque idea, for connectivity and sharing help and gameplay with other people. It also incudes the ability to livestream to Twitch and UStream, connect to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and apparently the XBOX is better for socialising. Like I said before, what a load of bull shit.

    The thing is that this comparison isn’t being biased, as I have got the PS3 and play on the Xbox 360 regularly as my brother has it, and yet I think that the Xbox 360 was a massive success compared to the PS3. But the Xbox One? No. The fact you still have to use batteries in the controller, that it is being portrayed by MICROSOFT as an ENTERTAINMENT device, instead of a GAMING device, and the compulsory £80 extra for a Kinect that most people think is cool for a while, but then it becomes unheard of. Xbox, Playstation and even the Wii were all built for gaming. Not TV! And as for the Kinect, yes its cool, but most people would prefer to use the remote as it’s alot more reliable, and fast.

    So in the end, I would get a PS4. You have a well designed remote with a headphone jack that supports nearly all types of headphones. It is faster, and has better graphics, It is cheaper and you have the option as to whether you want the camera or not. The console itself has a much more modern and elegant shape, instead of being a massive, clunky old box. I mean COME ON we have had a power brick for YEARS. It just takes up more space and wastes resources available to the planet. And no, the PS4 isn’t able to watch live tv from your cable box, but why would you want to? I mean that’s why tv companies included a remote with your tv, right?

    Stop convincing yourselves fanboys that worse is better.
    Stop calling PS4’s “Gay” or “Shit” when you don’t have a fucking clue that the PS4 is vastly better, and is cheaper.
    Stop saying that “everyone is getting the Xbox, because PS4 is shit” because PS4 had a much higher amount of pre-orders and has a lot more orders being made for it.
    Stop speaking bullshit, and listen to someone else for once, and speak sense.

  22. Kunzule Paezunt says:

    Glad Ms makes the right decision. 1080p is too sharp and hurts my eyes. I like 720p much better for better storytelling because your imagination fills in the missing pieces making it even better. 1080p is for elitists nerds. Also, scientific studies have PROVEN that the human eye can’t tell the difference anyways so who cares? lol

  23. Amino says:

    I have the Xbone. PS4 is on order. I’ll get a steam box too. There will be exclusives on all of these. So why not STFU about which is best, and not sell yourself short by 1. Missing out on certain games because they’re on another system, 2. Sounding like a pubescent moron on a public forum and 3. Enjoy being a gamer instead of being a divisive prick. We’re all here because we enjoy the same thing!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Is this.. Is this real?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand this article’s logic… oh wait there isn’t any. 720p is obviously worse the 1080p. I’m not hating on the Xbox One but some people are just ignorant as hell. Why would people want less visual quality?

  26. WufanGohan says:

    Hmm 480p is the best then nationalists and their as-worthless followers. High Definition is so overrated! People should learn to be content with less, so we should take a worm-chewed dead leaf out of their decaying book (they can only get one from a library sale remember?).

  27. Can't even 1080p says:

    Fucking Xbox peasants.

  28. wow;aksldkasldkf says:

    Well everyone knows you can’t see beyond 240p & 10fps anyway.