Xbox Live Gold Required to Turn Off Xbox One

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  1. Anthony says:

    I didn’t want an Xbone 180 at first. Being able to brag about turning off my system is a day 1 buy for me.

  2. Xbrosxbox54 says:

    This is so cool! Only people with gold will be able to turn off the system. I’m going to show off turning it off in front of people that don’t have live gold.

  3. Anonymous says:

    whoever reads this post is a f****** retard you can tell it’s f****** fake so I mean no one f****** give a s*** alright thank you and go f*** yourself you stupid website

  4. Western says:

    The new Xbox has drawn so many tears, doesn’t look like the entertainment is slowing down either.

  5. LKAJHG says:

    Just give up Microsoft. Just give up.

  6. Mr. Gone says:

    I think the comments on this page are funnier than the actual article.

  7. Denon says:

    Is this article a joke or is this serious…..if this is for real then this is getting ridiculous now. I don’t what Microsoft’s thinking. Do they think just because they beat sony this gen that they can do what they want? They’re going to be in for a surprise when both consoles launch…

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