Why Watch Dogs Will Be Game of the Year: Look At All the E3 Awards and Tell Me It Won’t Win

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  1. Covarr says:

    I played this game the PC version was so downgraded it looked like Shovel Knight because they didn’t live up to their E3 2012 promises.

  2. TheHolyTurnip says:

    Watchdogs should definitely get GotY, it done so many copies that it might as well be a shoe in. UbiSoft should just go ahead and also some GotY stickers on the box in preparation for the award, not to mention even more sales.

  3. Sure man says:

    *tips Aiden’s iconic hat*


  4. PhoenixRush says:

    It will surely win the award for best reflections in a video game.

  5. Loyal P4R Fanboy says:

    Game of the Year? Nay, impossible Jack. Polygon told me that this game is offensive to minorities, how could I possibly allow that? This game will get at most a 9.5 out of 10 from me.

  6. Benito Cucaracha says:

    Even I could play the game! Not like that shit the Wonderful 101. Besides anything the trolls and dumbass gamers (kind of redundant there, am I right?) say about a supposed downgrade is BS. Ubisoft told me it was because of reasons and I believe them 100%. After all they wouldn’t lie, would they?

    • PC Gamer Enthusiast says:

      GTFO Ubisoft shill. It’s obvious the game has been downgraded. Just look at this screenshot of a modded version unlocking the features. http://assets.vg247.com/curren....._mod_5.jpg You can see how much better the road looks because there’s many lines and a lot of pixels, just like real life. Also the depth of field is much more realistic because 1) most people can’t afford medical insurance for myopia correction and 2) in real life your attention is focused on your awesome looks so you can take a selfie, not on some far away bullshit. Fuck Ubisoft and fuck you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No, it was way to complicated to play. Why did I have to press a button to hack? Isn’t my character supposed to be hacker? He should automatically be hacking so I can focus on the visceral story.

  8. PhoenixRush says:

    From what I’ve seen Watch Dogs could win the Most Pointless Main Gimmick in any Game Award. That’s huge.

    • p4ranger says:

      Its just like real life! You walk around a city and stare at your phone through the whole trip. Oculus rift theres your new virtual game you are welcome.

  9. Am i liek the only person that actually enjoyed this game? :-(