What is Elo? – How Does the Ranking System Work

Elo is a ranking system, invented by American physics professor and chessplayer Arpad Elo. Initially, it was meant as a ranking system for chess but it’s simplicity, effectiveness, and versatility has resulted in it being widely adopted as the ranking system for almost anything from a wide range of sports to chess to present day video games.

The mechanics behind the ranking system is so straightforward that it’s hard to believe. However, once you understand exactly how it works it makes sense that it’s so widely used. Elo relies on finding someone’s average performance within a distribution of values and assigning this as his rank. In short, this means that someone with a higher Elo value should perform better than someone with a lower value over the span of multiple games.

In most systems, someone is assigned his first Elo rank boost based off the results of a few random games in which he goes unranked. Depending on his results and against which rank of opponents it was achieved he will then be given an appropriate rank. Going forward, players gain and lose rank based on their wins and losses. A team gains more rank the lower their rank is compared to the opposing team’s and vice versa.

Another value is used that diminishes with time in order to lessen the effect of a win or loss. This results in your rank becoming slightly harder to change with each game you play. Although this might seem unfair, just imagine losing a lot of rank after one bad result.


As we mentioned, most competitive video games today base their ranking to some more or lesser degree on the Elo ranking system. However, each has their own unique values, weights, and factors incorporated to suit their needs.

The Elo rating system was used by LoL until the end of Season Two, when the League System replaced it as of Season Three. This has also seen the Elo system reworked almost completely into a different ranking system.

First of all, players are now divided into eight different leagues, each of which has 5 divisions. This means there is a total of 40 divisions for players to fall into. Players start in each league at division 5 and work their way up to division 1.

The eight leagues in order from lowest skill level to highest skill level are:

  • Unranked
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Challenger

Each player has a hidden Match Making Ranking (MMR) that determines their rank in the overall community and league system. Another type of points of importance is League points. League points are won when winning a game and lost when losing a game. At each division, you start at 0 LP and build your way up to 100 LP.

Something that is very different in the new League System than the Elo points system is that you actually gain more League Points the higher your MMR rating is and lose less. This is almost the complete opposite of how the Elo rating system works.

Upon reaching 100 LP you are then automatically entered into a “Promotion Series”. For the first four divisions of a league, you need to win 2 out of 3 to progress to the next division. For the very last division you need to win 3 out of 5 matches to progress to the next league’s first division. It’s also possible to skip a division or a promotional series if your MMR is unusually high for that division.

Demotion between divisions happen when your LP reaches 0 in the current division and lose a few more games. Being demoted an entire tier only happens if your MMR falls the to the lowest value of the lower tier. You will also lose LP after 28 (and then every 7) days of inactivity.

The final tier, Challenger, consists of a ladder system. In this system, if a player is promoted then another player has to be demoted. If you have been inactive for 10 days, you will be replaced with a promoted player.


Competitive gaming boosting services are nothing new. Not everyone has the time or ability right off the bat to reach their desired ranking. Boosting services are there to do the hard grind for you so that you can step into the rank you want to be and believe you deserve to play at.

What if a player reaches a high rank only to find it impossible to compete with others at that skill level? Do they have to resign themselves to be excruciatingly slowly and frustratingly demoted until they reach their skill bracket? Not any longer.

Duo boosting allows you to join your booster and play alongside one of the best players in the game. Not only will you see the ranks fly by as you rise straight to the top, but you will do so playing with and learning from the most skilled players out there. This exposure will allow you to drastically improve your own skill the fast way without having to do it the painstaking way by playing with others that aren’t serious or skilled.

This means you will literally queue and play with a booster just like you would with a friend. Technically, boosting is not allowed in Lol and if caught out you can be banned. However, since you are playing normal games with other real people and not using any cheat codes or methods, the chances of being caught is very slim.


There are a few problems with traditional boosting services:

  • Because someone will be playing on your account, you yourself might not be able to play for the duration of the boost or at certain times.
  • You might land at your desired/paid for rank, only to be completely overwhelmed by the skill level of players.
  • You won’t play any part in your profile ranking experience and may feel like you have no control over the situation.


Duo boosting addresses all these issues. When you sign up with a professional and reputable boosting service you can expect these benefits:

  • You get to play alongside the best of the best and see how those that have reached Challenger level themselves have done it.
  • You get to be part of your ranking experience. This will give you a heightened sense of achievement and make it feel more like “your” rank.
  • By playing with the best players and learning from them your skills will also drastically improve, leaving you capable of competing at the level you end up on.
  • You still get the quick rise through the ranks that you desire without a long and arduous grind.

Depending on the individual boosting service they may guarantee all out wins or just a high win percentage. They can also offer extra services that you either get for free or have to pay extra for such as voice communication, etc. Some also let you choose between buying matches or buying wins. Wins are more expensive but are obviously guaranteed, whereas matches have a slight risk of losing attached to them.


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