THQ Allegedly Burns Down Main Office HQ for Insurance Money

Earlier this evening, firefighters reported to a scene of a fire at the main headquarters of THQ. In the wake of reports that THQ is in default for 50 million dollars with Wells Fargo, some have claimed that they burned it down for the insurance money.

After the financial reports showed the huge debt trouble that THQ is in, the stock price crashed by around 50 percent. The insurance money from the fire would only provide a small financial relief to THQ who is desperately looking around for any cash.

No one was injured in the fire which many say is strange as the weekends have been extremely busy for THQ in the past few months. One witness says, “All the workers walked out single file for seemingly no reason. It was all very calm.”

“Some wanted to run back inside because they had forgotten something but others pulled them back,” he continues, “Soon after, a fire erupted and it just utterly consumed everything.”

A THQ employee who wishes to remain anonymous says, “I don’t think the fire was intentional. We had a fire drill that just happened to turn into a real fire. It was just a huge coincidence and there is nothing fishy about that.”

Allegedly, a memo from the fire a witness recovered stated, “Tell THQ Shanghai that having some of the lower-class workers die is okay as long as they don’t have the legal muscle to challenge them. We can’t do pull this off in America of course.”

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