Soulcalibur 6 in Development Hell Due to Arguments Over How Big Ivy’s Breasts Should Be

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205 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Put Hwang and Li Long’s name on the list as Main Characters Yan Leixa don’t need to Be Chai’s Daughter Xiba Does not need to be Kiliks Son Xiba can have His own Moves and Weapon style Kilik can stay with His Weapon style always Edge Master Inferno Olcadan Chrade can have there own weapon style Arthur Roskie who debuted in soul calibur can be main Character Revanent can be Main cast character Chester Hotchkiss can return as main Character Pyhrra does not need to look like Sophitia or replace Her Pyhrra and Can can be new Characters with there own looks and weapon style For soul blade it can have 12 characters in soul calibur it can have 12 new characters soul calibur 2 3 4 and 5 can have 8 new characters for soul calibur 6 and soul edge can have 12 new characters 80 characters in the soul series and that’s all

  2. Crawler 3333 says:

    *Rant Commencing in 3…2..1…*
    Of course those players quit: Taki and Sophitia were very good characters just as Hwang and Li Long. The effect of time progressing is always a bother in these games, because you end up seeing descendants, relatives or apprentices characters that simply feel like uninspired rip-offs of the original ones. Why should I care playing about Cassandra ? To me, Sophitia is the greek maiden warrior of Soul Calibur games, Period.
    The solution is very simple: make the sequels happen as close as possible to the prior episode in the time-line. I understand it’s a very cheap way to fix it, but at least it will spare the players to see their favorite characters replaced by some new clones just because the originals became too old. I don’t even know what “New Taki” actual name is, and I couldn’t care less because a clone is just a clone no matter how you call it.
    *Rant Over.*

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this for real ? i started reading cuz i thought its some funny fake news…
    I mean… they screwed up with calibur 5 so bad, one wouldnt think ivy’s boobs are their biggest problem in development now ..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Soul edge : Seong mina perfect atmosphere, perfect everything, THE GAME
    Soul calibur : not quite the same…
    Soul calibur 2 : Seong mina, quick matches, easy to learn, beautiful visuals, good for houseparties
    Soul calibur 3 : Seong mina, many movesets, char creation, great atmosphere lot of modes
    Soul calibur 4 : Seong mina, great online, create chara, good atmosphere, lack of content
    Soul calibur 5 : Frustrating online, fucked up gameplay mechanics, lack of characters, lack of content, but great chara creator..
    and now we are here, wondering how big ivy’s chest should be

  5. jordan says:

    I have played all the sc’s and sc 5 is by far my favorite. Personally if the deal with ivy is that big its time for change fuck your staff there’s need better and faster talent out there re staff and take ivy out…. Even though I love her”. If your not willing to give up anything than nothing will change” – arhmin from “attack on titan” …. Bad as series check it out

  6. Anonymous says:

    Keep Ivy’s boobs the same and move on

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am sorely disappointed about not seeing Talim in 5. She was one of the best characters on the game. Taki was great but a you know what to fight. Honestly i don’t mind that some of the other characters in the game got basically turned into other characters like Lexia. Would be great if you could find away to re-incorporate her. Talim was my main go to girl I was almost unstoppable with her.

  8. Christopher says:

    This is ridiculous! Fighting over something like this! Please do NOT even consider changing her breast size! The “damage” is done! So please keep her body the same as it is! Not a big deal! Plus her breast size and what she wears is what makes Ivy more interesting! It gives the fans something to laugh about and enjoy! Please don’t consider getting rid of her either! And I’m sure the fans will appreciate that! Let there be a Soul Calibur VI because the uniqueness of SCV was still intact! So why not keep going? And promise us Dampierre will join in on the fight for SCVI! Thanx.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is the main problem of the Soul games? Boobs?

    Oh muh jeezus fire them all, and get a real team Namco.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Shrink her breasts to a normal size then, just don’t drop her.
    Or drop her. Whatever works, not having her age though is unfair. Its like shes not a true part of the game and is there for her looks.
    Me personally, never thought about her breasts hat much. Mortal kombat girls have big brests too and they age…in fact i believed they died…hmm

  11. beaky says:

    Hows about ivy spawns with a random breast generator? Sometimes a small b cup and maybe sometimes a titan class double z cup. I love boobs as much as the next guy but focus on gameplay and extras! I loved the campain/story mode in sc3.

  12. Anonymous says:

    How about you scrap Ivy The Grannyhoe and just add freakin’ ZASALAMEL BACK TO THE GAME! HE’S IMMORTAL; THERE’S NO REASON FOR HIM NOT BE IN THE GAME. That guy is so badass he could make up for removing that stupid worthless Ms. George Fanservice-with-a-crappy-fighting-style Washington.

    • Anonymous says:

      TOTALLY AGREED!! ZASALAMEL ONLY APPEARED IN 2 SC GAMES!! WHY IS THAT NAMCO?! he absorbed sc n se and was still alive! He if anyone had a right to continue appearing in sc. And yes, bring Talim back!! Patroklos and his stupid wannabe Setsuka moveset are extremely annoying. Retire Astaroth please…really no reason for him to be in the game anymore

  13. Anonymous says:

    5 sucked big time patroklos didnt need to be the wilder of soulcalibur he sucked and getting rid of taki to put a sucky rip off to replace her story sucked to and super move was over kill fo Cervantes all together the game sucked thay killd soul calibur I dont think ill waist my money on a game that focuses to muchh on graphics and not character plot not being able to choose who.I wanted to do story with sucked maybey if it was a diffrint game I woulda liked it but putting the name of my favorite game franchise it should live up to its name and not be another street fighter or something like that

    • Anonymous, if that’s your name… I know you’re not talking about Patroklos, his original fighting style is the fusion of his ‘mothers’ style with a hint of Setsuka/Neve’s style. Alpha Patroklos style of fighting includes all of his moveset based on Setsuka/Neve’s style, making him more faster and stronger. As for Ivy, leave her alone, focus on other modes, like character creation, arcade, and the like. Project Soul, stop being perverts and focus on the mechanics, not the character ! Nuff said !

  14. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care about ivy just bring zasalamel damnit!

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree!

    • elsa says:

      fuck you ivy is the best character inside soul caliber she is very popular I think u should keep her besides man that character zasalamel is and ugly ass motherfucking bitch ivy is better motherfucker so fuck off and let them keep ivy u bitch gosh

  15. Michael Laun says:

    I personaly think that six sould fill in the gaps between soul calibur IV and V, but still be continuing the forward advance. Just bring in new and old characters and designs, just with uped graphics.

  16. Michael Laun says:

    Also you should give every character its own little story and entertwinning story plots. That way you will want to play as other characters.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lol i thought this was a joke at first, really now how strong can this engine be if it actually restricts the staff so much.

  18. Madison says:

    My friends and I used to joke about how Ivys boobs get bigger every game. I had no idea this was an actual situation with development. Yes it was sad to see taki and sophitia not be in the game, but at least they had pyhra to replace her. I dont like takis replacement though. They should have kept taki and made her the age she should have been in the game (which really isnt that old) and made her even more badass

    • Taki can still be a badass. According to Taki, she said that her mission to eliminate Soul Edge will take longer than two weeks. That’s what made Natsu very worried, so she went after her. During her travels, she met the elegant princess, Leixia, and after that, Natsu became Leixia’s friend and bodyguard. What you didn’t know about Natsu is that she has a demon spirit like that of Naruto’s, and she’s alot stronger than Taki, and she can hold her own.

  19. Anonymous says:

    People just like to bitch about everything, don’t they?

  20. Antonio says:

    Well ofcourse they didn’t buy it. Taki and Sophitia were two of the sexiest, and best in the game. And that’s what teenagers and adult men love to see. So if you take that away what do you have, nothing but a sausage fest, and who wants that. I don’t really care about Ivy’s breast sized, as long as you don’t make her suck balls, like you did to my favorite character Cervantes. I’m fine with whatever you guys choose.

  21. Antonio says:

    I feel you on that shit.

    • I love soul calibur 1-3, 4 and 5 kind of left a bad taste in mouth, for one reason they took out great characters and put in clones which to me didn’t live up to there predecessors, and two I hate that t h ey always ad characters that do everybody’s moves you had inferno, edge master, and now kilik that’s so lame give everyone there on fighting style. Don’t change nothing on ivy she’s my main character I started with her and Maxi when soul calibur 1 came out I would love to see Spawn return with new moves and his cape and chains with there on powers, and everyone with there own original story like 1-3.

  22. Robert says:

    SCV is truly awesome, with some cons, just bring in some of the old character’s successors, add in some new blood with new weapons, of course the fans want the modes from 2 to 4 back, I although want more character customization options, voices, hairstyles, faces and Astaroth’s height choice (i always wanted to make a 7 foot character)

  23. Chad Hull says:

    when soulcalibur6 do come out tira evil side need a stomping move just like ivy but with here hold foot on the down opponent just like nina from tekken. oh have ivy with long heair too to change her look ivy is allway beautiful but i like to see a long heair ivy.

  24. someguy says:

    I really like a game where the gamer can be the creator, that is why I liked 5 because you can make your own character with the character generator, and it is also really customizable. I think what you should do is add a customizable move generator.

  25. Rich says:

    I don’t know why the big deal.. people just MOD her boobs anyway

  26. ChosenHun says:

    Bring back Taki first of all. She’s one of the top characters in the whole game. Also, bring back characters that should of been there for 5, like talim, zasalamel and seung mina. Keep the breast of all characters consistent, there’s no need to keep expanding and shrinking breast. No silly guest characters. If you want guest characters, bring one in that would make sense. For example say Ash Williams from the evil dead/army of darkness series would be a good fit seeing as he gets sent to the past and fights demons, also the chainsaw arm would be badass to fight with. Bring the gameplay back to how it was for the first 2 SC games or 3 and get rid of those super moves. Bring a mode back like weapons master and if you need a story take some hints MK9. They did a perfect story for a fighter.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Just bring Talm back. The only thing I didn’t like about 5 was the lack of characters. Natsu was a great successer for Taki as well as others like Pyra. Devil Jin was the bomb. Ezio was a great guest character but still didn’t beat 4’s guest characters, but that’s hard to follow anyway. The battle system for 5 was much improved with the exception of the guard impact useing your soul bar. Critical edges were much easier to accomplish than the Critical finishes in 4. Also 5 did lack in having something as epic as the tower to go through as well without being down right frustraighting at times. (Legendary Souls.) Really though I’ll be happy if you just bring back Talm. Oh and we are not that worried about Ivy’s breast size. That’s surprisingly unprofessional. The time wasted on that could go to ideas to revoultionize the game and still keep it fan worthy. Grow up and make the best damn game ever.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Fuck all you make her boobs bigger

  29. Anonymous says:

    Any new updates?

  30. Blake Napier says:

    Bring back Hwang Sung Kyung and Li Long back as Main Cast Full Proper Storyline Characters for 6 and Soul Calibur 2 3 4 and Soul Edge Li Long can return for Soul Calibur 1 Soul Calibur 2 Soul Calibur 3 Soul Calibur 4 except Soul Calibur 5 but He can return for Soul Calibur 6 and Soul Edge Both of His Costumes can have Him With Hair and Chinese Hat while Hwang Sung Kyung can return for Soul Calibur 2 Soul Calibur 3 Soul Calibur 4 Soul Calibur 5 Soul Calibur 6 and Soul Edge both of His Costumes can have Him With Dark Brown Hair and with A Headband/Bandanna Cervantes De Leon can have both Costumes with a Pirate Hat Alot more better Sing Blake Napier

    • How about this: Bring back all characters from all Soul games, including Soul Blade. Yeah, I said it, Soul Blade ! All those modes from the previous games, bring ’em all back. As for Ivy’s breast size, leave it alone. You guys got better priorities than giving Ivy breast enhancement, so, leave it alone, and focus on the game at hand.

  31. No name says:

    Next time, add a char custom tool breast sise ;)

  32. Amonrara says:

    They consistently nerfed Cervantes through the series. Sc5 he was awful, seriously. The games have a severe balance issue, but I loved them just the same… except 5. Sc3 ivy was my favorite.

  33. Hazara says:

    Argueing over breast size is delaying the fucking game seriously morons

  34. Mike says:

    Further reason why a series I loved so much during Soul Edge/Soul Calibur has now become something I couldn’t care less about. What a joke this series has become. SC5 was the worst yet.

  35. LordLeeBezick says:

    1.) Raphael/ that guy is awesome! More badass than Zasalamel…
    a.) Put more scenes of him and Viola. (I believe Raphael is only one who can help her recover her memories)

    2.) Maxi/ that guy’s so cool.
    a.) Bring back his evil personality.

    3.) Patroklos and Pyrrha/ the new wielders of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.
    a.) Patroklos must have an original fighting style.
    (fast and strong; hear bones crack)

    4.) SCIV & SCV playstyle/ awesome but, combine the two.
    a.) Add blasts e.g. Fire; ice.

    5.) Guest character:
    Dean Winchester/ Supernatural.

    6.) Explain the Timeskip between SCIV & SCV e.g. What happened to Cassandsa.


  36. Bruce says:

    I’ve been reading the comments and most of the people miss sophitia and taki, well personally, at least they replaced this fighting styles, think about the ones that were completely lost, talim, in sc5, dancers on sc4, setsuka in sc5 and so on, but really and this is personal but setsuka is my favorite character so i was very sad to see her go, but i was kinda insulted when patrokilis got kinda her fighting style and without the freaking umbrella like hand some new character an umbrella, make it setsuka’s student, i don’t really care but in sc6 I’d best see someone with an umbrella or i might skip it to.

  37. that guy says: this a joke? If they do make soul calibur 6 do not draw your freaking cut scenes

  38. Zebedi666 says:

    Just saying, everyone is going on about soul calibur, but did anyone here play Soul Blade on PS1? It didn’t have that many characters at all but the game was still awesome. Characters have come and gone, doesn’t matter though as long as the game is good.

  39. Anonymous says:

    should be abe to use algols moveset for custom characters is a must.. and should bring back all the skins from soulcaliburs 3-5 the least! soulcalibur shpu;d have way more customization then 5 and 4 put together.. 5 was a huge let down for me because.. 1.they mixed both male and female armor permutations, which is just super lazy.. 2. armor permutations from soulcalibur 4 wasnt put in the game (“Leviathon Gauntlets” which were my favorite).. 3. Weapons from 4 were not put in SCV which was a let down aswell.. i could go on for hours what should be fixed but i feel too nit picky… In conclussion They really should focus on a even better Character Customization! Also bring back Talim.. love that little shit

  40. Gestalter says:

    the answer to this problem of aging characters is simple and a common fad right now… Add multi dimensions/time travel to the story. And it’s an easy concept to implement with the soul series, a character weapon or trinket with time movement capability. Now we can have all the characters we originally loved and odashima can just put his foot down on a model of ivy with just above realistic breasts and various costumes. Just make the most revealing an outrageous achievement to acquire people will play the shit out of your game, end.

  41. Gage says:

    Are the creators the most perverted people on the planet?Really, arguements about Ivy’s tits delaying the game? Does it really matter more than the game as a whole? And who cares about taki and sophitia not making it, i mean sure they were great characters but people shouldnt just not get a game only because the absence of 2 characters, i really enjoyed the game regardless, especially the character creation ^v^

  42. Anonymous says:

    They could be little nubs or towering mountains for all I care. I just want the next installment to get a PC port.

  43. Dartanyan says:

    I love soul calibur! Been playing it for the long run. I really hope they can figure out an alternative to the development of sc6. Man try hard fans are always giving this game bad feedback…but no matter how you look at it the game is fucking fun. Now with that said….as far as the possibility of producers quiting the soul project for ( to me) trivial matters….why not make the game into a anime? & perhaps work on another project? The soul calibur franchise has a deep storyline and whenever they make a new game & introduce new characters, the transaction has me dumbfounded.

  44. anonymous says:

    Just have them modifiable in creation! how f…..n hard does it need to be

  45. Anonymous says:

    Just work on the story ok

  46. Anonymous says:

    Put the thundercats in soul calibur 6

  47. HDZ274 says:

    When in doubt, leave it alone. “too big” or “too small” isnt the problem you should be pondering, it’s “too different”. People hate change, “familiar is right, different is wrong”. I would just leave it alone and move on. She was fine in SCV and doing some drastic redesign of Ivy is going to make people angry. People were pissed about Xiba, Leixia, Natsu, Pyrrha, and Patrokolos for this reason as well. And, barring facial features for the most part, they could have easily been costumes for their old counterparts. Just make SCVI keeping the old games in mind and let the character creator fill in the holes for a lot of the new stuff.

  48. Monstevr says:

    The real solution is that she has macromastia so that her breasts can get dumber every game, appeasing the hentais on the dev team until they get too big for her to fight and she just has to sit around a garage in Santa Destroy making lightsabers for Travis Touchdown. YOU’RE WELCOME; MONEY PLEASE