Soulcalibur 6 in Development Hell Due to Arguments Over How Big Ivy’s Breasts Should Be

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135 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just bought 4 holy hell the stages look so awesome and have do much…character better than 5

  2. Anonymous says:

    the stages in 5 can suck it. Okay namco the love pillows (the boobs) dont always make the bed (the game ) was that cleaver

    • @Kyrukemitsu says:

      Agreeeeeeed! You guys can do this without the Ultra D’s.
      If possible… make two Ivy’s. No, bad idea….
      I’m a casual player of SC but not a big fan. Ivy is a slot machine, you can never really win.
      Oh, and bring back some old moves!

  3. The Soul Calibur Lady says:

    I find it absolutely ridiculous that there is so much conflict over a single body part of one character. Why do they argue so much over how big they should be? Make them the same size they’ve always been!

    I have to admit I hadn’t even thought of Ivy being basically the same age that she’s always been while all the other characters are much older, or dead. I can’t believe some people are so butt hurt over the game not having their favorite character return, that they’re not even willing to try out the game. Cassandra was always my favorite character, and they got rid of her. Sure, I was pissed, but the game is just so good that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the new characters. Although I’ll always love Cassandra’s character the best, Pyhrra Omega has definitely grown on me. I love her design, her personality, and her fighting style. I love how they incorporated Sophitia’s and Cassandra’s moves into Pyhrra and Pyhrra Omega. Whose to say they can’t just bring back Sophitia, Taki, Cassandra, etc. in the future anyway?

    I have to say I love Ivy’s character. I love her personality and voice. Although her outfit is a bit raunchy, I sill love her despite being a girl myself. My friends- boys and girls -and I laugh over how revealing her clothes are sometimes, and whenever we rip the clothes off of other characters.

    I don’t think Project Soul should worry so much about Ivy. Focus on the other characters just as much, ne?

    • soulcaliburbro says:

      i was sad that talim was gone, i was hesitant to buy the game.

      but i hate patrokolos

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 100% here! Thank you for leaving such an awesome comment!

    • J says:

      “I find it absolutely ridiculous that there is so much conflict over a single body part of one character. Why do they argue so much over how big they should be? Make them the same size they’ve always been! ”

      Two reasons: DOA5 and Japan

      • J says:

        Oh yeah, another reason: Taki….

      • Anonymous says:

        I personally as someone who’s been playing sc since it started i think they totally bombed 5..I actually went and got 5 without hesitation even though i knew my favorite character was i regret buying it…maxi is so watered down its funny..they incorporated a defense system that totally blows especially when you’re dealing with a cheap ass nightmare,,who consumes complete power bars with 4 smashing blows…The impact is there but only if you have special to execute which after sc4 makes NO SCENE. Its not all bad yea ive come to like alph patrokolos… love hilde who tons easier to use now but in my opinion they could have done far better SC4 is a far better and they should revisit it before they make 6

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol. SC4 was broke as shit. Ivy dominated every major tourney. Then Amy. It was the slowest paced game. SC5 was way better balanced. Lots of characters could win high level tourneys. Plus the game speed was up where it should be. The loss of yun, kilik, and talim sucks but they had there development time cut way down when the quake and tsunami hit. The JG was a great addition so you didn’t need to GI everything. You guys are killing me with this SC4 the best stuff. Do any of you play competitive fighting games?

  4. James says:

    Soul Calibur 4 is still the best Sc5 in my books never happened.. waste of my money , the characters had less move’s and there was only 1 story… and no single player challanges.. not to mention 4 characters did the same thing (random styles).. and one was kilik? wtf happened?
    and the custom characters lost everything that they were when they sold the extra items as DLC rather than intergrating them into the game to unlock.. and they took out the Special mode!? why… the idea of making another game is to make it better .. not worse -_- SC6 needs to have a good 6 years or more to make it a full game.. not a 1-2 year rush half finnished broken game like sc5. IMO

  5. Anonymous says:

    If they’re going to argue over something this stupid then they are just hindering project soul and need to be terminated. Just add her in as DLC or something.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Really, arguing over her breast size? Immature and creepy.

  7. Lambda says:

    Im disappointed that one of the most glistening franchises in HISTORY has fallen into such a state of wear and deteriation. How could such an icon have fallen so short? Could it really be that the final release of SoulCaliburV was released, only one fith completed, because of ONE WOMAN? The Project has shown us on a proffesional level that it is becoming unworthy of the Two Swords.
    But despite this, I care about Project Soul and I want it to be successful, and I want to enjoy one of my favourite games ever, more than ever.

    Recall the splendors of the age of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur? When both games released, the world was won over by it’s revolutionary combat, the splendid heroes, the spectacular stages, the ever-superb soundtracks and most important to us all, THE SWORDS AND SOULS THAT MADE IT ALL SO GREAT!

    I was but a child when I was introduced to Soul Blade, and from each main release I have followed and grown to appreciate the course the game had taken, from the expansion of characters and stage mechanics to the freedom of customization. But when one prefers a past title to it’s successor, something has gone terribly wrong.

    I am quite sure quite a few fans love(d) Ivy at sometime, but it is not fair to the many others who love their respective heroes just as equally. I personally believe that Ivy’s classic 2p costume was one of the best ever designed, but I know there is a haughty side to her that many other appreciate greatly. Also, what of the fellow fans who aspire and worship Ivy’s masculine peers? We cannot deny that they want the same attention given to their muscles as we would give to breats.
    There are many souls out in this world now who cry even now for equality in the character roster and wardrobe. The same can be said for the world stages, as creativity and diversity dwindled in SCV despite honing it’s own beauties. The stale story-arc of SCV especially crumbles the edges of this poor jewel of a game. And of course we understand we cannot keep some characters forever, but we won’t tolerate new arrivals who lack control or balance either.
    At last there is one more thing that must be addressed; The Online Mode. Ever since this age-defining innovation of video-gaming, we can all agree some things have indeed changed for better-and for worse. It is impossible to keep fans and profit all together if the project is propelled so far forward that it no longer resembles it’s for-runners.

    Project Soul must take a look back at all the things that have made each generation so great.Tapping into these memorable things and keeping open about producing a well ballanced treasure of a game is what is most important, always. The following information is provided by a passionate fan who wants nothing more than the proper Soul Blade/Edge/Calibur that conqures all fans.

    GAME MODES: Apart from the ever-important arcade, time, survival and versus mode, Standard/Extra options helped made this successful genre so great. Project Soul must incorporate the conventional modes that make a versus game successful, Team Battles or Tag features, the Extra Challenges and their varying conditions, such as the Weapon Master and Story modes of SCII and SCIII reaped great reception.

    STAGES: There are so many memorable places we have done battle in, from dust to dawn, through clear skies to falling heavens, from mountain shrines to deep, deep labyrinths, from deserts to forests, From the far east to the Silk Road, From the Forsaken Sactuary to Ostreinsberg, from Europe to the New World; Throughout the saga there have been memorable sights all over the world. Project Soul can bring all these places, every single one, back to us and we would not hate them for it. If Project Soul wants to tell the most amazing tales, they must honor the locations this great story has taken place.

    SOULS: If Project Soul focused on the above-gripping qualities as much as they have dividing amongst themselves for one woman when there are plenty of wholesome, astonishing, enticing characters already, they would find that so many veteran/new-coming fans would gives themselves so willing to their stone-people-pillar supplying game creators. Of course we fall in love with heroes and watch them grow, evoulve, age, and be substituted. As or the roster in such a must-needed installment, columns should be reserved for the present heroes, the past heroes, and the custom heroes to appeal to the veteran, newcoming and creative players all alike.

    SWORDS: The weapons have as much respect as do their potential wielders. But even these can be expanded upon. Weapon attributes, it’s sharpness, sturdiness, length, girth and possible supernatural attributes make Soulcalibur so much more alluring. Project Soul, please dig deeper into this most important field.

    CUSTOMIZATION AND COSTUMES: We love it more with each new release. We want more. We deserve more. And in the customization field Project Soul has to a degree done just that. But we also crave another element crucial to a future success: Harmony. We all want to make a Knight or Samurai, but we also want to define our creations amongst others. Each category of equipment must have a subcategory of wears from the regions they come from. Doing so will ensure that players, preferring interpretative or escape fictions, will find just what they are looking for to satisfy their creative needs. Custom characters should have the privilege of “1p/2p” appearances for seamless integration of the roster columns mentioned above.
    This applies to standard characters and their custom counterparts. We will appreciate having more than just 1p/2p costumes; secret costumes are a treat for us, and returning costumes from past games will honor us. Please Project Soul, choose to honor your fans with rewards that will maintain and repair our trust in you.

    THE CHARACTERS: This applies to custom and initial characters equally. As far as we have come in the customization department there are some more things we can do here to satisfy the art-savvy. The faces can be broken down into respective categories. The stances and Statures of any kind of character must match their weapon they want/must use. Observe the creation mode of Dragons’ Dogma and you will see that their characters can be masculine or feminine, timid or imposing. Exploring this path will open up the possibility of establishing more fluent fighters.
    From muscles to fat, weight is either overlooked or underlooked, especially between female and male characters. If Ivy’s breast and butt jiggle or bounce, so must Cervantes. If Talim’s features show such physics, then that much so must apply to Astaroth. Flesh maybe firm, muscles maybe tense and fat maybe bouncy. Wether they are wide or thin, tall or small, boney or vuloptuous, firm or pudgey, not a single one of these qualities can be restricted or focused solely on a select figure or gender. wether the fan is male or female, heterosexual or homosexual, or if the fan is critical about the character’s need for armor, Project Soul must assume it’s fanbase is interested in all of these and must adress them all equally.

    Hair and make-up is also very crucial to all characters; It is an accent, an accessory, a story. If Project Soul looks back through each installment, each character and their costume, They will find they have countless options to implement; a whole cosmetic arsenal, and they seem to have forgotten. There are still countless possibilities for future innovations in this field as well, and so, Project Soul must reach both forward and backward, with both hands, and bring it all together!

    RETURNING/NEW CHARACTERS; Regardless of who we have fallen in love with or who we’ve yet to fallen for, So many martial arts exist in the Soul Series. The duality of Siegfried and Nightmare is staple to the seriese of course, but beautiful similar differences exist as well, the conservative and liberal Hwang and Yun-Seung, the tempered and untamed Kilik and Xiba, the natural and chaotic force of Rock and Astaroth, the fencing graces of Raphael and Amy, and the legacy of the Alexandria family only scratch the surface–Infact, what better way to honor the Two Swords’ memory? Afterall, these swords have experienced so many great heroes and weapons that it would be an insult to neglect such a treasure.

    8-WAY RUN SYSTEM: This most crutial system is Project Soul’s baby; It’s winning point and it’s Achiles’ heel. I find too few problems to list; Only Project Soul understands this system better than anyone, and they alone must determine the best way to use it in a future installment.

    The History of Souls and Swords will always be retold, unless Project Soul resharpens it’s blade and raises arms, the legend will die. If Project Soul promised to bring any or some or all of these things to a future release, Im sure passionate fans would gladly support such a production. We dont care about when the next great Soulcalibur is released, we care IF it comes at all.

    Project Soul, I implore you, Honor your franchise, Honor your fans,

  8. ysis says:

    eu acho que eles deveriam se preocupar mas com o jogo: pois desde o soul calibur 3 nenhum foi muito bom o numero de ataques diminuiu e o single player ficou muito pobre , além de que o modo historia deveria ser mas cinematográfico e todos os personagens deviam de ter historia … enfim soul calibur está caindo muito, tomara que o 6 o salve!Pois amo essa franquia, jogo desde o 1º soul calibur e acho que os novos não estão dando conta do recado, estou ficando muito decepcionada como qualquer fã ficaria.

  9. Eric Thomas says:

    Odashima needs to fire those creepy perverts!!!

    Soul Calibur is more than Ivy’s breasts, if they didn’t realize. Maybe if they all got their hands out of their pants, SC5 wouldn’t have sucked so bad!

    Bring back Talim and Amy! Not every guy is a big breast fanatic. Give some fan service to us who like small breasts!

  10. Okay, i don’t even find Ivy the slightest bit attractive, i could care less how huge her rack is, her face is an eye sore imo. Are they frickin serious, they are really arguing over breast size? Grow the hell up, and stop acting like over hormonal 13 year olds.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The lack of story compared to previous games is why I didn’t like SCV and if Soul Calibur VI is anything as bad as V, I will pass on it. Ivy’s breasts are nice to see but not as important as story.

    Also, Character Creation in V is way worse than in SCIV.

  12. Komortas says:

    The fact that they got rid of Yun Seong and kilik and the awesome version of nightmare pissed me off! I hate xiba

  13. Just get rid of her, she is slowing down the release for Soul Calibur 6! Sorry Ivy :(

  14. PFC Walker says:

    Lol that is hilarious, work on breasts, or quit my job lmaoo.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Soul Breast

  16. sydranark says:

    LOL! Did this seem like an Onion article to anyone else? It’s even funnier because this is an ACTUAL issue the development team has brought upon themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. I read it twice because the first time didn’t sound believable (btw, I just came across this article). It’s baffling, to say the least, that this is an actual issue hampering the development of the game.

  17. Zethy says:

    This sounds legit but at the same time it sounds fake and unreal.. But if it is real, the director really needs to step up.

  18. fenrir says:

    I just want to say a couple of things:
    1.- get rid of patroklos…I really hate that guy.
    2.- I want to be able to custom the weapons…different hilt, tsubas, even accesories for the weapons etc. In the case of characters that uses weapons like cervantes or phyrra/sophitia etc… i want to combine weapons, for example the omega shield with the soul edge or the soul edge with the soul calibur sword…or my favorite style…two katanas, I mean cervantes able to use two katanas, like shura from sc 4, but not.exclusive to her.

  19. Anastacio says:

    1. Daishi Odashima is no longer with Project Soul, he quit. See this
    2. I “religiously” followed Daishi Odashima’s tweets months before SC V was released and hardly was there any mention about her breasts, only that she will have a more “revealing” costume and even that sucked big time.
    3. As a fan of the series all I have legitimately dug up recently is Soul Calibur Lost Swords thing for the PS4. Even on 8wayrun., which is where all the harboiled Soul Calibur experts and pretenders hang out, all you can see about Soul calibur 6 is speculation based upon Namco statements. Read through this –
    4. Without any other legitimate source to corroborate this article, it is very reasonable to conclude that this is 100% BS.
    5. Nice try, btw. Next time, discuss the possiblity of Taki’s chesticles and cameltoe suit making a magical comeback in Soul Calibur 6 to bring in more traffic to your website.

  20. Rin Satsu says:

    I don’t care about Ivy’s tits – how about this time you don’t abandon the Creation DLC before it ran out of life? As good as TTT2 is, it’s far inferior to Soulcalibur V and didn’t warrant abandoning the better title to give it all your attention. I only really want to see a much deeper Creation mode; the story lost my attention a while ago.

  21. Greg says:

    I would never skip out on a soul caliber game. But it disappoints me greatly that the coolest character (talim) didn’t make it… And killik has to be an imitator now? :( and what about Yung sang? It’s like all my favorites where taken out. :/

  22. Anonymous says:

    My god, if Project Soul is gonna have a problem like this, they should get the TEKKEN Team to do the entire project, I don’t think Harada has ever had a problem like this when continuing that series. So far TEKKEN is still a great series, with only the minor problem of TTT2′s Customization being so bland and same clothing shared by the other fighters, still excellent.

    Little off topic but i think Namco’s TEKKEN should a mash-up with SNK’s King of Fighters,just a thought i had.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the Tekken team is the reason SCV was so bad. The Tekken team was involved with the development, which as we all seen was a BIG mistake. Look at SCIV, it got a fighter of the year award in 2009…. and guess what? The tekken team never touched the development process of that one. Why do you think SCV only had one story line? because thats all tekken has too. Why do you think SCV had a crappy character customization? because Tekken has a crappy one as well. See the similarities? DAMN THE TEKKEN TEAM TO THE ABYSS

  23. 1 I was always under assumption data Ivy was immortal because of all for alchemy experiments. 2 they can bring taki back at any time if you read any of the story lines for Soul Calibur taki isn’t dead shes on a different quest. but seriously there excuse for this game is at their arguing over breast physics? that’s fucking pathetic. I understand there’s a lot of pervs out there to buy this game for those reasons, but come on you’re delaying a game because you guys can agree on how big to make Ivy’s tits bullshit!

  24. Sleeper says:

    Why can’t they make Ivy’s breasts the same as it always was?!

  25. Sleeper says:

    Here’s what I recommend for Soul Calibur VI to come out as….

    1. Bring back all the original characters, if not, represent their fighting style.
    ( Talim, Zasalamel, Yeung Seong, Setsuka, Cassandra, etc….)

    2. There should be more than one venue switch.
    ( You start out on a boat and you might drop to the basement of the boat. Or
    another random cutscene where you and your opponent crash to shore and
    start fighting there.)

    3. You can have a Story Mode where you can freely move around and look for
    fights or wait until an enemy shows up like Tekken 6. You can also do a Co-op
    in story mode with up to 3 people. Not to mention side stories with other minor
    characters who aren’t a contribution to the main story.

    4. (Obviously) Have people create their own character with over 20 voices to choose
    from and over a thousand different equipment items. Have about 8 weapons and one silly weapon per style. Have us put about 25 letters maximum for character name.

    5. Also keep the additional bonus characters like Ezio Auditore and Dampierre.

    6. Lastly, for creation, Let us choose our quotes and dialog from over 75 Start quotes, Win quotes, Guard Break Quotes, K.O. Or how your character wants to scream.

    Just like SOULCALIBUR V but better graphics and all the things suggested up there. If
    too much, message me on here.

    • Sleeper says:

      I should also suggest this… Adjust or apply a bigger move list and have about 2 Critical edge moves, or any form of an ultimate attack per person.

    • Sleeper says:

      Each original character, like Pyrrha and Natsu. In SOULCALIBUR VI, They
      should a second player “costume”. Like the 2P costume for both should
      be Sophitia and Taki. Or make Taki and Sophitia a premium in SC VI.
      ——> Taki’s and Ivy’s breast size should be the same as SOULCALIBUR IV.
      The producer Daishi Odashima, you need to grow up, stop being a
      perverted freak because you worry too much about a character’s titties,
      and get on with the 6th. Who’s to say that Ivy’s breasts have to become bigger everytime the next SOULCALIBUR comes out?! Get it together Daishi.

    • Anonymous says:

      Side stories such as…. For example; Ivy’s Quest, The Adventures of Taki/Natsu, Siegfried’s Final Sacrificial Duty, Hilde’s New Reign, Astaroth’s Anarchaic Rampage, etc….

      I would put in all these characters for SOULCALIBUR VI.
      - Patroklos ( And Alpha Patroklos )
      - Pyrrha ( And Pyrrha Omega )
      - Cassandra
      - Sophitia
      - Talim
      - Zasalamel
      - Z.W.E.I.
      - Yeung Seong
      - Kilik
      - Seong Mi-Na
      - Xiba
      - Raphael
      - Amy ( Viola )
      - Leixia
      - Xiangua
      - Natsu
      - Taki
      - Maxi
      - Mitsurugi
      - Setsuka
      - Lizardman ( Aeon )
      - Astaroth
      - Rock
      - Ashlotte
      - Nightmare
      - Kamikirimusi
      - Spawn
      - Cervantes
      - Shura
      - Ivy
      - Algol
      - Inferno
      - Yoshimitsu ( 2nd )
      - Voldo
      - Shadow ( Soul of Voldo in SC IV )
      - Siegfried
      - Hilde
      - Ezio Auditore ( Bonus )
      - Dampierre ( Bonus )
      - Link ( Bonus )
      - Sora ( Soul of Siegfried ) ( Bonus )
      - Darth Vader ( Bonus )
      - The Apprentice ( Starkiller ) ( Bonus )
      - Luke Skywalker ( Bonus )
      - Orchid ( Bonus )

  26. Anonymous says:

    They should just relocate everyone to do something different and bring a new bunch of people in

  27. Rayna says:

    Oh my god, this reads like an Onion article. Are you SURE this isn’t satire?

  28. Shaun Fox says:

    Is this for real? It this is a site like the onion, then I apologise. But fucking really? You guys are flapping about getting boners in work over pixels and missing out something majorly important; the fucking game! I couldn’t care less if she was flat chested, had 3 tits or a pair of dicks instead! Have a few tactical wanks before, during and after work, and/or get laid, and publish the next rendition from the greatest beat em up series ever! Come the fuck on guys, have some soul!
    A true fan.

  29. Damir says:

    I just hope SCVI turns out to be a good game. I hope they bring Chronicles of The Sword back & the equipment system that was in SCIV. Also intergrate some more moves within each move set. One of my wishes is for the guess character to be Future Trunks (Sword) from Dragon Ball Z. I think that would be cool if they find out how to balance it correctly.

  30. Lord Jigglesworth says:

    *Sigh* ….this really ain’t that complicated. Just requires a bit of simple, good ol fashioned honesty. Quit worrying so much about public opinion and ….make em bigger. MUCH bigger. And finetune the ‘Undulating Engine’ as well. There, was that so hard?

    SC has always had fetishes, straight or gay, milf or loli, w/e (don’t bs…you know EXACTLY what direction Phyrra was designed to go in with the storyline) And while some things come and go (Amy and Talim for example), someones always there to fill the specific category/roll…….and Ivy just fills hers out very well. ..or she did in 4 at least before le producer started to go conservative. Its funny enough how, according to the article, a few were spending overtime on Ivy’s design. “Eh? Why’d you get home so late?” “Oh…I’ve been tinkering with and manipulating Ivy’s breasts all day.” …he he he heeeee~.

    Seriously, can’t see why SC6 shouldn’t be better than ever. The customization aspects in 5 were very nice (didn’t bother altering the premades at all with all the options) and can only hope they build off em in 6. Agree heavily with the post about weapon customization. Equip Astaroth with a greatsword visually, even if it still handles like an axe. Physics and realism are cool to a degree but the fun comes in with including the imaginary aspect as well. ..and yes that goes double for Ivy’s lusciously endowed mammaries. *equips flame jacket accessory*

  31. Ami says:

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve read so far this year.
    Just leave her boobs how they are. If they get larger, that would be a joke. If they get smaller, I wouldn’t complain, but it would jeopardize the project further, and really wouldn’t solve their underlying problem.

    I say that those particular game designers are kinda close-minded and totally missing the point of the game. They deserve to be fired for neglecting their duties. There’s great talented people waiting to prove themselves out there, I’m sure. A whole fresh team would work wonders.

    It just really pisses me off that breasts is what’s holding the game up. It’s already annoying that the game is getting more and more geared toward a single demographic (straight men). It’s well known that lots of East Asian girls like slender cute-guys (seriously, look at their pop idols), but I can’t think of any character like that in Soul Calibur.

    Eh, whatever. Worst comes to worst, there’s still Virtua Fighter, which keeps it right in the middle.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Bring back necrid and kratos

  33. PSI says:

    You guys need to grow up.

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Mori says:

    How about, while some people argue over the boobs, the rest of the team does some actual development, so they don’t run out of time like they did with SCV and give us a shitty game?

  36. Adam says:

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read.

  37. Anonymous says:

    so there are people like me who think that her breasts should be smaller and those who think they should be bigger. I know what you are doing you wish they are going to get bigger and bigger until she is sexy naked then you end up having sex with the TV, as if you are having sex with Ivy. Let’s be real and make her boobs small and cover’ed. AT LEAST have her boobs be cover’ed up not up in your grill (through the TV and the boobs on your body.)if you know what i mean.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I mean I know she is so sexy but that because her booobs are so big and revealing. Lets just cover it all up

  39. Anonymous says:

    I mean I know she is so sexy but that because her booobs are so big and revealing. Lets just cover it all up.

  40. Anonymous says:

    How bout a game set in events before the first soul calibur and another weapon master like mode from sc2

  41. Anonymous says:

    Bring Hwang and Li Long back.

  42. Technojustice on soundcloud says:

    This was easily one of the funniest and well written video game articles I have ever read. Thank you.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Bring back a youthful Ivy?? Didn’t want to see an old Ivy?! The Phok?! Ivy does not age due to her magic or whatever. The Director should know that so whoever made this shit should go Phok themselves

  44. Centry says:

    really project soul your going to put time off making a good soul calibur since 3 for bigger cleavege? the only thing about making her boobs biger is that stabbing in the chest just gonna be easier. besides you already lowered her to pretty much to a serious women who`s only main source of defense is here left arm. you all should be fired for just wasting your time on a girl who`s sword doesnt even fuction correctly since every blade seems to extend for a mile in random location a recconnect with no problems. how about replacing her with someone who did more than moan like luna. then that will actually make twist then just keeping someone on the game to keep the lonely man something to stare at. I sorry project soul but if you make 6 so bad to where you have to go online to figure what the heck the characters are doing then your gonna have a way bigger promblem them oversized tits

  45. Anonymous says:

    Just make an option where you can upsize everyones boobies so you can’t see the characters on the screen at all.

  46. Sankaku Elite says:

    Nahh, I prefer loli female fighters. They’re small, quick, agile, and hard to hit.

    Over-breast female fighters are absurd. Their body balance are questionable. Not to mention the bigger their boobs, the more prone they’re to slice, cut, and scratch. Yuck!
    Unless you can grow muscle on boobs and make them holding swords. Now that’s boobs to fear!

  47. Varachia says:

    Fix the god dam hair graphics and movement . They characters are as stiff as those perv’s pants who are working on ivy . Grow up . And try and bring back the originals . This is next gen …

  48. anonomous says:

    How about working of the characters movement and motion and working to improve the hair graphics . The game is kinda stiff like those booby crazed pervs working on ivy (if you know what I mean)

  49. TheNinjaScorpion says:

    Is this some kind of joke? All the bloody time they were arguing about the size of ivy’s breasts? Lol, they better think of how the hell improve that stupid gameplay of sc5, just compare the 4′s gp with 5…4 was unique. It’s like they’ve lost their minds after making sc4!

  50. daniel says:

    The true reasons why people disliked 5 were 1: the selling point of the series being changed drastically being the guard impact system. 2: there being to much clones. 3: to much focus on supermoves wich destroy the momentum and pace of a match.