Sony Struggling to Fit PS4 into Casing Smaller than 2X the Original Xbox

Mark Cerny, lead architect behind the PlayStation 4, has revealed that the console has not been shown publicly due to the difficulty of making the case aesthetically pleasing and not bigger than most all-in-one printers.


“We were already struggling with the size before announcing the addition of the 8GB DDR5 RAM and then it really turned into a nightmare,” describes Cerny, “Feedback from developers told us that maximizing the console’s power with the newly added RAM would require even more cooling than we originally planned for. Right now, we’re aiming to be just slightly larger than the original Xbox although we can’t make any promises.”

Sony’s marketing team has also hit some problems coming up with an advertising campaign for the PlayStation 4. They admit that this will be an easy sell in the United States who are used to the “bigger is better” mantra but will have more difficulty in Japan where space is limited and where many have an appreciation for compact electronics. The team’s worst fear is that many Japanese will compare the console to the Xbox due to its size and “American” proportions. Both the Xbox and Xbox 360 were sales failures in Japan.

There are also some concerns that many gamers will be unable to lift the console just by how unwieldy it is to actually carry. Analysts say that many gamers will resort to purchasing a Wii U or the next Xbox over a PlayStation 4 due to this. Furthermore, many might also return their PlayStation 4 consoles to stores after realizing that the console will not fit in most modern entertainment centers.

The PlayStation 4 will also require two power bricks to be plugged in at all times when using the console.

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6 Responses

  1. Mattholomew III, Esquire says:

    Better than always online.

  2. Merio says:

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  3. Jim Profit says:

    While you PS4 nerds are busy trying to fit a refrigerator into your home theater, I’ll be enjoying the latest and greatest games on mobile in a 7″ or less form factor.

    People are still excited for the PS Failure. LOL.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is what you get with PC hardware. It will have noisy cooling system too, mark my words.

  5. Jim Profit says:

    Oh, you’re good.