Sony Asks Nintendo for One Mario Game to Help Sell the Vita

Sony announced in its annual financial report that they are working on new sales initiatives for the Vita. It appears that they have been asking Nintendo to allow them to publish one Mario game on the Vita to help spur sales.notevenstickerstarAccording to a source within Nintendo, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House has been meeting with Nintendo employees in an effort to secure a Mario title for the PlayStation Vita. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that this has been going on for the past four months.

“I don’t know why he keeps coming here because we have clearly said no,” said the source, “But he keeps showing up unannounced with gifts and begs us to let them have one Mario title for the Vita. I feel kind of bad because these gifts are really nice. Well, everything except the free Vita. There really are no compelling games for that thing.”

“Lately, he’s been upping the offers Sony will make if we give them a Mario game,” continued the source, “They even offered to port three PlayStation 4 games of our choice to the Wii U at no cost to us. He said that they don’t care which Mario game we give them. They’d even take New Super Mario Bros. 3 if they had to.”

We spoke with Sony for a comment regarding this story and a spokesperson gave us this statement:

Sony and Nintendo have a long history together. Despite being competitors in the video game industry, many top executives are long-time acquaintances with each other. Friends do things for one another and while there is no truth to these rumors, Sony believes that Nintendo is a good company who would do the right thing if asked.

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president, also commented on the story saying, “I haven’t heard of these unscheduled visits from Sony, but I will allow them to publish Steel Diver for those ports.”

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  1. MR MANN says:

    What a bunch of bollocks lol.

  2. Aidan Barkey says:

    r-really? really Sony? your begging Nintendo to allow you to publish a Mario game for the vita? are you THIS stupid Sony?

  3. I don’t think we will see Mario gracing any of Sony’s gaming consoles anytime soon….

  4. Miyamoto says:

    New Super Mario Bros. 3?

    Since when did that exist?

  5. wladi says:


  6. smart guy says:

    why don’t sony just ask Rockstar to make them a GTA game?

  7. admin2 says:

    acheter pspvita mario

  8. Supercoolj_15 says:

    I personally think an exclusive Crash Bandicoot title will sell the vita if the whole n.s.m.b 3 thing doesn’t work out.

  9. Ass says:

    Ass blasters

  10. Truth be this :p says:

    Nintendo sucks ass anyways. Why would sony drop so low. If they wanted help, they should have asked microsoft for Halo or something XD

  11. josep says:

    nintendo y sony juntos es mejor compartiendo juegos y todo de los dos mencanta mis dos empresas preferidas mencanta estoy tan feliz que lloro :’D

  12. josep says:

    nintendo y sony juntos mejor porque compartiran sus juegos y todo de los dos mencanta mis dos empresas preferidas mencanta estoy tan feliz que lloro :’D