Sony Asks Nintendo for One Mario Game to Help Sell the Vita

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  1. Anthony says:

    Mario isn’t selling the Wii-U. How could it move some VelVita units?

    • Bob Askins says:

      9 of 10 Wii U owners have bough NSMBU. That means that if there’s a game that sells Wii Us is that one.

    • Space Arena says:

      oh please, so far there has been only one Mario game on the Wii U and 9 out of 10 Wii U owners own this game anyway. So your argument is invalid.

      • It's me says:

        “9 of 10 Wii U owners have bough NSMBU” That only means that people only buy it for Mario, not that Mario isn’t selling Wii U. For example, 9 out of 10 have it, but only 1000 (purely fictional just for easy analysis) people have a Wii U, then Mario isn’t helping it indeed.

        I guess the best definition of how Wii U is doing is this:

        • You’re right. This story doesn’t make any sense. There’s no chance it’s true.

          • redAPPLE says:

            If you haven’t noticed, Nintendo has more than one platform (I know you Sony fantards rather ignore handheld market because Sony’s brick isn’t selling shit, but the market does indeed exist, and 3DS is outselling Vita 40 units to 1).
            3DS is the best selling console of the generation so far, and it had been about to fail until two games released, these games are: SUPER MARIO 3D LAND and MARIO KART 7.
            Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel also sold really impressive numbers on Wii, and were widely regarded by critics as some of the best games of all time.

        • Bob Askins says:

          “That only means that people only buy it for Mario, not that Mario isn’t selling Wii U”.

          Riiiiight that’s why that Sunshine sold tons of gamecubes right? or Galaxy 2? or even Mario strikers and mario sports mix and mario sluggers and paper mario right?

          Right now the only interesting game that is selling wii us is NSMBU wether you like it or not. The fact that is not good enough it’s kinda sad. Take NSMBU from it and no other game is selling along the console.


          • Sasha Lamour says:

            guess u havent seen people play Monster Hunter huh?

          • Amsolg says:

            Pikmin 3 and WWHD should help.

          • redAPPLE says:

            Actually, you’re right, however, New Super Mario is not a system seller.
            New Super Mario is a good little software that is fun and nice, but it is no Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario 3D Land, it is not a system seller and Nintendo failed to deliver a solid Mario title (That’s why they’re rushing Super Mario 3D World so much), New Super Mario is fun and can be toyed around quite a bit, but it is not 3D Mario, it doesn’t move units, it may encourage a few buys, but not mass buys, now Zelda, or 3D Mario, those do move units.

          • Smashninja22 says:

            Really, Right now Pikmin 3 is selling Wii Us even though it isn’t one of their biggest series. When SSB4, DKCTF, Zelda WWHD and the brand new one etc come out. Their all going to boost sales by a very large number

          • Nick Farrow says:

            I only buy Nintendo for Zelda games

        • ANUSTART says:

          Mario isn’t selling the Wii U. I have a Wii U, and NSMB. I never play NSMB. I did not, and would not, buy a console based on a rehash of the “New” series.

          • redAPPLE says:

            You said it yourself, New is not selling Wii, however 3D will, just as it sold 3DS.

        • redAPPLE says:

          Poor little fantard does not understand the power that Mario has.
          New Super Mario doesn’t sell consoles, 3D Mario does, 3D Mario moves massive amounts of units.

    • Chris says:

      Dude Mario has been released for the WII U like not even 6 months after the console was released you idiot

    • Sadly, the only thing keeping the Wii U from selling is ignorant non-hardcore-gamer that buy’s there fucking PS3 and Xbox for Call of dusty and other shitty game. Since the REAL gamers are realy seldom the only people you’ll see with a Nintendo console are those who have them all, or have only Nintendo console because we don’t care about simulation. We want fun !!! What i can’t get from Microsoft and Sony Exclusives !

      Nintendo and PC that’s what we really need !

      And you remember the Wii being a fail, to finaly exceed the attents !

      Just wait…

      And by the way, i read everywhere that Wii U Sales failed because of it’s lack of performance… Go educate yourselves and learn that the Wii U is the most powerfull console on the market as long has the PS4 and Xbox One aren’t out.

    • redAPPLE says:

      Mario sells Wii, and, specially, Mario sells 3DS, like fantastically, like, 3D Land is the best selling game of the best selling console.
      The only reason Mario is not selling Wii U it’s because it is New Super Mario instead of 3D Mario or Old-School Mario.
      I think they want either Galaxy or 3D Land, since those saved their systems.

  2. Zoom says:

    Considering sluggish sales of Wii U, it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo quits hardware market and, like Sega before becomes multiplatform software company.

    • Anon says:

      You’d have to be pretty delusional to think Nintendo’s gonna end up dropping out of the hardware market when they still have enough money for the next 2-3 generations.

      They’d never become multiplatform either. They’re too stubborn. They’d rather have all their IPs die with them than see them on a Microsoft or Sony platform.

    • Gamechamp says:

      Sega released several new failure systems in rapid succession over a few years; the Dreamcast didn’t kill them, by the time the Dreamcast was out they were already pretty much doomed. The Wii U’s sales may be sluggish, but the 3DS is very well-off. Nintendo’s not anywhere near a Sega situation.

    • Chaos says:

      You must be an idiot to think NINTENDO, the people who brought the gaming market back to where it is now, will leave.
      If anyone should leave, its Sony.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Maskmario10 says:

        And by Sony, you mean Xbox, right?

      • Anonymous says:

        I think Sony and Microsoft will quit making consoles at the same time, likely the gen after PS4 and Xbox One. Microsoft sells poorly overseas, and Sony sold poorly with the PS3 because of its business strategy of making games that require too high of production costs. In any case, both Sony, Microsoft, and now Apple are continuing the trend of making games with better and better graphics, which require higher and higher dev costs, and higher and higher sales to offset those costs…

        Man, unless game companies start pushing innovative gameplay and adding awesome stories and graphics afterward, they won’t keep going.

        • The PS3 and Xbox 360 have sold over 77,000,000 consoles each. That’s not exactly “selling poorly”. And since when does Nintendo add awesome stories? I’m a proud owner of a Wii U and all, but Sony’s exclusives put Nintendo to shame story-wise.

          • Mike says:

            It depends on what kind of story we’re talking about. With Nintendo, there isn’t a LACK of story, but a different approach. There’s also the fact that games don’t need to be thick with story to be enjoyable. I loved Pikmin 2 about as much as The Last of Us, and because of the different experiences those two games provide to players, I don’t think it’d be fair at all to compare them with each other.

            As for Sony and Microsoft failing, I don’t see either of them toppling soon, but Microsoft would probably be more likely to fall. The PS4 is gonna be a huge success. There’s no way in Hell this is the last gen for Sony, even considering the Vita.

            As a side-note, it probably wasn’t very wise of Sony to try to rival Nintendo in the handheld market. Even Final Fantasy and MegaTen, traditionally PlayStation-platformed series, use Nintendo’s handhelds for handheld games because of Nintendo’s much greater success in that area.

          • Samuel says:

            I’m not saying PS3 exclusives are bad, but none of them have ever appealed to me.

          • Gabriel Carey, Have you ever played Final Fantasy ? Right they’re now Sony and Microsoft game, but Nintendo made the 10 first, spin-off included, they still have Final Fantasy Tactics every once in a while, and Crystal Chronicle. Zelda Story are always epic, Metroid is a sick Sci-Fi thing, There’s a few game Wii-Exclusive that are realy Awesome, let’s talk about The Last Story, Pandora’S Tower, No More Heros. And so on…

            I don’t play Xbox and PS3 because they don’t Inovate, and the quality of their games are equivalent to a third Party. I like a lot of third party games, but when i unpack a Nintendo game, i have something exceptional !

          • Christian Moss says:

            You’ve apparently never played through a single Zelda title, have you?

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL. That isn’t anywhere near to happening kiddo’
      Nintendo is gonna be around for a long time.

    • WiicardoBA says:

      You and me will be death before that happens.

    • Space Arena says:

      people have been saying that ever since the N64

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea. Sluggish…selling a few million more consoles that the Xbox 360 or the PS3 sure are sluggish sales…

      • It's me says:

        This is the point where Nintendo fanboys gets stupid. PS3 sold 77,313,472 million units (28 May 2013) while xbox 360sold 77,311,669. Wii U sold a million copies at 25 Jul 2013.

        You don’t need to be an engineer to know the highest number, do you?

        Although i’ll say that the Wii U launch wans’t sluggish, it was just unexpected. The Wii attracted a lot of attention of non-gamers, even attracted people from other platforms. Even me, i’ve bought an Wii before the PS3 or 360. The Wii U failed to do that though… Only Nintendo fans were attracted to it.

        • I think he was referring to the original Wii’s sales since Wii U is next-gen and Wii released alongside PS3, one year after the Xbox 360.

        • David Gray says:

          Are you seriously trying to compare a new console’s sales with the LIFETIME sales of much older copies? An engineer would knock your face off in response to that comment. Christ.

        • SuperiorMX13 says:

          The Ninteno Wii sold 90 milllion units more then Sony and Microsoft they are different generation consoles so not really much to compare. As well as your statistic is wrong Wii U has sold 11million now so…. yeah your just trying to make nintendo look bad. And this of 7/25/13

        • PS3 is out for now 7 years. Wii U doesn’t have a full year of sales… That’s where Xbox and PS3 fan boy goes fully retard. they can’t think !

      • Anonymous says:

        The sales for the PS3 & XBOX cannot be compared with the sales of nintendo mainly because of the audiences targeted by the sony, microsoft, and nintendo companies vary from different age groups and vary between different styles of gamers. Nintendo is the oldest from the three and they also originally came up with the idea for the playstation but decided to sell the console to sony. Sony has only thrived with the playstation and although the latest of nintendos games have been a bit repetitive in game titles and story plots one must remember that nintendo is focused on the younger audience as well as the adult audience thus giving them an advantage in they’re sales, which places Sony and Microsoft into a more competitive relationship seeing how they focus around the same age group they’re sales are constantly trying to measure up to eachother but when console extinction becomes a factor XBOX will not stand a chance compared to Sony not just in sales but when you throw game selections into the equation Playstation’s exclusives alone obliterate any Xbox title.

        • MechaMew2 says:

          You need to brush up on your Nintendo history, dimwit. Nintendo COLLABORATED with Sony into making a disc attachment for one of their consoles, but backed out and switched to Phillips. What happened afterwards I’m sure needs no explanation.

        • Anonymous says:

          You can’t compare xbox exclusives to sony exclusives. They are completely different genres for different audiences. Xbox is a shooter console, majority of their exclusives are shooter style games. Sony’s exclusives are completely different. To say Sony has better exclusives is a matter of opinion based on your personal preference of games. If you love shooter style games, then you’d probably say xbox has the best exclusives hands down.

    • Joe says:

      HA! like they have been in busy for over 100 years they have loads of money to piss out before that you retard

    • Anonymous says:

      dude as long as nintendo keeps revolutionizing the market with innovative gaming systems as well as the best exclusives they will not be like sega

    • redAPPLE says:

      Wii U has slow sales, which is not derived only from the console itself, but from modern economy, Wii U, in the unstable economy of 2013 has actually had a better launch than PS3 and 360 did seven years ago, when the acquisition power of people was much higher.
      Don’t delude yourself, comparing the sales figures of a console in 2013 to those of a console in 2006 only works against the older system, even if the newer one sells fewer units, because the economy is not the same, and people who could afford a PS3 at launch price can’t afford a Wii U at reduced price nowadays.
      And even so, Wii U is having a better launch. Wii U is probably the new standard for a mildly successful console, it’s sales may rise from the weekly 5,000-10,000 units it is selling today to maybe 15,000-20,000 when heavy hitters like Zelda and Mario arrive, but nothing more, and you can’t honestly expect PS4 or XBONE to do any better either.
      Also, I have a little problem with your argument, you say that SEGA failed because they released a string of bad consoles; this is incorrect.
      It is true that the last few consoles of SEGA failed to achieve good numbers (So much that the Wii U’s numbers would have been a dream come true to them), but that was not the company’s bane.
      The company ended because other than Sonic they didn’t have a system seller, and Sonic has never been that popular, so they could never move consoles relying on that, this coupled with Nintendo 64 and PS1 stealing the spotlight and the few 3rd party developers that sided with them, and that was their ultimate bane.
      Nintendo, while it does lack third party support, is in a completely different ground. Like to admit it or not, Nintendo has the biggest and most recognizable franchises of the market, Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros., they all sell thousands upon thousands of games and units, something Sonic alone couldn’t handle; just look at Fire Emblem, one of the most underrated franchises of Nintendo, and yet, the latest entry sold more than what is supposed to justify the next one, and doubled its benchmark. And yes,. while Nintendo does lack third party support, it’s market has become so differentiated that a Nintendo-user will probably find him or herself stranded with a PS3 (Like it happened to me), nowadays, unlike in the times of Dreamcast, third party mostly revolves around either FPS or sports, with little input in RPG, Adventure or even Hack and Slash, which are games that appeal way more to the Nintendo demographic than FPS or sports, so in reality it’s just a little amount of the true fanbase that can be swayed easily or that really feels like its missing out for remaining Nintendo centric.
      Wii U isn’t selling little because it is a bad machine or fans have abandoned it, it just hasn’t justified an early, full price purchase, just like 3DS. Eventually, when the prices drop and the exclusives start flowing the console will sell well, but like I said, economy is poor and nobody should expect Wii U to produce the numbers Wii or even any other 7th gen console ever did and consider it unsuccessful because of it.

  3. shiggy says:

    Get a load of these guys, your negativity on Nintendo ain’t stopping them. They’re never quitting the hardware business, stop grasping as the embarrassing article.

  4. saent says:

    Looks a lot like BS

  5. OLOLOL says:

    Dude, aprils fools was 4 months ago…

  6. Anonymous says:

    No compelling games….WTF!! 1.Guacamelle 2.Soundshapes 3.Soul Sacrifice 4.Little Big Planet Vita 4.Super Stardust Delta 5.killzone Metcenary 6.Tearaway

  7. Tim says:

    The title was just so hilarious and I already suspected it to be a fake. I still bit the bait though…

  8. Anonymous says:

    My bad Ryan you probably play those kiddie games so Killzone would have no appeal for u

  9. x24 says:

    seems to be fake. Why would sony do that when they can ask naughty dog to develop a crash bandicoot title for the vita

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, they can’t do that. Activision owns Crash Bandicoot.
      And of course this article is true, my dad works at Nintendo and confirmed it.

  10. Yipeeyahoo says:

    Dude!!!!! Go beg Capcom for a Resident Evil game instead of Mario!!!!!!

  11. Maskmario10 says:

    I always wanted Nintendo and Sony should work together again… They would possibly be unstoppable!

  12. ToastyBubbles says:

    Gotta admit, after reading that, you kinda feel bad for Sony…

  13. Niram says:

    no way! jaja

  14. Coffee says:


  15. Jared Hawke says:

    This is how gaming companies should behave towards each other. I know that Sony is only offering these things because they need something in return, but it’d be really nice to see to major companies like Sony and Nintendo work together. Even if it’s to expand the number of games on their systems.

    I like the way the Japanese handle their business.

  16. a happy man says:

    About time. I’ve been waiting for Nintendo franchises on other consoles.

  17. Tim says:

    The sales for the PS3 & XBOX cannot be compared with the sales of nintendo mainly because of the audiences targeted by the sony, microsoft, and nintendo companies vary from different age groups and vary between different styles of gamers. Nintendo is the oldest from the three and they also originally came up with the idea for the playstation but decided to sell the console to sony. Sony has only thrived with the playstation and although the latest of nintendos games have been a bit repetitive in game titles and story plots one must remember that nintendo is focused on the younger audience as well as the adult audience thus giving them an advantage in they’re sales, which places Sony and Microsoft into a more competitive relationship seeing how they focus around the same age group they’re sales are constantly trying to measure up to eachother but when console extinction becomes a factor XBOX will not stand a chance compared to Sony not just in sales but when you throw game selections into the equation Playstation’s exclusives alone obliterate any Xbox title.

  18. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      You can compare kinect/move/wii together. Move was a completely fail and xbox is still trying to make it work, but can’t compare to wii in motion controlls.

  19. SAMMY says:

    Please even if this was true Nintendo should tell them to go fuck themselves because RE4 was supposed to be a Gamecube exclusive. :/

  20. nintendo should let them have a game like hotel mario

  21. DingleBerry says:

    No, PS Vita should have Pokemon!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait til Sony and Microsoft kick Nintendo off the market this generation ;D

    • Anonymous says:

      Try out the Wii U, before saying that. Xbox and Sony really aren’t coming out with anything that can’t compare to it, in terms of innovative gameplay. If there is one game I recommend trying out it is Zombie U. They did a fantastic job on show casing the Wii U’s potential.

      That video shows just show’s how fantastic the Wii U can and will continue to be. In the last gen I gave it to xbox, wii really wasn’t that great and the motion controllers could have done better. But I really don’t think Xbox and Sony even stand a chance against Wii U.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Cite your sources, so we know this isn’t complete bullshit like all the other articles on this website.

  24. Tomas says:

    I always dream in a fusion of Sony and Nintendo, Sony had great consoles and Nintendo great Characters and Companies. If “Sonintendo” exists Microsoft will be KO.

  25. Lagiacrus says:

    damn they have to put pokemon instead mario, and it will be fucking great. to bad this is not going real.

  26. Will VanZant says:

    So, “Guy-who-runs-P4R.” How entertaining is it to watch these poor souls think this website is legitimate? And what do you do, actually? Like, a Reddit AMA would be brilliant.

  27. Ryan White says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    im reffering to the comments, sometimes i hate how people say their opinion, i mean u can SAY ur opinion, go nuts, but u dont have to be an ass about it, and just ASUME that other people have the same opinion on u, or say an opinion like its a fact, we its FAR from it.

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. anthony says:

    at first i didnt think they should do it but they said they would port any ps3 game for free to the wii u and nintendo needs that because they have almost no 3rd party support

  31. Victor Perez says:

    I never had a PS Vita before, but I’m going to get one WHEN New Super Mario Bros. 3 comes out on that system!

  32. AppleMan says:

    Guys, for all we know they asked for a nintendo game, just any nintendo game, that could b the case with this.

  33. Nick Farrow says:

    Wonder why the Sony CD player for the SNES never happen? and a PS1 came out instead..

  34. faget says:

    oh god you people are so fucking stupid

  35. Anonymous says:

    I really don’t get how all the gamers in here don’t understand why a Mario game would sell in a PSP Vita: do you know how many people buy pirated copies or modified games that contain Pokémon, Mario, and Kirby for the PS systems? Some people come out as even DUMB for buying a PSP Vita and then realizing “hey, there’s no Mario games for this thing?”. It’s as if they would release Bioshock or even Halo for Wii, of course there would be more purchases because they are awesome games that are only for the Nintendo competence. And yeah, I think NSMB is dumb and boring, but even THAT would sell excellently.

  36. Nintendo could always go back to selling playing cards, or dice.

  37. STFU fanboy says:

    LOL!!!,. SOny Fanboys doesn’t accept the reality that Sony already fall in the endless pit, Nintendo was a success again the Sony,

    I don’t even have a Wii, i have 360 and sadly a PS3, so don’t reply to:

    hahaha Nintendo fanboy.. LOL, go cry and accept the reality that PS3,PS vita and PS4, suck like PHUCK!!!!

  38. typo says:

    i own a wii u but not mario

  39. 01jdog says:

    Say in a parallel universe Nintendo accepts the offer, I would love for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be ported onto the Wii U.

  40. Zro Dfects says:

    Typical Sony tactics, fucking with the industry again. Sony always do this kind of $hit,,,

    PS Vita is a fallure so lets get someone to help, hey lets hit NIntendo and try and drag them down with us….

    Everyone in the world knows Sony will not stop at one Mario or Nintendo exclusive game, usually a good game series exspands on future consoles, so having just one Mario only game on just one new console and that’s it doesn’t make sense, once they get their foot in the door they will hit them with other offers later…

    I really hope Nintendo tells them to phuck off…

    Look at Sega, though console sales were not that strong but they kept the gaming side going and now on many platforms, maybe Sony are trying to knock off NIntendo so just Nintendo games will be on other consoles and no actual NIntendo consoles…

    If NIntendo are smart enough they would laugh at the idea…

    I think Sony have been hitting them mushrooms a little too hard…

  41. SFFer says:

    nice one Jack, you tricked some dumb assburgers on another site into thinking that Sony really WAS asking Nintendo for a Mario game on the Vita

  42. Krazy_pelon956 says:


  43. Fireninjastar says:


  44. MR MANN says:

    What a bunch of bollocks lol.

  45. Aidan Barkey says:

    r-really? really Sony? your begging Nintendo to allow you to publish a Mario game for the vita? are you THIS stupid Sony?

  46. I don’t think we will see Mario gracing any of Sony’s gaming consoles anytime soon….

  47. Miyamoto says:

    New Super Mario Bros. 3?

    Since when did that exist?

  48. wladi says: