SimCity 5 DLC Store to Include Nuke Neighbor, Remove In-Game Ad Paid Items

Page 9 of the leaked SimCity manual reveals the existence of an in-game SimCity Store which includes free and paid DLC. EA CEO John Riccitiello has announced two paid items for the store: one to nuke your neighbor and another to remove the in-game ads.


“Both of these items showcase the infinite possibilities for what the SimCity Store can bring to players,” says Riccitiello, “One of them affects gameplay directly while another one affects the appearance of their SimCity.”

Designer Ross Treyz says that the nuke your neighbor item was inspired by all the recent threats of nuclear warfare between countries. “There are many possibilities for this item,” he says, “You can pay a little bit of money to have a weapon to extort some Simoleons (money) from your neighbor.”

“If you’ve been attacked, maybe you feel like exacting revenge so you pay a few dollars to nuke your neighbor,” he continues, “Maybe you might want to forge a treaty between you and your neighbor, which will be a future paid DLC item, to avoid nuclear war. It brings a new level of interactivity to SimCity.”

Another item that was showcased was the ability to remove in-game ads. “One of your Sims in your SimCity might see an advertisement for Nike and then enter the store to buy a sporty Nike shirt,” Riccitiello explains, “Or maybe one of your Sims sees their friend having a nice cold Coca-Cola and decides to buy one at the Walmart.”

“While we feel these real-world locations add a new level of immersion to the city, some might not like seeing these ads in their game,” he continues, “We will allow players, for a small fee of 9.99, to remove these in-game advertisements from their SimCity. We must also note that this only applies to one SimCity on your game.”

Will Wright, creator of the SimCity series, has commented on these developments saying, “Hopefully this can make up for some of the money lost from Spore.”

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9 Responses

  1. Saboy says:

    Nuke in SimCity is really amazing =) Can’t wait it

  2. William234 says:

    They lost money in Spore because they have EA as a publisher. EA just can’t do anything right.

  3. John says:

    Bad idea… this is a city building game, not RTS!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not nuking the neighbor. I would love to nuke some tourists however…

  5. Tom says:

    this just sounds silly.
    And im not that impressed whit the game for that matter i mean i remeber simcity being a massiv world whit more or less no limit here you have something that isent bigger then a city block and you have to fit idustials, water, power waste plants aswell it just ends up being a cluster fuck and your out of space in 1 hour, and i only just started to play the game so next time i play i probly have the city full in 30 min :(. no release a DLC that i region wide or something like that so we get something simlar to the old classic game we remeber.

  6. Justin says:

    Nice, Simcity in WW3…
    I would like to kill my neighbor with a nuke or conventional warfare if possible :)