Sega Seeking New Mascot Since Sonic Has Been Ruined By Fans

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  1. “Sega the Dick!” Sega’s New mascot! The ‘Dick’ Symbolizes What They Are Doing To Sonic The Hedgehog!


  3. Ijeoma Uwahemo says:

    SEGA, are you crazy? Changing the mascot from Sonic the Hedgehog to something else? No way. Impossible. Just because some fan made a bad picture about him. How immature. A strong company would just push that to the side and move on in life. Sonic is a great icon. His place can never be replace. And why would you even think about throwing him away with the old SEGA mascot Alex Kidd. Now that’s just shameful. I thought SEGA was better than this. Honestly.

    • Alma says:

      I agree completly. Changing the mascot simply for the fact of a rabid fanbase is not the option. Not only that, but they explicitly want to get rid of him for childish reasons. The SEGA Raw show being catered only to “true SEGA fans”? That has to be the most elitist excuse I have ever seen. Do you see Nintendo (or any company for that matter) removing Mario for having fantards? No. So then why should SEGA?

      Not to mention it would basically mean wreck for the company. Sonic was SEGA’s fame grace in the early 90’s, after all. And it’s one of the only series that keep the videogame division alive.

    • Anonymous says:

      EXACTLY!! ITS like namco giving up pac man

    • Jinx The Cat says:

      I totally AGREE. Let’s stand up for our blue friend, and if this Nagoshi guy wants to replace him, then tell him to BACK OFF. That picture is probably one a little kid did! It’s not their fault Nagoshi! Stop overreacting!

    • Anonymous says:

      sonic has been ruined by the fanbase. when i first stumbled upon sonic porn i was mortified. but they shouldn’t trash sonic.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this true? I just started liking him…Oh well, the mascot eventually has to change, and Sonic’s Fan Base is HORSE SH##. I understand not wanting him at the Web Show. They don’t just want Sonic Fans, they want SEGA Fans. It was good while it lasted.

    R.I.P. Sonic, you will be loved and cherished…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Leave sonic alone Mario has fans to and has fan-art made of him but nintendo isnt going for a new mascot are they. No they’re not Sonic has poned Marios ass since Sonic had his first video game come out and now your throwing him down the crapper wise just wise

  6. Anonymous says:

    Listen to all of these Sonic Fans, Sega. They believe in Sonic and I do too. If you change the mascot, you will lose a lot of money, no one will buy your products anymore, and you will lose a lot of fans. I grew up with Sonic, he’s the most awesome high-speed hedgehog I’ve ever seen in my life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is this true? Because Sonic is my childhood, P.S I’m crying right now.

  8. jarvis says:

    I have an idea and its like a doll that comes to life it could even be used to be a really good platformer game. With ggreat and colorful graphics and some interesting gameplay mechanics could be the next sonic or mario.

  9. jarvis says:

    It just sounds cool that sega could have a stuffed toy doll character that plays similar to mario. I want sega sega to come out with new console really bad that would be cool.

    • no, just no says:

      if you think this should replace sonic… THIS HAS TO BE FUCKING SARCASM you can’t replace a mascot like this and make sega be a nintendo and lick nintendo ass and stuff

  10. lolicon icon says:

    it is not the fans who ruined sonic the hedgehog. his games were fine up till a certain point, but then when things got too 3d and story oriented, there was no point in even looking at the games. there were plenty of other games with much better stories, and when it became 3d, the gameplay became a poorly done ripoff of crash bandicoot, which also had better writing than a lot of the 3d sonic games, and there were games with much better gameplay (don’t get me wrong, i love the gameplay of crash bandicoot). i didn’t mind adventure and adventure 2 battle, because they had at least decent writing, but any of the 3d games post that point sucked ass. the game-boy advance games were okay, as they went back to the basics, simple in both design and control, good portable fun, but the ds games felt overdone, like they were trying too hard. shadow the hedgehog (the game) felt like it was trying too hard to appeal to a wider audience, which consisted entirely of the emo crowd and 12 year old boys. were-hog is just a plain stupid concept, but i didn’t play it, so i can’t say much about the gameplay aspects. however, i disliked most of the 3d games as far as gameplay goes, so i don’t intend to. have you played sonic 2006? if so, then you may stop reading here, and simply agree that sonic has gone down a very steep hill.
    unless you played the older Sega games, and grew up with a genesis when all your friends had next gen consoles, like a playstation or an N64, you can’t even appreciate the level of excitement i had when i heard about sonic 4, i texted my friends and asked about that new crash bandicoot and perfect dark game and laughed my ass off. it was my victory, my last laugh as a Sega gamer.
    BUT! it was an insult. they tried to appeal to fans of the older games, but there was no multiplayer, despite being on console, while being a platformer, and it was only half the game. that was a bitch move on their part. we paid the amount for a full game, but only got half. seriously, i beat the game in 45 minutes. for the price of current gen games, that’s abysmal. it takes longer to do a non glitch speed run of sonic 2. “FUCKING BULLSHIT” i say. then part 2 had tails, and multiplayer, but the excitement was lost after the rage inducing piece of shit that was sonic the hedgehog 4 episode 1. i bought it, played it for a few levels, but it didn’t feel fun anymore. sonic died when Sega stopped producing consoles. the last good sonic game was adventure 2 battle on dreamcast.

    so, no. the fanbase hasn’t ruined sonic the hedgehog’s image. the sellouts at the Sega corporation ruined sonic the hedgehog’s image.

    (maybe if sega decides to release the sega neptune with a new sonic game, i’d give it a try, wink wink, nudge nudge)

    • no, just no says:

      why does the rest sucked ass? sonic, a crash bandicoot rpioff? really? in what way? damn… why don’t you give sonic a chance? what about colors and generations? try too hard is an horrible reason to don’t like something? you’re saying this things because sega stopped making consoles? why did you disliked the 3d gameplay? because it’s not like classic sonic? it is supposed to feel different, yeah, but i don’t think this many bullshit can ruin a franchise… it feels… too few… some franchises survived more bullshit than that

  11. Loyal P4R Fanboy says:

    gotta go fast if you wanna come last

  12. Sonicmario5000 says:

    OK 90% of fans are sonic fans why delete him, are you are trying to be come bankrupt SEGA the dumbasses

  13. Nub says:

    This is fake, right?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I was born in the dreamcast era(2000)

  15. Anon7 says:

    Why change the mascot? You’ve had Sonic there for over 20 years!
    Nintendo won’t just ‘drop’ Mario, so why replace Sonic?
    Don’t give up SEGA! ;)
    (I don’t see how Sonic has been ruined by fans, i’m sure many ignore the fanbase anyway… I would. I think Sonic’s perfect as SEGA’s mascot, to change him would be like to change Mickey Mouse!)
    But, I think that no-one will come close to finding a better one anyway. ;)
    Moreover, this is just for the SEGA Raw Show, not for the company, so I think it is understandable to not use Sonic if they want to appeal to everyone.
    Go speedy blue hedgehogs!

  16. Diego says:

    i think the reason why they are doing this is to get a fresh start, yes the fanbase has made some pretty disturbing sonic fan art among other things…but i think the reason for that is because of how atrocious some of the sonic games are…sonic 06 being the prime example, mario has way more games and not all of them are good, there are some pretty bad ones but none of them are THAT bad, so people dont talk about em as much thus the fanbase remains somewhat isolated from people looking for something to hate or make fun off. id say its just as much segas fault that sonic is what it is today…the laughing stock of videogame characters…fix your games first then try and fix your mascot sega.

  17. Anonymous Fuck says:

    1- This website is fake, like a video game version of The Onion.
    2- Dear God, the autism in the comments…

  18. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SEGA?! Throwing Sonic away isn’t going to make the company more popular damn it. It’s going to ruined the whole powerhouse. -.- Just because changing the mascot will attract SEGA fans, the next y’all know, you don’t have popularity.

  19. LongPants says:

    Excuse me, I’ll just be crying over here in the corner.

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Why don’t they just bring back Segata Sanshiro and make HIM the new mascot?

  22. Anonymous says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO I love sonic they just can’t let him go. Sell him to nintendo or something.

  23. Jalitza says:

    Sega why the FUCK would u want to replace sonic as your mascot . Have u heard of the sentence,
    ” fuck the haters ” . You don’t have to this . After when I read this , I saw my whole world crash in front if my face . I wouldn’t want u guys to replace him . Your gonna gonna see how much people are not going to respect u or your games . You’ll ruined peoples child hood memories . It’s best off not to listen what others think . That’s THERE opinion . Plz don’t replace sonic . ???? . I think I wouldn’t live another day , knowing the character I loved as a child , who I support . We’ll be replaced . If u do think about replace him with one of your horrible character . I would even DARE to FUCKING buy his/her DAMN GAME OR COMICS

  24. Nick says:

    Yup sega is dead. If they get rid of sonic about 3/4ths of the sega fans left are only sonic fans…they’ll die out! It’s like Nintendo getting rid of Mario and Zelda, or don’t getting rid of spyro (which they did -___-) and snake! It’s sucuide so R.I.P sega and sonic

  25. Your mom says:

    This isn’t true it’s a bunch of crap do you honestly expect us to believe this

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    How I dream of this day. Sonic the Hedgehog is Finally Gone. Never again will I have to see his obnoxious stupid attitude again. I never like Sonic from the very beginning. Who ever this new mascot that Sega is picking I bet he’l be a lot better then the has-been will ever be. Goodbye Sonic and Good Riddance!

  28. Dantheblackyoshi says:


  29. Hmm says:

    Isn’t SOnicc that MSPaint webcomic drawn by that adult guy in diapers? If so they should definitely kill it. Ugh.

  30. supersonicfan7 says:


  31. supersonicfan7 says:

    THIS CANT BE REAL!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    You can’t ditch sonic like that he has been the symbol for sega since the beginning i know the company is in a rough spot but don’t take it out on the logo

  33. Playstation 1 says:

    SEGA.NO.DON’T DO THIS.Please sonic has been my favorite videogame character/mascot in like forever.Please don’t do this to him.I an still in my childhood moments and sonic has been my life ever since i was born.He’s like my entertainer/inspiration/favorite game character.I admit that while he’s suffered from [the sonic haters],i don’t want hm to leave.I don’t care want the fanboys say but if you do this segs i will never forgive you.So please,help a little kid out,will ya?

  34. Playstation 1 says:

    SEGA.NO.DON’T DO THIS.Please sonic has been my favorite videogame character/mascot in like forever.Please don’t do this to him.I am still in my childhood moments and sonic has been my life ever since i was born.He’s like my entertainer/inspiration/favorite game character.I admit that while he’s suffered from [the sonic haters],i don’t want him to leave.I don’t care want the fanboys say but if you do this SEGA i will never forgive you.So please,help a little kid out,will ya?

  35. Jotaro says:

    (I’m aware this article isn’t true but I’m going to act like it is, so screw off)
    Thank god, I loved Sonic, I really did, but he got ruined so easily and Sega let that happen. Sonic is as useless as tits on a bull. The one who deserves a chance and had way better potential at different games is Alex the Kidd or even Harri from Space Harrier.

    Sonic has sucked ass for sooooo long on mediocre games that went as far as only to impress a very limited audience. And there is nothing wrong with that, however, when you alter your mascot to appease everyone else with that cheesy ass music and stupid attitude, it’s going to die out sooner or later.. like everything else that is a fad. However Mario on the other hand has never changed for no one. Go figure. I really am not going to get into details.

    The best thing that could happen to the gaming industry is when game developers acted as artist and presented their work to the consumer and the consumers had to just deal with it as it is. Therefore forcing people to try something new instead of rehashing Sonic over and over and over again.

    I want to compare Alex the Kidd to Sonic;
    -Sonic (besides everything on the Megadrive\Genesis and SMS\Mark III and a select few after) The occurrences in the games are the same expected, lame wad bull crap. The fan base makes Sonic and their characters into so many personas and Sega appeases this. Which in turn we have the multiple games we have now. What type of interesting powers does Sonic reallllllly have? Go fast? That’s not very exciting.

    -Alex the Kidd – Over 100 years old, giving his life span the opportunity to actually have a story arc for his games, has been in multiple genres, has a likable sprite and harbors many characteristics that provided if Sega doesn’t whore him out, can stand out and be as awesome and unique as Mario.

    Yeah that’s enough, won’t go into detail. Let Sonic stay out of the game for a while so we can appreciate him. Give someone else a chance, it’s not like Sega’s doin’ so great anyhow.

  36. magikarp says:

    i hope you all know p4r is a joke article site… lmao

  37. Anonymous says:

    did you see the month this was posted … IT F*CKING APRIL!!!!11!!!!111!!!!

  38. Tweny Wan says:


  39. facepalm says:

    -facepalm, facepalm, facepalm-

    This is a joke site, idiots.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Fans didn’t ruin Sonic… Sega were the ones who made Rogue the Boobs and had Sonic kissing underage women in CGI scenes…
    Not to mention the abomination that Sonic 2006 was.

  41. MIdnight says:

    Pft..If Sonic goes,I go!

  42. Anonymous says:

    LET’S FIGHT FOR SONIC STAYING IN SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Sonic is what made SEGA the most famous company in the whole entire universe! We need to bring him back!!
    Are you guys with me?!

  44. icefox says:


  45. Jordan says:

    Give up on making Sonic games. Work on other things besides Sonic. Sega/Sonic Team can no longer be trusted. However, there is someone out there who will try anything to bring Sonic back.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Sega if u think that changing the mascot, again, will atract more people to buy your products, your wrong its 2015 not the 90s. You may have kicked Nintendo’s ass before with sonic but thats it.i think your being too sensitive with “fans ruining sonic” its your fault for making terrible games with him. And shadow? ????That was a big mistake. Sure he’s cool to kids who dont understand what sega is doing. Your basicly insulting emo dark people. Thats when i knew ALOT of people who stopped playing your games. That last game i got and played from sega is mario and sonic at the Olympic winter games almost 9 years ago. Its pretty old. Then i got my new dsi then another one and now i have a 3 ds and i play it and i go back to play that game to remember the bad decicions sega has made. I still to this day remeber the little tune they play in that game before it starts it goes like seeeeegaaaaaaaa
    Like a chorus. So your pretty much dead. Srry
    But its true
    And dont change sonic
    We stil love him even thoe your company has fallen down a VERY steep hill

  47. This is stupid says:

    Nagoshi literally called everyone who likes the sonic franchise horrible people. I hope he dies with Sega when they get rid of the only thing keeping them relevant.

  48. Unknown says:

    Wait,why can’t we get rid of sonic as Sega’s mascot so that Nintendo (or somebody else) can take him in and give him the respect that he deserves!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Jtmissile says:

    The one who should be locked up in the vault with Alex Kidd is toshihiro nagoshi. This doosh does not deserve to be the host of SEGA and sack sonic just because his games have not been that brilliant. He needs to know that at least SEGA try something new and their best every time unlike Nintendo. SEGA, sack this ungrateful d**k and keep sonic! He’s the only thing keeping SEGA going along with their new games!

  50. Robotnik says:

    Can you tell me why is sega saying this? I mean they fucked sonic, not us. Also where are the acclaimed Sega fans( not including sonic fans) ?