Satoru Iwata Punches Man at Investor Meeting After Asking When Nintendo Will Make Smartphone Games

The question and answer portion of Nintendo’s investor meeting was paused when CEO Satoru Iwata punched a stockholder when they asked when Nintendo will start making smartphone games.


The stockholder first asked when Nintendo will start making smartphone games. Iwata simply replied, “Nintendo has no plans to make any smartphone games for Android or Apple devices. I encourage you to take a look at the Nintendo 3DS which has many portable games.”

Then the stockholder mentioned that many companies make a lot of money through microtransactions to which Iwata replied, “That may be true, but it often comes at the expense of gameplay. As a former developer who worked on many hit titles, if Nintendo games started down this road, quality would surely suffer. However, the Wii U does allow games with microtransactions on its eShop.”

The moderator then told the stockholder his time was up but he continued to ask questions anyway. Iwata did not seem to mind when he was told an anecdote from the stockholder about how his four-year-old daughter plays more games on his iPhone than on handhelds like the 3DS. Iwata told him, “Once your daughter grows up, I’m sure she will learn to appreciate the complexity and depth of games like Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Mario 3D Land that can not be replicated on smartphones.”

Iwata maintained his composure throughout the questioning until the stockholder asked that since Nintendo would not make smartphone games that they should instead go third-party and make games for Sony. Iwata then charged the man and punched him in the face causing him to bleed. Security then escorted both men outside. The Q&A session then resumed with other Nintendo employees answering for Iwata.

The stockholder said afterwards that he is selling all of his Nintendo stock and is now investing in Zynga.

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74 Responses

  1. Let’s see how many people are taking this post seriously!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I envy you Iwata; I should have kicked his ass.

  3. Adam Smothe says:

    Well… The stockholder did kind of have a point. Nintendo can’t just create and use thier own version of everything; one day they’ll realise that all the big gaming consoles pull resources and technology from many different sources to create the final product

  4. Anonymous says:

    We need TRUE proof about President Iwata’s violent reaction to that stakeholder…

  5. The Ghost of Nintendo Past says:

    This story is obviously fabricated; it fails to mention that when Iwata punched the stockholder, the sheer force of the punch caused the victim/asshole to bleed and CATCH ON FIRE.

    • ddsf says:

      You mean, he didn’t do what every Japanese person does?
      Miss interpret the situation COMPLETELY?
      When people Boo at Nintendo, we hear “The audience LOVED it!”
      So i expect, when you punch a Japanese guy in the face, he stands up and thanks you for it, because in Japan, stabbing you in the asshole with a knife, is considered a sign of respect…

      Seriously, really werids me out how those people are unable to understand emotions… do they cower in fear, and give you their money, when you wish them a good day? Because when you beat them to a bloody pulp, they thank you for it…

  6. Hello says:

    Thats good that Iwata stood up. Who gives a fuck about Sony?

  7. Noah Bangs says:

    In America, that is a felony. Iwata should have been arrested on the spot and fired from Nintendo.

  8. Iwata Rip. says:

    And now he’s dead. Think about that…

  9. ddsf says:

    Iwata was such a scumbag…
    Promised us to never use those scum marketing tactics… then he introduced payed dlc, and here he acts like he would not LOVE for the 3ds to have micro transactions…
    Acting like a white knight, while in the past, he has used equally pathetic business models…
    Glad this guy can’t make Nintendo even worse anymore…

  10. fuckiwata says:

    Fuck iwata. That bastard stole so much money and time from me with his disgusting lies, glad that scumbag cant steal any more money. What a lying son of a bitch…

  11. Isabel L.S. says:

    ?Un art?culo muy interesante la verdad. Muchas gracias por la info, es lo que estaba buscando. Muchas gracias.?