Phil Fish Wants Everyone to Ignore Him in Order to Cure His Personality Disorder (Update)

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7 Responses

  1. Hideo Kojima says:

    oh no

  2. Nopenstein says:

    hahah bull fucking horse shit, he’s a smart little prick who can’t control his trust fund kid mouth and he has to cover with special snowflake excuses instead of face the music.

    Fuck Phil Fishdick

  3. Virri says:

    Having a mental disorder isn’t free license to be an asshole. You can’t hide behind that shit forever like you’re a child.

  4. Anthony says:

    Nobody was talking about Fez 2: The Fezzer, so he needed to get in the news. Please do as he asks and ignore him.

  5. Albert Einstein says:

    OK. I’m not always accurate, but I can say he does indeed have Dementia

  6. Big Futanari dicks says:

    PHIL_FISH kills himself when?

  7. Crocodile says:

    I smell something fishy here..