PewDiePie Interview: If I’m Number One on YouTube, Then There is No God

In celebration of the Let’s Player PewDiePie becoming the most subscribed user on YouTube, we got an exclusive interview with the man himself.pleasekillmePlay4Real: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and congratulations on becoming the most subscribed user on YouTube.

PewDiePie: I still can’t believe it. I mean, seriously? You know, I think this proves there is no God.

Play4Real: Oh, there’s that classic PewDiePie humor.

PewDiePie: No, no, stop. I’m being serious. How in the hell did I become this popular?

Play4Real: Well, why don’t you answer that? What do you attribute your success to?

PewDiePie: Going after the lowest common denominator? I really started out as an experiment to see how quickly I could get subscribers on YouTube. All I did was make rape jokes and scream a lot but apparently that’s all it takes.

Play4Real: Why do you think you’ve become successful while others have failed miserably trying to do the same thing you do?

PewDiePie: Luck? I don’t know. There is literally zero substance behind a typical PewDiePie video. I just get up in the morning, film myself playing a video game, do drugs then go to sleep. Repeat until death. What do you want me to say?

Play4Real: Uh, what inspires you?

PewDiePie: Looking at my bank account and realizing I make more money than the entire goddamn continent of Africa. I don’t know how Google does it, but I make so much fucking money off this YouTube channel. Well, thinking about it, since my “bros” are retarded enough to keep watching my videos, I’m sure they’re retarded enough to buy whatever bullshit Google puts in front of their faces.

Play4Real: You seem to have a negative attitude towards your fans.

PewDiePie: I have no fucking fans. Anyone who likes any of the videos I put out is not a friend of mine. All this “bro” community nonsense is just another way to make more money off YouTube because those “bros” think I’m their friend. My real friends hate my videos. Thank God.

Play4Real: I’ve never seen this side of you in your videos.

PewDiePie: No shit. I do have an image to maintain. But I make a ton of money so I’m okay with selling myself out. After all, I’ve already done over a thousand videos. Jesus, a thousand videos.

Play4Real: Are you sure you want us to publish this interview?

PewDiePie: Go ahead. If sometime in the future I completely give in to this PewDiePie nonsense, I can always look back at this interview and hopefully wake up before I am completely consumed by what I’ve created. Also, I just don’t really care anymore.

Play4Real: Well, um, thanks again for your time.

PewDiePie: Sure.

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    Hope you get sued from someone and shut down. This is just a stupid site that clickbaits.

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    Okay let me tell you,even if you hate your fans you would be polite in a interwiew unless you are dumb as fuck.This is clearly very fake.

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    fuck whoever did this

  4. methemole says:

    Fuck whoever did this

  5. Hugo says:

    omg why the fuck did you do this fake interview. It’s obvious it’s fake

  6. Anonymous says:

    He can suck my left nut

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    This is fucking clearly not real eat a dick bitch