PewDiePie Interview: If I’m Number One on YouTube, Then There is No God

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  1. Ice-On-Ice-Slapping-Fire says:

    It’s amazing how much time someone has to make this…*Sigh* such irrelevance. Okay dude or lady, i’m not sure what gender, so what were going to do is not care about pewdiepie. Stay in your own place, and the bro army (including me) will stay in our place. :D good

    • Christian Lowe says:

      Kid doesn’t even know that this journal is a joke. It’s not even real, it’s made up for laughs.
      This journal is making fun of how 12 year olds like you actually like how Pewdiepie just screams as much as possible and makes rape jokes. That’s all. He ruined Corpse Party by playing it also.

  2. Anonymous says:

    is this real

  3. river says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey ass hole pewdiepie donated more money than you will ever see so shut the fuck up and oh what was that your mom needs you, your sandwich with the crust cut of just the way you like it

  5. Anonymous says:

    The thing is REAL bros know that this is fake