PETA Says Virtual Whaling in Assassin’s Creed 4 is a Gateway Drug That Will Lead to Actual Whaling

The reveal of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag has drawn the ire of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, due to the inclusion of hunting whales. PETA says this will lead people to actually start whaling as gamers will develop a taste for the real thing from playing the game.


PETA spokesperson Michelle Kretzer says, “Assassin’s Creed is a tasteless series of games that features dangerous cult activities, promotes violent vigilantism and glorifies historical recreations of murder. The creators of the series, Ubisoft, has finally crossed the line when they decided to include whaling in Assassin’s Creed 4.”

“Whaling is the cruel activity of hunting whales for oil and food. Today, most modern whaling is done by the Japanese, so it surprised PETA members to see a French video game studio become a propaganda machine for what Japanese game studios have obviously told them to do,” she continues.

“This virtual whaling is obviously a ‘gateway drug’ that will lead gamers to actually start hunting whales,” she explains, “When gamers get virtual points or ‘experience’ from killing these whales, they will become addicted to the thought of whaling and will join actual fishermen. This is most likely a tactic from the Japanese to boost their numbers as well as celebrate whaling as a positive thing.”

“We demand Ubisoft change the gameplay in Assassin’s Creed from hunting down endangered whales to searching environments carefully for plants,” she recommends, “This can be just as exciting as sailing a boat to hunt down the precious whale and gamers will not notice the difference. We also suggest the main character promote a vegan diet in the game to make up for even entertaining the thought of whaling.”

Ubisoft has not responded directly to the demands; however, a spokesperson has told us that “Ubisoft’s Petz series makes a great gift for friends and family members. We have begun development on a new entry into the long-running franchise with Whalez where you take care of an endangered whale and make sure they are not harpooned to death.”

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25 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    As a protest, PETA will slaughter a whale, rub its fat over their bodies, and lay in front of the doors at Ubisoft.

  2. Cyclo says:

    Im not even sure if this one is satire or not.

  3. Sadam_Sandle says:

    Oh man, PETA is at it again.

  4. Gateway drug to actually killing real Whales? I wonder how that argument would sound like…

    “oh sure, it starts off killing a whale in a video game, but then what? Then they start going after real whales, and clubbing seals, then finally going around choking the neighbor’s dog!”

  5. A concerned citizen says:

    So you’re telling me that this will make your child build a ship, hire a crew, dress as pirates and go hunting whales.

    PETA, you’re insane and should have disbanded long ago.

  6. Lewis Cheers says:

    PETA will have a wine about everything won’t they? Whaling wasn’t even illegal in the 18th century.

  7. Chris says:

    ”This is most likely a tactic from the Japanese to boost their numbers as well as celebrate whaling as a positive thing.”

    Seriously… they need to get a life, instead of sueing game companies for EVERY little thing.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Dyyor says:

    I can’t stop laughing at how idiotic these PETA members are XD

    The game involves historical accuracy, sure plant gathering was a thing back in that time frame, but so was whaling. And consider, this is in the past, therefor the whales being hunted aren’t technically endangered AT ALL XD

    Satire or not, PETA can and HAS been this stupid and illogical.

  10. T H E G R E A T says:

    PETA you really find everything for the FUCKING money? how stupid are you guys? im preordering it anyways. FUCK ANIMALS. i dont even have one. FUCK PETA, FUCK THEIR ‘religion’ SHIT they are GREED SIN. FINAL, one more fucking shit like this. ima hack their money to give to the companies affected.

  11. P says:

    WELL i wasn’t going to go whaling before, but now that PETA brought up the idea, guess i’m gonna go ‘poon some cetaceans.

  12. what the actual fuck we will notice the differance between hunting down endangered whales to searching environments carefully for plants dont they realise the animals are just coding fucking idiots.

  13. AC says:

    All of your comments are really hurtful, this is no joke. I started out just playing the game like any innocent boy and before I knew it there I was in the thick of it. Harpoon in one hand, net in the other, with not a care in the world and the thirst for whale blood. I have recently sought out help, but for a while there all I could think of was whaling, when would be my next kill, some nights I would wake up and have to go to my neighbours pond and spear a couple goldies. Even to this day I can’t look at a fish tank and not want to murder everything inside of it. this is not a joke, this is serious

  14. Anonymous192837645 says:

    assassins creed is a tasteless series? really PETA? over 23,000,000 assassins creed games have been bought worldwide and you still decide to call it a tasteless series? the templars are like the terrorists of that century and the assassins are like the black ops, and you say it’s just engaging in dangerous cult activities? what would you do if terrorist came into your country and forced you to take on their beliefs? wouldn’t you want some sort of strike force to come and take them out? well thats the assassins, and how will virtual whaling make people start to whale in real life? it would take a lot more man power and effort to hunt an actual whale, and for what purpose? who is gonna’ buy it? just go back to hugging trees and fucking your bloody animals you fuckin’ retards

  15. lolololol says:

    I mean come on guys, its perfectly logical. Don’t you remember after virtually flying an Apache helicopter in those simulators, going out and getting a real Apache helicopter? Of course now we’re all gonna go build a ship, hire a skilled crew, and harpoon some whales to death.

  16. Keru says:

    Peta has to stop attacking gamers some are to lazy to go to sea they need to learn to f##k off they argue about every animal in video games whats next goldfish geting durpy in a graphics engine?

  17. Screw PeTA
    They should just kill 1 whale for each of their person that works there
    And take out all the guts and stuff
    And make the whales into a costume!!! Best idea ever

  18. Anonymous says:

    Donut f*&k with assassins creed PETA. You’ve already pissed me off with this Nintendo s*^t but you do not mess with AC. You here me!!! There is not a single gamer in existence who will or even has the time and money to first learn how to hunt whales, build a ship, and hire highly skilled pirates to go whaling with. List of things ain’t nobody got time for, 1. That. Anyways they’re all too lazy, including me. No sane person in there right mind will do that. And ” gateway drug”? What the hell! You’re trying too hard. If you guys were really People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, you’d be going after real poachers, not suing gaming industries for creating graphics of animals to make money(btw pokemon aren’t animals!). Do the world a favor and work for what you cult stands for or go sue yourselves.

  19. zornny says:

    Nuke the whales.

  20. AnimalLover321 says:

    Well I think PETA is right. Like it or not but virtual violence against Whales is still violence against Whales. I honestly think it is a disgusting game and I would never buy it. Especially considering the fact that Whales don’t even have the right to protest against it. It’s pure hate.