PETA Member Traumatized By Pokémon, Sues Nintendo for Emotional Distress

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  1. sampea says:

    This is what I call the epitome of stupidity!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I fucking hate peta

  3. chap2845 says:

    Wow, this woman is an idiot. XD Depending on how old her daughter is, she SHOULD move out! Her mother over reacted to the extreme! Also, no ‘Miranda,’ no, there are no Christians at Nintendo because it is a JAPAN based company and JAPAN’S main religions are Shinto and Buddhism.

  4. XpertNinjaFTW says:

    She needs to do some research cubone wears the skull of its dead mother and its skin wasn’t melted off.
    PETA really needs to stop hating. Cant believe Nintendo hasn’t done anything yet.

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  6. Isaac says:

    Your overthinking this way too much,Peta. It’s just a game, that no child or adult (unless they’re stupid) becomes a murder or animal abuser. Other people say that “children in the use ‘witchcraft’ to heal animals” and “and children use animals to ‘fight to the death'”. This is completely stupid. God. Why does everyone that agrees with Peta and Peta members think Pokemon is animal abuse?!

  7. Zapoke says:

    This woman is a weird person who really needs to go back to school, quit PETA, and get a fking life.

  8. PETA sucks says:

    She wants to sue Nintendo for the bills of the handheld, truama, and the home tuition fee? 1: She broke the handheld herself so she is responsible for it, 2: She made the decision to homeschool her, Nintendo doesn’t need to pay for it. 3: Trauma charges?
    WOW. That idiot…

  9. OMG Did Peta Really Did That ? first Of All There are no connections between LeafGreen and Marijuana . FireRed And LeafGreen are just Remakes of Red And Blue (Green In Japan) Versions So She Needs To Shut The Heck Up . Also Peta supporters need to kill themselves . I Can respect vegans and vegeterians but I Cant respect peta

    • Anonymous says:

      same here. I wanted to murder all of PETA

      • Anonymous says:

        Would you like a blingy golden, indestructable, diamond lasered Death Star with you XXXXL ordering of war against PETA? If you get now, you get: 1. A TARDIS. 2. A Sonic Screwdriver & 3. A giant, controllable mech suit with ruby gattling guns & diamond flamethrowers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is just fuckin’ pathetic…

  11. Anonymous says:

    You know its funny. If its such a big problem shouldn’t they have actually tried something when pokemon was you know…new and exciting? Over ten year later they only now realized any ridiculous theoretical connection thats complete shit that FICTIONAL characters tend to fight sometimes resembling animals? Next thing you know they’ll say say dragonball z is harmful to animals because of the dragon being used for its abilities. Its no wonder even vegans an vegetarians have trouble getting behind a half baked organization.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh and as for the whoe religious belief thing she said yea japan does have Christians. But what the hell does that matter? Its peta trying to use media for its own “gain”. Seriously think they should all just stfu and get a real fucking job or at least do something towards their goal instead of blowing x amount of human lives who believe in their “cause”, which at this point seems to be being morons who can’t do research on anything and wasting literally millions of dollars on flash videos and games, like build some damn animal reserves or better yet get animals off the streets so they arent hit by cars or something.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think PETA does any research, If they looked closer or played any of the games they would know that the Pokemon WANT to fight

      • Anonymous says:

        And the fact that I’m 14 and have been playing Pokemon for years and I don’t hate animals, these people from PETA have no idea what they are talking about

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    Does anyone else find it strange that this woman seems to think being a serial killer is the lesser two evils compared to animal abuse?

  13. person says:

    guys remember this isnt real article just a joke

  14. Desmond says:

    talk about an over reaction

  15. guest says:

    So she broke it because she did not like tje game if she was riding her bike and momy did not the helmet would she grinded into dust burn and not let her talk to people who own them?

  16. Anonymous says:

    (???´)? This is why we can’t have nice things because people don’t understand & jump to conclusions before attempting to find out more information on the topic by finding a reliable source. Leave it to some screwball to mess up what little bit of peace & happiness we have, and destroy it within an instant.

  17. Zzz says:

    Traumatized by pokemon?
    Stop overreacting and bitching. It’s a game. and it has NOTHING to do with animal abuse, like PETA seems to think..
    PETA is fucking stupid

  18. Zzz says:

    Leaf green and marijuana???

    Epitome of stupidity indeed

  19. XD says:

    her husband is awesome XD

  20. Alamo Wren says:

    I’ve been playing Pokemon for as long as I can remember and I happen to own six pets. I would never even think about hurting them in anyway. This lady is blowing things way out of proportion. Perhaps she needs counseling or maybe she just needs more attention but what ever the case may be I’m sure she’s getting whatever help she needs.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Poor 3ds *sniff* :(

  22. Anonymous says:

    “My daughter may have become a serial killer or worse, an animal abuser, if I had bought her the game,”

    stupid woman

  23. Bellah says:

    If this chick even looked up Pokemon to begin with then she’d know that Pokemon like battling… It’s how they grow. They’re not forced. They don’t have to if they don’t want to. It’s not animal abuse -_-

  24. CAMN says:

    I work for CAMN, and i feel that this is disturbing. Throwing a console down the toilet? We are gonna take action.

  25. Rainer says:

    Wow….. just wow how stupid can you get someone should sue her for child abuse lol fucking moron.

  26. PETA says:

    ” oh no” If my daughter plays pokemon she will become a serial killer or worse an animal abuser” Pokemon takes inspiration from Animals but they are fictional creatures that have a choice to battle e.x in pokemon BW Oshawott is “VOLUNTEERING” to battle they have a choice they aren’t forced to they are told to use an attack doesn’t mean they have to they could refuse. also FUCK PETA


    ” oh no” If my daughter plays pokemon she will become a serial killer or worse an animal abuser” Pokemon takes inspiration from Animals but they are fictional creatures that have a choice to battle e.x in pokemon BW Oshawott is “VOLUNTEERING” to battle they have a choice they aren’t forced to they are told to use an attack doesn’t mean they have to they could refuse. also FUCK PETA

  28. There goes 300 dollars down the toilet. along with a additional 60 dollars.
    Seriously what is WRONG with these people??? :|

  29. Sebastian says:

    Definitely a mother of the century award right here

  30. wesley brown bitches says:

    this story is garbage she is a snake out for the loot and she don’t know nothing.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Someone should put this idiot out of her misery.

  32. Anonymous says:

    So fucking stupid

  33. Justin says:

    WTF really first of all the dog and puppy shes talking about AINT dogs they are a Marowak and cubone and there dinosaur like creatures and dog and the scene whes talking about with squirtle and charmander there NOT mating the squirtle is useing BITE and biteing the charmander hence the move name BITE so you are a FUCKING IDIOT

  34. Anonymous says:

    This woman is obviously has a brain issue…. It’s an anime/cartoon if she only knew there were far worse things then pokemon haha! she needs to get help!

  35. Anonymous says:

    She’s trying to sue for damages she caused that’s fn funny, Mirranda Bryant grow the f#$! up, you spawn of Satan. Seriously before you go trying to sue people get better info the show. Smh I hope Nintendo gets you for copyright or something…

  36. William says:

    In what universe are Squirtle and Charmander having Sex? Also… Alot of leaves are green… Not just Cannabis

  37. William says:

    Also… I posted this on my Deviantart

  38. Avery says:

    Can anyone agree with me that this is the most stupidest thing ever ? Poor girl never got to play pokemon ever again :( .Peta needs to understand the we can never change people’s minds and that is the sad truth . I hope the mother sees this and realizes the stupid mistake she did to the to her Daughter

  39. Hh says:

    This asshole should kill herself, you’re not worthy of existence

  40. Smashman64 says:

    Dang a shiny Mr.Mime!? Also that mom overreacted like, holy crap.

  41. Hanna Fechik says:

    That’s no way to treat an expensive toy just because of your beleifs! Her daughter must have been mortified when her mother did those things to her: Destroying her Nintendo, banning her from watching the cartoon, banning her from talking to the person who gave it to her etc. She just had no right to to do that! Especially to the child who beleives differently about the game.

    I hope PETA gets its just desserts one day! They will regret pay for everything they did! They are an absolute force for no good!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to see how she will react to mortal kombat X

  43. Janelle says:

    This lady is so damned stupid!

    I grew up watching Pokemon and playing all the games and I did not become an animal abuser. I would never even think about hurting an animal!

    Leaf Green=marijuana? Seriously? Last time I checked leafs were green. So stupid.

    If she were my mom she would have traumatized me as a kid.

  44. Kevin says:

    Rip 3ds and ignorant parent

  45. Kevin says:

    Also gotta love the dad, I need the shiny mr mime

  46. Troll Rapist says:

    Hey Miranda ‘twat-face’ By’cunt’,

    1. you think LeafGreen relates to cannabis ? How dare you talk shit to my very FIRST Pokémon game ever you bitch-ass whore! That game is a remake of the original Pokémon games Red & Green and has nothing to do with weed. Oh maybe you like cocaine and that’s why you hate it. BTW, all leaves are green, that makes your argument invalid.

    2. Squirtle and Charmander m8ing: Oh you bloody bitch! Are you out of your mind? Even a special child can tell that Squirtle is BITING Charmander. I reckon you are not a true woman, but a male lesbian who changed his gender who would rather lick Ingird Newkirk’ Peta arse.

    3.Who the FUCK give you the authority to destroy your child’s 3DS ? Her friend gifted her (considering that you HATE every video game in existence) therefore it is her property and not yours. Good thing her father told you to fuck off while playing Pokémon. Although I would never do such things to women, I would’ve beaten your ass off and would’ve thrown Newkirk in your arsehole. What an attention whore!
    4. Suing Nintendo and McDonalds? You remind me of those whores who put allegations of rape on celebrities and end up losing. Bitch, Iwata would not even give a fuck on your appeal.

    P.S. I’m a Super Saiyan legendary Pokémon trainer who graduated from Hogwarts, who is a Jedi leader and is the eighth Hokage of Konoha. I’m high on Super Mushrooms

    • Senpai says:

      Whoa dude chill the fuck out. This is insanity. That crazy woman has done nothing to you, so calm down. Just hope that after her divorce, her children’s custody should be given to her father. Even I hate Peta, that thing should’ve never existed

      BTW, who is Ingird Newkirk? Is she president of Peta or something?

      • Senpai says:

        Even my first game was Leafgreen and I don’t give a fuck about what she says. Although you are right, She IS an attention whore, maybe she was doing this for promoting Peta.

      • Ruthless Assassin says:

        She calls Cubone and Marowak dogs. Freaking DOGS. No wonder why this bitch ( or should I say, WHORE ) is from that brothel known as Peta

        • Anonymous says:

          Her name isn’t even ‘Miranda Byrunt’ as the article says. Must be some troll or as you two said, ‘Attention Whore’, doing it for publicity or for Peta. Feeling sorry for her family.

          I literally LOL’d on that brothel part tho. Using nude pics for ads seems to be the nice idea for them.

          • Eraqus says:

            Does ANYONE of you even care to know that this site exists for humor purposes ?!
            I lIke Nintendo. My first Pokémon game was Silver, and even I fucking hate Peta. Each one of their members can screw themselves for all I care. But do some Google search mate before raging on someone who is just a part of a satirical fiction.

            Greetings from Birmingham.

  47. Austin says:

    Green leaf…. and marijuana… what all fucking leaves are green this women needs to go to a mental hospital she thought that charmander and squirtle we’re HAVING SEX THEY WERE BATTLING FUCKING DUMBASS CUNT

  48. Esther Ko says:

    The husband was right.
    She should fuck off.