PETA Member Traumatized By Pokémon, Sues Nintendo for Emotional Distress

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1,158 Responses

  1. Fuck peta says:

    Pussy! She wasted up to $300 for a fictional game in a fictional world. I have lost all hope.

  2. Anime Fan says:

    I though there was a warning sign somewhere that says: Rated E for Everyone, Comic Mischief and mild Cartoon Violence For the pokemon games?

  3. anonymous says:

    woman said that cobones mother was been baeten by the men when we all know that cubone wears his mothers skull on his head

  4. cassius says:

    I hope.she spent every last ounce of her family money and didnt get a dime in return

  5. Pokemon Fan says:

    She will never win. Green Leaf and marijuana connection? Something is wrong with your mind if you can make a connection like that.

    A) It isn’t against any laws.
    B) You aren’t forced to watch any tv at all.
    C) She can’t sue for the home tuition that can take place because of her decision.
    D) Emotional trauma for this can’t be proven.
    E) Her daughter could actually sue her mother for breaking the system and the game.

  6. jesusgod says:

    god damn this crazy bitch nigger is a retard.

  7. Jnmaniac says:

    What’s funny is just about every fucking leaf on this planet is green.

  8. Jimmy Russle says:

    This lady has rustled my jimmies. Pokemon is love, Pokemon is life.

  9. jdyeheuuufbysgwfwset says:

    Is she crazy!?

  10. Kelly says:

    That mother is abusive. you don’t break your child’s game system just because you don’t agree with their game choices. Child Protective Services should have intervined shame on them.

  11. Kelly says:

    also devorcing your parent because they play a certain video game makes you an idiot.

  12. Brendon says:

    This bitch is fucking retarded. Who breaks a $300 hand held device and sue cause its broken. Feel bad for the husband and daughter

  13. A Caring Mother says:


    you people dont get it

    this stuff is traumatizing

    you have no idea what its like to have a husband who thinks pokemon is alright

    • Anonymous says:

      lawl dumb bitch. please burn

    • skyclad says:

      No, what’s really traumatizing is your lack of imagination and acceptance pertaining to another’s likes and dislikes in regards to the game’s one likes and enjoys. Honestly, that stupid wench is throwing a tantrum over a harmless game such as pokemon? I’d hate to see how off the fracking wall she’d become after playing something like “shin megami tensei” lol man do I love me some demons ^_^

    • Anonymous says:

      do you have friends woman? are you children hungry woman?

    • Pokemon IS LIFE says:

      Wow just wow. Pokemon is a game for kids. I guess leafs are bad because they are green. Suck it and grow up you little pussy bitch. I am 14 and PETA has made me more of a jerk than Pokemon will ever.
      Their (or a)

  14. Anonymous says:

    ahh.fuck this mother fucking ass shit asswhole ugly bitch ass fuck ass shit bitch hole ass shit.yeah this parent is mental and should go to jail

  15. Joe says:

    Wowwww someone is phycotic and off thier pills …

  16. U.k anonymous says:

    I was pissed but i Laughed my head of about the catching mr mime part

  17. U.k anonymous says:

    People and pokemon actually work together and are friends and they weren’t puppies they were pokemon they are not animals there’s a pokemon that is literally a couple of fucking eggs and the creator of pokemon made it because when he was a kid his hobby was collecting bugs and watching them grow and releasing them and in Japan people have something called beetle sumo were they fight each other like in the wild and don’t get harmed and the pokemon like there trainers and in the anime ash offered to let pikachu go because he was getting along with the wild pikachu and really leaf green green leaf marijuana you could find the fucking connection with
    Mickey Mouse and ironman

  18. Anonymous says:

    this mental woman is just mental

  19. Anonymous says:

    ughhhh i just hate this
    1. sueing nintendo,FUCK OFF
    2.Getting a divorce,FUCK OFF
    3.breaking your daughters device and banning her from video games and keep her away from people who do play pokemon,FUCK OFF YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH ASSHOLE
    4.sueing nintendo again for money for home intuition,FUCK OFF YOU ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKING ASS BITCH ASS

  20. Josh says:

    “My daughter may have become a serial killer or worse, an animal abuser, if I had bought her the game,” I mean yeah killing people is bad but GOD FORBID SHE LAID A HAND ON ANY FUCKING ANIMALS!

  21. Anonymous says:

    i hope she pool of flaming horse shit

  22. Anonymous says:

    someone kill this bitch!

  23. L says:

    I was actually searching if nintendo has ever considered making a rated M pokemon game when I came across this. If this bitch is serious I feel really bad for her daughter parents like this should have there children taken away. Because raising children like that will either make them crazy when they get away or become super masicist, “sorry can’t spell” or worse be brainwashed…

  24. p4ranger says:

    This is my favorite comment thread ever!

  25. pissed says:

    yo people like u an most of peta need to drop dead i get the animal thing but treating ur kids that way isnt gunna make it better

  26. im laughing so hard lmao i almost lost my mind when i read she is divorcing her husband because he was playing on the toilet lmfao!

  27. James says:

    This is a joke..right?

  28. Bethany says:

    Wow. I seriously hope that this is a joke.
    I hope this lady isn’t claiming to be Christian after going all psycho like this.

  29. PETA Sux says:

    this woman is the most retarded person alive.. someone grew up with a shitty childhood and is butthurt for it. she should go in an asylum and get reported for smashing her child’s property over a stupid as fuck decision. 10/10 would run her over.

  30. Scotty Don't says:

    “He apparently told her to “fuck off” as he was about to catch a Shiny Mr. Mime.” literally lost my shit if this is actually legit I guess some people don’t see the whole “living in a Pokemon filled world where you start your journey to become a Pokemon master so you can protect the world from Pokemon stealing terrorists that terrorize Pokemon so they can control them (alot like PETA “claim” to do but instead just bitch about this type of shit)” I’ve also never seen a Pokemon get killed either yet PETA still post that cruel as fuck shit to “open the eyes” of the world when its more damaging to peoples heads than Pokemon would rather see a bunch of Pokemon posters and billboards instead of my kids having to see photos of animals being abused when they’re too young to know what the fuck PETA is… Yeh m8 ya real protective of your childrens mental health

  31. Matthew Kim says:

    PETA IS DUMB I have been playing pokemon since I was like 5 and I am yet to become a serial killer or an animal abuser or a drug user!!!!!!! This parent is so stupid! I am not surprised if her daughter runs away from home pokemon is fictional and if you play the game or watch the anime then you know that the “animals” in the game like to battle each other and they don’t die! They faint! And the dog that was trapped in the corner was not a dog it was a pokemon which is short for pocket MONSTERS and that skinless skull was not its own it was wearing a skull also I hate peta and next time I shoot my deer I will yell SCREW PETA

  32. Docphotato says:

    You can’t catch mr mimes she if lying!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    oh hell no

  34. TSM oTaKu says:

    I’ve lost all hope for this woman. No…this CHILD.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure she wants a promotion. Fuckin asshole. All she wants is money. (sigh) No crap Nintendo’s slowly getting bankrupt.

  36. Pokemon IS LIFE says:

    If I were Nintendo I would sue da bich

  37. Grace says:

    This post made me traumatized for that child. First off, “Green Leaf” has nothing to do with marijuana. It is a GREEN LEAF. That’s like not letting your kid go outside because there are weeds, or not let them drink Coke soda. Then, the animal has a skull, that’s what makes it a unique Pokemon. The game is nothing like the show. And then ruining your child’s life, breaking her 3DS (XL, remind you, $40 more) in half, and throwing the game down the toilet? This woman is nuts. I’ll adopt her daughter. My brother has beaten Pokemon X around 7 times. C’mon. PETA is sick and all they do is make fun of games saying its animal abuse. When is Nintendo gonna sue them?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Its sad to see that some people still over react over something such as video games.

  39. “Sources also say that Bryant recently filed for divorce after catching her husband hiding in the bathroom on the toilet playing the game. He apparently told her to “fuck off” as he was about to catch a Shiny Mr. Mime.”

    If this is true, her husband is the real hero here. His comment made me literally lol.

  40. Anonymous says:

    these hoes aint loyal

  41. Fuck that PETA Member says:

    How would she like it if someone poured gasoline on their shoes and burned it? Thats probably how her daughter felt when she had her 3DS XL snapped in half. #LETDATMOTHASUFFAH!

  42. Screw PETA says:

    Find me a movie of the PETA building being bombed, give me front row seats, and a bag of popcorn. I will watch that happly with out care for them. They are a waste of fresh,clean air here on Earth.

  43. Anonymous says: