Ouya Team Spends 5.4M to License Bohemian Rhapsody for Commercial

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2 Responses

  1. Brass Blacksmith says:

    I was certain Voyage Voyage would sound more like Ouya, Ouya, but it seems like Julie Uhrman beat me in mindful thinking and absolute pitch.
    Even if the console itself doesn’t succeed, this investment turned her into a sound design medium.

    I hope she’ll reserve “We are the Champions” until she’ll see the yearly revenue. Gangnam Style is also a viable choice since it’s about a rich neighborhood – so perhaps it’ll work like a good luck charm?

  2. Mina says:

    I fully expect that Ouya’s next 5.4 million spent will be on technology that scans thousands of songs every minute, simply looking for anything that even remotely sounds like Ouya, and proposing it as a possible candidate for a future Ouya advertisement. $3.7M later, and it also produces an extremely complicated and detailed rationale for why the lyrics of the song can be used as an Ouya advertisement.

    The results of this would possibly be amusing for a bit. Who knows.