Namco President Unsure Who Approved Namco High Dating Sim Game

The Namco High dating sim game was a shock to many Comic-Con attendees, but it was especially surprising to Namco Bandai Games president Satoshi Oshita who is trying to find the person responsible and fire them.illshowcoletteahotcoffeeAs a collaboration between Namco Bandai, What Pumpkin Studios, and Homestuck comic creator Andrew Hussie, this game appears to already be on a set course for disaster. Oshita is seemingly aware of this and is trying to shut the project down.

In an angrily worded e-mail sent to ShiftyLook, Namco Bandai Games’ comic division, Oshita warns that he will close the entire branch if he can’t find the person responsible. The following was sent to ShiftyLook employees in the United States:


This is Namco Bandai Games President Satoshi Oshita.

I am asking that the person who is responsible for this Namco High abomination come forward and let themselves be fired. If a person does not come forward within 24 hours of this e-mail being sent, I will dissolve the entire ShiftyLook division.

I know why you did not get approval from me to start this project in the first place. You would have been fired on the spot for even approaching me with this sort of idea.

I do not know how you managed to get by so many measures we have in place for weeding out bad ideas like this. If this was created by more than one employee, I am saddened that more than one person thought this was a good idea. And of course, everyone involved will be fired.

If this is the work of a single person, I do not know how you managed to reach such a high-level position. I will most likely have to fire the job recruiter as well.

We are not that desperate that we have to resort to this. We can still make quality products that are loved by millions around the world. Of all the mistakes we have made over the years, this is by far the worst.

Remember, you have 24 hours.

Satoshi Oshita

Oshita also reportedly wrote a list of things that are not as bad as Namco High including Dragon Ball Z for Kinect, Ridge Racer Vita and the Namco and Bandai merger.

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13 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    The Klonoa 3 thing in the picture got me. I laughed until I realized it’s still never coming out.

  2. Isshiki Kotonashi says:

    “Ha, that is a hilarious codename for the Homestuck game…


  3. pillowy mound of mashed potatoes says:

    where is klonoa 3

  4. Cabbit says:

    I can’t tell if you’re mocking Klonoa fans about there never being a third game, subtly throwing out a hint, or truly wishing for the third game just like myself. Either way, that was like a sock to the stomach. If you were going for that, good job.

    • Kei says:

      I think they were probably referring to the creepy furries who undoubtedly played it, and actually want to date Klonoa. Like half of the “Sonic” fanbase.

    • Kei says:

      WAIT, shit.

      I read that wrong. I merged two lines up there in my head and thought it said, “can I date Klonoa?”.

      My bad…!

  5. Jistuce says:

    Wait, I thought Bandai-Namco’s entire business plan was a ploy to find exactly how bad a game you could make without going bankrupt? Surely this aligns with their core business goals?

  6. cite source says:

    cite source

  7. JediaKyrol says:

    well..considering it’s 2 days later and the project is still a go…I’d say your leaked letter is a fake.

  8. Wolf says:

    “I’d say your leaked letter is a fake.”
    No shit Sherlock.

    • JediaKyrol says:

      sorry…didn’t realize this was the joke-news writer. And neither did a couple “journalists” over on other sites, which is how I saw this. Checking the other entries though it’s easy to see this is all jokes all the time. So yeah, I’m ‘tarded.

  9. kipperson says:

    Where’s your sources? How can we tell that the email is true if you don’t have a source?

  10. Kurumin says:

    Oshita pls