Motomu Toriyama Admits He Wants to Marry Lightning

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  1. Anthony says:

    Marriage confirmed in Lighting Returns

    • Jack says:

      Why didn’t I catch that mistake?! I used spell-check!!! Jeez, journalism is hard.

      Thanks for the correction.

  2. Goat says:

    Is this why she’s a freaking Mary Sue?

    • Alpaca says:

      Where the fuck are you getting Mary Sue from? The typical Mary Sue is a drama queen that always gets what she wants and has little flaws. I’m not getting that from Lightning at all.

      • Capricorn says:

        She has pink hair

      • Sheep says:

        She has pink hair.

      • Bob says:

        It’s a Final Fantasy game. Hair color shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether someone is a Sue or not.

      • Anthony says:

        A Mary Sue does not have to be a drama queen. What fanfics have you been reading?

        The definition of a Mary Sue is a character without any flaws, or, at most, inconsequential ones that are only meant to “endear” them further to the audience and don’t detract from them. They reflect the author’s ideals of physical and moral perfection. They succeed at everything they do, the majority of the plotlines revolve around them. They tend to overshadow all other characters, who are in awe of them anyway. In short, a Mary Sue is an author’s pet who does nothing wrong. “Drama” has nothing to do with it.

      • Angelo X says:

        Unusual name, tragic past (dead parents and the previous games), suffers little to no consequence of her own, easily murdering elite soldiers without breaking a sweat, evolved too God Status in Lightning Returns.

    • Ceres says:

      You must be mistaking Lightning with Serah.

  3. Matt says:

    O so thats why he abandons almost every character for lightning!

  4. Will VanZant says:

    So, Jack, what does it feel like to have a huge influx of popularity recently? I remember when the comments section was a literal ghost town.

  5. Erra Asuka says:

    Ok~ Talking about he wanted lightning have big breast. Thats freak! I mean I know lightning is beautiful but just dont do something stupid.If I were create my own character I wont do that.

  6. kaathe says:

    Toriyama: […]But I do love her with all my heart. It’s the reason I wanted every little [b]imperfection corrected[/b] in Lightning Returns [b]so of course I wanted her breasts to be bigger and for them to jiggle. It’s only natural for a man to want his woman to look perfect.[/b]

    you dont live her. she is fucking data. You love a sick idea of a person without character and wobblytits. you are a creep and there is no chance that anybody with just a nano-gram of self-respect would marry such person. *blergh*

    conclusion:this guy is a sick fuck which wants his gurl to be a pron star with wobblytits (because e is a man, this dumbass does not know that these two thinsg DON’T HAVE FRIGGING MUSCULAR SUPPORT AND WOBBLING HURTS LIKE SHIT)
    (also:age. but such ass-holes just run to the next “perfect” women they can prostrate before.)


    i want please big, strong throbbing dicks. small dicks are lame.(so no Japanese?)in the male characters-I am a woman, I need my perfect man…Any guy with penis under 18cm is worthless and imperfect. and he HAS to be throbbing. If he doenst, i have to correct that flaw. asap.

    (well, of course not. i would be the same ____*istic ecci-dipshit as this guy. Also i would be racist and support the dumb ideas that 1. Asian guys have small penises (cant conform that) and 2. women need big cock(which is in my opinion bullshit. Its the hot-to-use, not the how big. Also, volume is limited.)

    he wants to marry a fictional character and thinks a perfect woman need big wobbly tits? maybe this guy is a virgin and fuck only his hands or prostitutes(not that i would have a problem with that.With neither virginity, nor prostitutes,it just shows that this guy cannot grasp the concept of LOVE because CHARACTER.

    and not:ay, titties. marry me*yelp*

  7. Why aren’t there more fanfics on Toriyama and Lightning? At least Rule 34. Get on it, Internet. This is a goldmine.

  8. Toriyama says: