Microsoft Says Xbox One Can Use Up To 15 Kinects at Once for Maximum Next-Gen Gaming

Microsoft may have just won the console war after announcing a game changing feature of the Xbox One: The ability to use up to 15 Kinects at once.voicerecognitionstillbrokenCurrently, the PlayStation 4 can only use one camera accessory at a time. Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison claims that this makes the Xbox One 15 times more powerful than the PlayStation 4. He went on to explain the history behind this revolutionary feature in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“We were speaking with Rare on how we could improve the Kinect experience for the Kinect Sports games,” explained Harrison, “They told us that using one Kinect wasn’t enough to make legendary titles and that they could use two or even 15 Kinects to make their games that much better. After we implemented this idea, many Rare employees were shocked that we actually went through with their request.”

“Senior Rare employee Gregg Mayles even asked if they could make a non-Kinect game because of the pressure brought on from trying to use multiple Kinects,” continued Harrison, “Of course, when people think about Rare, they immediately think of the Kinect so we couldn’t let them off the hook that easily. We can’t wait to see what great game they come up with that uses 15 Kinects.”

Harrison also says that the ability to use 15 Kinects at once might be enough to make hardcore gamers realize what they’re missing out on.

“When we first came out with the Kinect, hardcore gamers hated it,” continued Harrison, “After some heavy thinking, we realized the problem was that one Kinect just wasn’t enough for them. They needed more cameras, more motion controls and that’s what we’re giving them with the Xbox One. True next-generation gaming is not going to be defined by better graphics or better gameplay, it will be defined by multiple Kinects.”

Some critics say that 15 Kinects might be too overwhelming for some gamers. Harrison shot back saying that if you can get used to one Kinect, you can get used to 15 of them.

“I don’t see why gamers would be uncomfortable with multiple Kinects watching them,” questioned Harrison, “Life will just be so much simpler with it. Walking into a room, you could make a quiet whisper and one of the 15 Kinects will pick up on that and start your Xbox One. You don’t even have to make a noise, one of the Kinects will know that you’re there. And who doesn’t want to have 15 different camera angles capturing every happy moment while you’re playing games online?”

Microsoft will be offering a new Xbox One bundle that comes with 15 Kinects for the low price of 1800 USD. Microsoft reportedly will also be releasing how-to guides on getting used to having 15 Kinects in a room at once.

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11 Responses

  1. Covarr says:

    What’s the power draw on this many kinects? My house is pretty old, and I’m not sure it’s wired for this.

  2. Zoom says:

    Why only up to 15? Over 9000!

  3. Anthony says:

    I don’t I’ll get the multi-Kinect Bundle.
    I will need two things:

    1) Rare will need to make Banjo-Kinectooie. They have lots of experience with the Kinect so make it happen.
    2) I need to get an Day 1 multi-Kinect Achievement. I want to stand out with my Gamerscore.

    • Mac Johnson says:

      Don’t know why you’d want to play the banjo with Kinect. It’s an original idea for sure, but originality isn’t everything. Let Rare stick with their best previous work, more Kinect sports games. With 15 Kinects the possibilities are endless.

  4. Beavercast says:

    The Xbox One launch event starts 11 Eastern tomorrow, right? Can anyone tell me though what time they’re gonna do Phil Harrison’s live hanging? Is it like near the end of the show?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think a NSA agent staring at my penis through 15 kinects is the closest I’ll get to having 15 girls wanting my penis at the same time, I’m in

  6. The Real Monkey Man says:

    The iPad can connect to twenty-four Bluetooth controllers for maximum party-gaming potential. Can Nintendo do that? Nope!

    Nintendo will be out of business within the year.

  7. Michael Saxs Persson says:

    By utilizing 15 simultaneous Kinect peripherals, Killer Instinct will enable players to fight for real with 100% accurate body tracking. Even the individual hairs standing up on the back of your neck in a heated fight will be simulated, and you’ll do more damage if your muscles are bigger.

    Killer Instinct is shaping up to have better motion controls than Guilty Gear Accent Core on the Wii!