Microsoft Releases List of 1000+ Songs Not to Play Near Xbox One Due to Voice Control Interference

Voice controls on the Xbox One are convenient and work well without background noise. Luckily, Microsoft has thought of everything and has released a list of over one thousand songs you shouldn’t play near the Xbox One.sweethomealabamanotgoodsongeitherWith reports of Xbox One commercials actually affecting Xbox Ones due to the voice commands used in the commercial, some gamers are fed up with the poor voice command implementation. With this list, Microsoft hopes to make every gamer’s experience with the Kinect and Xbox One go smoothly.

“This list was compiled from user experience as well as an automated process integrated with our unique song-matching and voice recognition software,” said Xbox general manager of development Leo del Castillo, “We first came across this problem when I started playing Rocks Off by the Rolling Stones. I’m a big Rolling Stones fan so I play their music all the time. It turns out the lyric “rocks off” sounds a lot like “Xbox off” which triggered an unintentional voice command.”

“I thought it was a one-off thing, but it just so happens that a lot of songs contain lyrics that sound like an Xbox voice command,” continued del Castillo, “In fact, CeeLo Green’s Forget You messed up a lot of games for some people because he actually uses the word Xbox in his song. I thought that was pretty funny, but the people who were disconnected from online multiplayer matches were not pleased.”

“The only thing gamers need to do with our list is make sure that none of their music is on it,” explained del Castillo, “It should only take about an hour to make a playlist that is Xbox friendly. And while the list is only around 1000 songs right now, remember that this list is always getting updated as new songs come out or as we delve further back into the history of music. I hope there aren’t too many fans of Hard Knocks by Elvis Presley.”

It’s not just music that affects the Kinect’s voice recognition. Phone sex on the Xbox One through Skype has been interrupted as the phrase “cock’s erect” sounds a lot like “Xbox select” which can trigger multiple voice commands.

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9 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    “Cocks erect” will be the new insult over Xbox Live.

  2. Albert Einstein says:

    I put on my favorite track on my XBO, which is appropriately called “Mechanophilia”. Some of the lyrics are “SexBot On” and “SexBot Off”. So now, I can’t watch/look up porn my robot porn around my Xbox One, without it acting like an idiot.

  3. Gen Barrison says:

    When I heard that we will be getting real life telescreens directly to our living room and all for a nominal cost, I didn’t think they would be so half-assed.
    Big Brother won’t be happy, that’s for sure.

  4. Chentzilla says:

    «”Forget You”» by Cee Lo Green

  5. Skinny says:

    I’m just happy to see that Microsoft is actually working on many of the issues currently popping up with the Xbox 1, including the shoddy voice recognition.