Microsoft Punishes Father of Son Who Leaked Xbox One Dashboard by Forcing Him to Buy an Xbox One

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  1. Anthony says:

    What a lucky fucker. The XBONE180 is by far the best next-gen system of all gens. With games like Ryse and Killer Instinct, how can you lose?

    • PS4 is more powerful then Xbone plus Killzone and Infamous look much better then Ryse.

      • Agent1 says:

        O GOD.. Please stop with the judgments already. You never played any of these games to compare what you are saying.

        • remember says:

          he may… at pax you could play killzone and ryse. you could have been one of them, who got invited to the infamous event. and also played KI in europe..

          the chance for being one of the few, who had played all of the games.. well.. thats just not likely. but from my hands on thoughts. killzone beats everything i have played on xbox (or xboxgame on pc – titanfall), in terms of grapics and tech. but in the “funfacter”… titanfall or destiny wins hands down

      • Anthony says:

        More powerful? Please. Did you see the shine on those Ryse QTE buttons? So much detail. XBONE 180 FTW bro.

      • deSSy2724 says:

        And PC is stronger than PS4 and has better graphics….. so, whats your point? Gameplay and experience over graphics, PERIOD!

        You cant have two: “the most powerful consoles” lol…. only one console can be the strongest (thats PS4 this gen). Better graphics doesnt means better games (example with Atari/Sega/Nintendo) and for example, the 1st Xbox was the strongest in its gen but the PS1 had much more games and much better games.

    • Cyclo says:

      Everyone knows the Ouya will destroy the competition this console gen.

  2. Super Fake says:

    This is about as fake as it can get!

  3. Joseph Lan says:

    Man, that’s harsh. Being forced to buy an Xbox One, and play Ryse and Killer Instinct is probably one of the worst punishments I imaginable.

    • remember says:

      it is!! and its even worse, when you know that there are great games like forza and multiplats like ac4, destiny and titanfall out there

  4. legit says:

    Legit article.


  6. Rhem says:

    “Who cares if someone is watching you all the time when you’re having fun?

    Did he really actually say that !? U gotta be kidding me, he can’t actually believe that!

  7. Truth says:

    Satiric article and even more funny that $0N¥ PauperStation N4Gtards fell for it. What a bunch of low IQ paupers you PS NeoFAGs are!

  8. Sonygger. says:

    I think P4R is getting stale, and clearly biased towards reporting Microsoft’s side. Get some variation!

  9. lee Morgan says:

    One thing I hate is comparing game consoles when the hardware has not even been released yet who knows ?
    You go with the gaming console which you think best suits you & what I mean by that is I always went with Xbox brand because it was cheaper & the Halo killer but I did get the Ps3 when it came down in price , now I have opted for Ps4 games console first why the price & the launch games I find more appealing to me at the moment though I will probably get a Xbox One when the price comes down because I like Rome Ryse Of A Soldier I think it rocks .

  10. Slaughter says:

    Well It is not a fake article look at the republished Youtube video if you folks think its so fake lol
    Or search for yourself on yourtube xbox one dashboard leak republished by EditorsDepo

  11. Fake Fake Fake :) says:

    getting forced to play xbox is massive punishment!! and this is soooooooo fake!

  12. Covarr says:

    This sucks, there’s not even any games out for it yet.

  13. Transfat Pansexual Christian-to-Atheist Ponylover says:

    XBox One sales: 1
    PS4 sales: 0

    Suck it, fanboys.

  14. Anonymous says:

    See all microsoft wants is money your just putting money in their pockets for somethig thats shit no can get the fact that ps4 is better

  15. Anonymous says:

    Having to play shitty xbox games is suffering.