Microsoft and Sony Begin Suing Fans Over Video Game Tattoos Claiming Breach of Copyright

In a controversial move, various console manufacturers and developers have begun to hammer down on gaming fans who decide to show their love of video games through body art such as tattoos.

Microsoft was the first company to start the wave of lawsuits by sending out a press release stating that “we will no longer accept this blatant breach of copyright law regarding our popular intellectual properties. We will be taking offenders to court to ensure the images are removed from their bodies via any means necessary. We also plan to charge them to the fullest extent of the law.”

The first offender in Microsoft’s sights is a young man who decided to show his love of the Halo franchise with a Master Chief tattoo. Prior to going silent after being told by lawyers to stop talking, he wrote the following on his blog:


The Design In Question.

“This whole thing is complete bullshit, I’ve been a fan of Halo since the launch of the original Xbox. I wanted to get the tattoo to commemorate how great Microsoft and Bungie were for making such an amazing game that affected my life in many positive ways. I’ve had to sell my gaming rig, which was running Windows 7 as well as my complete Xbox and Xbox 360 collection to pay for the legal bills. It was a very very large collection but now I’m glad to have gotten rid of all that filth. Well, I guess now I’m just going to wait for some goons to bust down my door with a cheese grater. After all this, I honestly wouldn’t put it past them.”

Sony joined Microsoft shortly after by suing a man with a DualShock controller tattoo. He has been silent since the lawsuit, but his forum signature on a popular Sony message board has been changed to “Sony can eat a bag of dicks.”

On the flip side, to quell outrage regarding the lawsuits, Sony has also announced that people with PlayStation Vita related body art can contact the company to be represented as advertising. Things heated up shortly after the announcement when they stated that the first person to be part of this campaign would be Casey Anthony for her ‘Bella Vita’ tattoo. Anthony caused public outrage in 2011 for receiving a not guilty verdict as part of her daughter’s murder case.


Casey Anthony’s Shoulder Tattoo.

Going against their competitor’s actions, Nintendo was last out of the gate to announce their plans regarding Nintendo-related body art. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime announced that they’ll incorporate a similar system to Sony’s PlayStation Vita plans and have already begun their campaign employing one young woman for her Legend of Zelda inspired back-piece.


The Zelda Piece.

When asked if Nintendo is aware that the tattoo is only visible when the woman is topless, Fils-Aime responded, “No one said that children would be seeing her. She’s been a great motivator for the Wind Waker HD team.”

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19 Responses

  1. Wow says:

    I guess I’ll get sued for my alliance citadel tattoo from mass effect seriously get fucked I am a walking advertisement for there franchise as this guy was to take that away from your own game is ludicrous I seriously hope this doesn’t continue or there is going to be a lot of angry tattooed gamers

  2. Jim Profit says:

    You deserve what you get for stealing copyrighted images.

    • Anonymous says:

      where do you draw the line between fandom and stealing? What implications could a case like this cause? whats next? suing the millions who also have cartoon character tats? This is ludicrous. If they were pro models banking from the tats i could see it, but why sue long time fans who support and spread word about your games?

    • Jim Profit sucks dick says:

      Its not stealing an image, it is showing your support and love for the video game or the company. A tattoo is a serious decision because it is a permanent mark on your body. The game company should realize that their fans are willing to go through pain, money not only for the tattoo but the products that the company produces. Thats like saying people who christians should be fined for having a cross in their house due to some bullshit claim someone made. You are retarded.

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh shut up

  4. TMSU says:

    reggies body is ready

  5. bjfuller says:

    I don’t find it copyright. It’s our body’s and we aren’t stealing anything. We aren’t copyrighting, we are more like advertising if anything.. this is dumb. They shouldve known that people ARE gonna get tattoos of halo and such so why couldn’t they announce that when they released halo instead of jumping on people who had absolutely no idea. This whole thing makes Microsoft look bad, not the ones with gamer tattoos.

  6. bjfuller says:

    It’s dedication. Haha and I love that. I was gonna get a halo tattoo

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is 100% fake. There is no way on this earth or any other that Microsoft would send a letter worded as it’s written or sue anyone over derivative work like a tattoo. There is no legal basis for it. Obviously whoever started this ridiculous rumor has no idea how copyright or IP law works.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, they pull stupid shit like this all the time. I had some of my art on Etsy reported even though it was only “inspired by” a design. Microsoft can eat all the dicks.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its different when your making money off of someone’s intellectual property through sales of items that are made (not by request of a client). A tattoo artist is not ‘selling’ a tattoo they are giving the tattoo, the are making and designing, but selling is something they are not doing. If a tattoo artist is trying to sell you a design -like really pushing you to get X, than they are a bad tattoo artist.

        • tom says:

          I agree most the staff at EBGames have a gears tatto

          • tom says:

            i feel sorry for midgen. BRING BACK FUN GAMES NOT A copy and paste game. im getting sick of COD AC GTA TTF2 give it up BF1 is going to own. Cod should of done a cod. now it’s a joke for kids