Masuda Not Interested in Pokémon Snap U, Already Takes Pictures of Pokémon in Real Life

In a recent interview with producer Junichi Masuda, he says Pokémon Snap U would be uninteresting since most people already take pictures of Pokémon in their daily lives.

In the interview given by Polygon, Masuda explains that “everyone has a camera and can take photos whenever they want” so releasing Pokémon Snap U “wouldn’t be as interesting these days”.

An employee of Polygon who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that the interview was far more detailed; however, Nintendo demanded that the final version that went online was checked before release.

“There were a lot more interesting parts removed from the interview. Philip Kollar, who conducted the interview, said it was one of the most disturbing interviews in his life,” the employee says.

“Masuda further explained that Pokémon Snap U exists in most people’s daily lives. He took out his phone and showed him pictures he took of Pokémon right before attending the interview. While he said that there were Pokémon in those pictures, the pictures he showed us were simply pictures of trees and buildings,” he continues.

“He kept pointing out that there were Caterpies and Pidgeys in these photos. Then he said ‘why would anyone be interested in Pokemon Snap U when most people already take pictures of Pokémon in their daily lives?’ He began to laugh and then pointed out all the Pikachu infesting the room,” the employee pauses and continues, “I think he tried to catch one with an imaginary Pokéball.”

Masuda has recently been hospitalized according to the Japanese media. Nintendo has not commented on the situation.

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