Masahiro Sakurai: Each Time I Am Asked to Add Geno to Smash Bros, I Delay the Release by One Day

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  1. I love Geno to be in SMASH and main him too, Masahiro Sakurai and I really want him so badly in my personal lifestyle of mine!

  2. Dear, Masahiro Sakurai! Please watch this video clip:

  3. Needed Geno for SMASH franchise in time!

  4. Come on, put Genoa in SMASH rosters slot of franchise!

  5. Please, let Geno in SMASH for now cuz I wait for one day of delayed until Geno is actually in SMASH 4!

  6. Masahiro Sakurai! Geno have already been in my heart to believe that’s there’s a chance for to be confirmed in SMASH rosters slot in time and please understand that you’re The best game designer in the world of SMASH franchise!

  7. Come on, Sakurai! It’s greater to have Genoa in SMASH rosters slot in time, ok?

  8. The whole world is waiting for Geno, Masahiro Sakurai!

  9. I hope Geno is in SMASH 4!

  10. Seriously, Geno is very popular and to be confirmed in SMASH 4, now!

  11. Seriously, Geno is very popular and needs to be confirmed in SMASH 4, now!

  12. Regardless, Square-Enix are absolutely not doing anything else with Geno for The time being as of now and I truly mean it that they’re ain’t doing a thing with Geno at all! Seriously, it’s true all right! P.S: Masahiro Sakurai, please you already know what to do with Geno, so might as well have him SMASH franchise in DLC for free and/or pay & play on eShop in SMASH 4, please understand and let be now for nowadays!

  13. Nowadays, Geno gotta be in SMASH 4 for pros to be surprised about Geno for crying out loud!

  14. Geno will be revived in SMASH 4 and to the world’s needs for you to know, Masahiro Sakurai!

  15. It’s time for Geno to be confirmed in SMASH 4!

  16. Geno for SMASH franchise, right now! Masahiro Sakurai!

  17. Come on, Geno needs this chance for SMASH 4!

  18. Oh, for peace sakes! Geno really need to be confirmed and revived for everything else wanted of fans in SMASH rosters slot in time to make special interest sense!

  19. I realized that once, Geno is in SMASH rosters franchise, then it’ll be just picture perfect for fans of Geno and myself for goodness sakes in this chance of perfect timing!

  20. The time has been coming for Geno to be confirmed in SMASH 4, really really!

  21. Geno’s future is playable character in SMASH 4 DLC rosters slot for now!

  22. Masahiro Sakurai-San, please never forgetting to add Geno in SMASH 4 as a DLC playable character in time for real to me and The world happy! P.S: Please understand very well to watch this last chance of video link:

  23. aminay says:

    stop asking for geno you crybaby he’s never going to make it he only appeared once just stop it stop

  24. P says:

    Give the people what they want

  25. angered american consumer says:

    Worthless character? Should I mention duck hunt, villager, wii fit trainer, game and watch, dr mario? The list goes on. I’d love to see Geno, even Mallow, Belome and Croco. While we’re at it, how about knuckles, king k rool, wolf, simon belmont, protoman, maybe even dr wily.