Masahiro Sakurai: Each Time I Am Asked to Add Geno to Smash Bros, I Delay the Release by One Day

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50 Responses

  1. cal says:

    why don’t you link to the Famitsu article? This is looking fake lol

  2. Andrew Hagan says:

    Whelp there you go that solves that.

  3. cmonandslam says:

    Nah man its not fake, its real. My dad is Sakurai and I can confirm this after he told me “fuck those geno niggas, that shit aint ballin”.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    +1 my dad works for smash bros and he said geno ain’t ABAP

  5. Ano nymus says:

    Or you could stop pretending this is real, and continue as the satire of gaming journalism you already are.

  6. Swedish Otaku says:

    Yeah where’s the source?

  7. Jim Profit says:

    The source is Famitsu, you idiot.

  8. Tom Hanks says:

    Ask him daily until they take back the “we want to get away from the melee formula”

  9. The Gr8 Cornhole says:

    I can’t believe you bastards don’t trust the only unbiased source in modern gaming media. C’mon.

  10. Albert Einstein says:

    If you think this is fake, why are you here in the first place?

  11. GENOBRO says:

    Seriously guys, if Geno is in the new Smash I will absolutely buy a Wii U + 3DS just to play this game

  12. Ness says:

    If this were true, then by my hand alone this game would not be coming out for at least another few decades. I constantly ask Sakurai directly for Geno. he always smiles politely. Would never refer to him as a “worthless character” regardless of his frustration.

  13. n says:


    • Anonymous says:

      There’s about a 50-50 chance it’s real. The source is Famitsu, but of course these guys could be lying. But I heard Sakurai really doesn’t care for fan character requests, and really does like Uprising better than Geno BS, so yeah.

  14. j says:

    Geno in froffisor Layton in little mac wet for smashbros4. Wy villegar in wi fit trainer

  15. j says:

    This would be cool Larry koopa Monson Jr koopa windy koopa eggy loops in Roy koopa should be for this smashbros4 game inclooding snake sonic tails shadow zero bass silver in lubwing koopa in the franchise alongside lemmy koopa in Ridley in Bowser Jr in crystal its good they added mega man but wers proffissor Layton in geno in little mac we neeb more there patrys like the hulk Spiderman Campton America in Thor in wolvaren icloodeng Hawkeye in venom in the unstoppable iron man warmusheen or. Ghost rider making thes. Game a supersmashbros vs marvel can only be a ultimate dream don’t wais your time on smashbros4 rap your mind around thes ultimate saga Sakurai himself putting so
    Mtheng like. Thes on Nintendo platform com on thes is the supersmashbrorhers vs marvel ultimate super heroes thinkaboutit

  16. Dear masahiro sakurai,I apologize for bothering you because I know your a very buisy man but I just wanted to share an idea I had with you.If you ever read this I would like you to know that I am a huge fan and that if you do make ssb4 I think you should add kingdom hearts characters.Whether you choose to acknowledge my idea or not its entirely up to you.I’ll always be a fan.

  17. Kris Kitsune says:

    BUT I LOVE GENO. >=( F U

  18. Mike G says:

    There are a lot of major NINTENDO characters that deserve a slot before Geno. Sure I love Mario RPG as much as anyone but he’s just not that big of a character in the long run.

    And the fact that he is owned by Square pretty much should settle any argument. Might as well ask for Cloud or Tifa.
    Diddy Kong is at least derivative from a Nintendo character.

  19. X8 says:

    Dear Sakurai,
    I understand how many stress Super Smash bros. is on you, and it is very reasonable to be stress about it because how big the franchise is. But you can’t just threaten people just about 1 fan-favorite character. I mean, before Brawl, no one knew pit.Heck, no one cared about him. And yes, I know, Square ” owns” Geno, but they don’ t even use him anyway, And plus I’m sure you can figure something out, YOU”R NINTENDO! So please, Geno, playable, assist trophy, anything . Love from a great fan

  20. Anonymous says:

    Perfect, we’ll just keep delaying it until he either caves and puts him in or it’ll never be released without him.

  21. GENOWHIRL says:

    Geno is a great character I think he should be in a game its been like 12 years ever since he’s been in a game why can’ thay just put a genos forest trak in mario kart I’m sure no wons gonna threten nintendo! Please just don’ t cues a fight I love geno !
    And his final death can be geno whirl

  22. GENOWHIRL says:

    I’m not ever buying SPRSB4 if genos not in it I’m a a game store I see it oh look I see the game looks at game walks away

  23. Anonymous says:

    Will Snake come back to smash bros please?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Nintendo can buy geno from square enix but it will cost a lot of money but I want geno he is the best charcter :(

  25. Anonymous says:

    if theres no geno he might as well never release the game i think

  26. Geno says:

    “Only a few extremely vocal fans care about Geno?” Wasn’t he the 3rd most voted for character when Japanese people were allowed to vote on which new guys to add to Brawl? fk u Sakurai :)

  27. Red says:

    This is so fake, It’s clear an anti-geno gamer made this up.

  28. Super Smashed and Proud says:

    Even if they can’t add Geno in to the game legally they could at least get Square to make a Geno game!!! Besides, they have Sonic and Megaman, the two biggest competitors Mario and Nintendo have, outta Capcom and Sega, so why not Geno? Plus they should add the Waddle Dee, he’s more epicz than Meta Knight!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Quiet everybody we got pacman and he’s awesome!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    U ever heard the song sakurai????!!!! In the lyrics it specifically says “gimme geno” and it was made in 2012

  31. sanicdahegehog says:

    goddamn it sakurai, we still love you tho <3 thx for smash bros (no homo)

  32. Gonarol says:

    So that must mean this game’s delayed to 2016.