Majority of Gamers Today Can’t Finish Level 1 in Super Mario Bros.

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  1. tahrey says:

    I guess it’s probably a factor that there’s so many other potential distractions and entertainments these days as well, if you can’t get instant gratification you often won’t persevere with a thing.

    I was probably just as bad when playing various old classics for the first time, including SMB, and would have died a LOT even on the first levels (even with the instructions … rarely read them before slapping in the cartridge / disk and turning on the power… and many, being either pirate or cheap second-hand games, didn’t even have a booklet). The answer was to keep retrying, keep doing different things in a random trial and error way – actually “PLAYING” with the game (!) – and figuring out what you could do, how to do it, and which of those things helped you progress.

    I guess these days you’d call it “replay value”. Back then it was just “learning” the game…

    Even in this age of broadband interweb and wikipedia etc, we don’t have instant telepathic knowledge. It’d be wise to not assume that when it comes to “novel” games…

    • UnknownGamer99 says:

      I absolutely agree. Games back then weren’t made difficult just because of that though, in some cases games were made difficult because otherwise they would be rather short and finished within minutes and paying for a game you would finish in such a short amount of times just wouldn’t be worth it now would it? Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t fail at making a beatable game, rather, the game industries failed at some point making easier games for the public, as such everyone got used to a more simplistic game mechanics, so whenever you throw someone towards a classic, like Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, or even Metroid, their failure is just something you’re guaranteed to see, it’s just a matter of time.

      Games shouldn’t be unfair-like hard, but they clearly shouldn’t be easy. The difficulty curve of a game is hard to design, hence the like of the 90′, when games were extremely unfair at some point, some examples being the likes of Ghouls ‘n Goblins for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Hercules for the Atari and more. Today, I think game developers are wise enough to design a game so that it IS challenging, but not harshly punishing. The real problem is whether the public can actually play the game or not. It may be possible to re-use people to challenging games, but that should start now, it’d be a really challenging feat, but certainly not impossible, and whoever is up to take the risk, will certainly be thanked by me, and surely, by many.

  2. Gaylord says:

    The people, being described as failing to complete the first Super Mario game, sounds like they are either stupid or spoiled with the mechanics of new games – or both.

    I used to play Super Mario as a 8 year old kid and was able to master it with ease ( had no previous gaming experience at that time ).

    So yeah, as said, people have most likely become more stupid in the latest decade or two…

    • Skull Kidd says:

      I was four when I started gaming, with the Super Mario All-Stars cartridge, Dracula X, Actraiser, A Link to the Past, had them all beat before long. So hard to find a challenge in gaming today, I find myself playing Super Nintendo and the old consoles still.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well that is because you have played these kind of games a lot. People new to these games will struggle. And not it does not mean they’re “stupid” or “spoiled”. Not everyone can be a game pro. f%#K OFF GAME NAZIS.

  3. Chrome says:

    This isnt really mch news to me. Its easy to see how games have gone soft and really easy to complete even on Harddest difficulty…This is another reason why “Fast Food” games like COD is the way it is.

    Also it wouldnt suprise me if the testers were brought up on games like Infamous and COD’s.

  4. Jimmy B. says:

    Oh my glob, I know the game was hard, but really.
    1) Death at first goomba.
    2) Died twice.
    3) Thought coins were enemies
    4) Suggestions like giving him a SWORD OR GUN.
    5) It’s the FIRST LEVEL! Who can lose to level one? I can do it, easy as pie, some people just can’t game!

    These people are either HORRIBLE gamers, or they are morons.

  5. Brunno says:

    Guys, google translate!

    He NEVER said that. It is fake. And ALL THE WORLD are posting this. Holly crap. HAHAHAHH

    • Brunno says:


    • Steven Goza says:

      i realize this is a months old comment but…really, google translate? is that supposed to be a joke or something because everyone knows (or should know by now) google translate is crappy.

      for examle: Future, I want to ask you whether they thought the new business of manufacture and sale other than Trump and leisure equipment, such as a game of Karuta. In addition, there is no shareholder benefit now, it would like to ask whether there is a plan to introduce in the future.

      google translate can’t even do good grammar, and sometimes is a jumbled mess of word soup. i’d trust what was said in the article here than i would what google translate says.

  6. Tricia says:

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  8. mike says:

    just read the linked stockholder meeting. this is fake.

  9. sporeboy100 says:

    “During a Q&A session, Satoru Iwata revealed why Nintendo’s newer games are EASIER.”

    erm… im afraid i have to call total bullshit on that quote, and why you may ask? New Super Mario Bros U and Super Mario 3D Land, nuff said

  10. Phookah says:

    If you think this is real, you are stupid.

  11. What rock did these people look under to find gamers this pathetically bad at life? Have these people never even seen a screen before? How does ANYONE not recognize the original Mario games, even if by just the music alone? I mean seriously, they avoided coins because they thought they were enemies? Those coins are pretty menacing alright…the main flaw with the original Mario game was the life limit and having to restart the whole game over, like most old school games, not the fact that there are bottomless pits and oh no, enemies! Seriously, they can’t have possibly used human beings for this test. No one is that brain dead.

  12. Mario says:

    Wow… I cannot believe that people found this difficult, that is shocking to me. I remember I was a kid and my parents got my first NES, I ran through Super Mario Bros. Even my dad who didn’t understand the point of video games was going to complete the whole game. I could only image what people would think of Mario 64 and would they be able to get all the stars.

  13. faget says:

    ur all fagets

  14. Will Rutledge says:

    This is poorly thought through. As I remember, the first time I played Mario Bros. I was just as bad as any one else mentioned as a games tester, but the point is that it grew on me and it was fun to learn.

    Shouldn’t all games be like that? It’s distasteful to throw easy games at everyone, especially since the generation of 80’s gamers is Nintendo’s primary audience to this day. Play Mega Man 2 lately?

  15. Wesley Koch says:

    Yikes… see this is why I don’t like FPS at school I asked a kid that once said “If it is a video game I have it and I am a expert at it.” I then walked up to him and asked him what a SNES is and he simply replied with a clueless look on his face then said he doesn’t have a Xbox 1 yet. Then turned to his back it called me a dumb kid

  16. ReptileAssassin says:

    So basically Nintendo had a bunch of brain-dead idiots play the old game and were surprised by their findings?

  17. Fireninjastar says:

    This is so depressing it hurts.

  18. sky999999 says:

    Thank the heavens for mobile, now people can finally beat a game. In 90 seconds no less

  19. Nono says:

    obvious fake

  20. YoshiVegeta says:

    You must be pretty stupid if you cant pass level 1

    • Anonymous says:

      Oi! I tried. Super mario bros is really hard. Everything slides and you are on a timer. The game is really hard. I could only get to level 5 using the tunnel above the level,

  21. XxSUPRxX . says:

    Dude, obviously! I have spent hours trying to beat the first level with no avail. I just can’t do it! 2.3/10

  22. BeyondNecroDome says:

    Its true. people under 25 are absolute garbage when it comes to gaming titles that hold your hand the entire time like halo and cod have made even the most mundane of bullet sponges believe themselves skilled., regenerating health ? radar ? a minimap ? there arent even keys anymore , what on earth is the point of a map ? modern gamers think that a game is only good if it can be beaten readily by anyone, a disgusting and cowardly trait inspired by the act of giving “achievements” simply for gaming. Sorry kids, but not everyones a winner in actual video games.

    • nintendolover says:

      i must say i agree in that but i want to point out that the age doesn’t matter, im 16 (about to turn 17) i grew up in old school consoles, my first one ever was the nes and even in this times i haven’t lost in mario i sure have faied some times but it is sad to see now young gamers will never play like the way it used to be

    • J says:

      Calling someone garbage is for losers. Shut up.

    • HEY! I’m 13 and a Nintendo Fanboy, and I can play upside-down if I want! Just those dumb Sony/Microsoft Fanboys… F*** them!

  23. Anonymous says:

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  24. PhotonShepherd says:

    I thought tonight was going to be a TOTAL waste. Instead, I witnessed a metric ShitTonne of outraged, gleeful, superiour, toolbags get totally taken in by a satirical website.

    Site owners: you’ve proven that it is SO much easier to sell a BIG lie than a little one. You have won the internet. Seriously, this made my night.

  25. Gus says:

    Man gamers today are dumb

  26. Edi Jil says:

    Thats a lie my little boy is 4 years old and he have finished the new super Mario bros for ds like 50 times , I had to buy another game for him I can prove it any time … Reply at

  27. yelloz says:

    “…and you should be. It is quite sad”

  28. Salentino says:

    ok… i hope this is only a joke… isn’t it?

  29. i think it’s a hard game in fact….. :-)

  30. Daniel Flores says:

    I remember.growing up with this game and I’m only seventeen, people must really be declining in intelligence, The game is so fun and simple I could finish it in like 9 minutes or less

  31. Melly says:

    I don’t know if Miyamoto “failed miserably”…level one’s pretty damn easy. If anything, it speaks to the laziness of this generation. #shameful.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I can beat level 1. However, I’m stuck at world 8-1

  33. Cristiano says:

    Wake up people, we’re the remaining 10% commenting here.

    We are a generation or two away from these gamers.

    I Laughed at the text but in the end, I kinda felt sad.

  34. Joe says:

    Most people don’t have hours to waste on fucking video games. That is why there are difficulty settings. Build a bridge and get over yourself guy.

  35. jafar says:

    Hello how are you don’t finish 7-4stage

  36. Haylee says:

    I have a thought that they should make a roller coaster ride on Mario kart so it is like you are on a roller coaster