League of Legends Now Official Olympic Sport

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  1. NggaPet says:

    Well Chess is an olympic sport lol why can League!! League ALL DAY BABY!!! Add me NggaPet
    NA server

    • FACEPALM says:

      Chess is not an olympic sport.


      • Anonymous says:

        But it is. Look it up.

      • Odoglordswagginton says:

        This is an utter lie. You realize that this article does not appear on another website. On the rio 2016 website under sports it shows pictures of all the sports that are going to be played. It does not show fat obese kids who have the audacity to call themselves athletes

        • Anonymous says:

          “It does not show fat obese kids who have the audacity to call themselves athletes” Wow, someone doesn’t understand esports at all. Congratulations, you just made yourself look like an ignorant twat in front of the whole internet.

          • Odoglordswagginton says:

            Says the man who just slurred woman, now you sir show ignorance. And yes I did say fat and obese kids and I apologize for slurring people with weight issues but the definition of a sport is: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Where is the physical exertion in league of legends

          • Odoglordswagginton says:

            Says the man who just slurred woman, now you sir show ignorance. And yes I did say fat and obese kids and I apologize for slurring people with weight issues but the definition of a sport states that to be a sport it involves physical exertion (if I paste the definition it says duplicate comment), just google it the first five say it involves physical exertion.

        • Greenarrow056 says:

          The physical exertion comes from how much pro gamer go to the gym on a strict schedule to make sure that all of the required levels of focus and stamina are in check so that they can perform on game day. Golf is a sport as well and it requires the same amount of time and effort spent at the gym or other workout facilities. Just because you don’t understand why esports are sports, doesn’t mean you get to pass judgement on every gamer out there.

          • Odog says:

            I like

          • Odoglordswagginton says:

            They may train of the sport but in the definition if exercise the physical fitness applies to the activity in the sport not just the training off the court. If you were to play casual lol like most people do sports you can’t go play three hours and say you have exercised. Also I like to play video games so I’m not passing judgement in every gamer out there just because I don’t think lol is a sport.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why should anyone trust someone with a username like yours? Seriously “Odoglordswagginton”?

          • Odoglordswagginton says:

            Why should I trust someone who does not have the balls to use a username or his real name. Also why so rattled m8 calm yo shit

    • HealthyMan says:

      Sexual intercourse should be an Olympic sport as well.
      Having sex burns more calories than playing Chess or video games. Check your Nike Fuelband if you don’t believe me.

      • lmp dk says:

        Why not, there are competitive ways to have sex while also exhibiting teamwork and skill. Then it can become an official sport and I would join a team.

    • League rocks 69 says:

      Eat my wang. Because league is the best thing ever

      • Bruh says:

        I mean really what are you saying? Sucking cock and league having nothing to do with each other. Suck my cock wtf. O_O

  2. Sam says:

    First of all, take this from a guy who enjoys both video games AND sport.

    Video games are E-Sports(Electronic Sports), yes. But to include it as an Olympic Sport is just ludicrous. Chess is counted as a ‘sport.’ It’s a mental sport yes, and I guess that’s okay. It’s okay for LoL to be counted as a sport, but not an official Olympic Sport.

    Why? Chess is a sport, but rarely do you ever see people play the same game for days on end. Only those who are truly enthusiastic about become good enough to be recognised as ‘Athletes.’ LoL on the other hand, is another case entirely.

    LoL is a ‘video-game’ and as we all know, video games are far more addictive than board games. There are many games out there, equally as popular, addictive or engaging as LoL, such as Battlefield 3, Call of Duty and Halo. All three are counted as E-Sports but NONE of them are Olympic Sports. Now that LoL is an Olympic Sport, children will just sit on their computer all day even more to become professional at LoL. This will lead to various complications such as obesity. Basically what I’m trying to say is that making LoL and official sport will only encourage bad behaviour.

    Use your brains, Riot convinced the Olympic Committee to include LoL as a sport so they can make even more money than they already are.

    • Mac Johnson says:

      I have to agree with Sam. LoL cannot be a sport until it includes open world elements. There’s the map of Rungterran but nothing else. Wasted potential. They should build these zones and sell them as DLC.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually most major progaming teams have specific requirements for each member of the team. For example, if you want to live in the EG ( a North American organization considered a powerhouse for many games) house in San Francisco you have to abide by the rules of the house. some of them inclue that you HAVE to work out for at least 45 min a day, take at least 3 breaks during your practice, and drink at least 72 ounces of water a day to stay healthy.

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all, this is a hoax, and second, your argument is a slippery slope.

    • Greenarrow056 says:

      The difference is that to be good at LOL and other MOBA out there you actually need to include your body too. Have you ever seen a fat pro LOL player. No, didn’t think so.

    • lmp dk says:

      And what makes jumping over things and playing with sticks a sport? The competition and the ability to rouse inspiration, both things League of Legends can also do. Also your argument about obesity doesn’t apply here, because people who play professional league will require plenty of physical conditioning so the people planning on going pro by sitting around can throw their dreams away. Also what’s wrong with someone making money, Riot can do whatever they want. And what you say about video games being addicting, anything can be addicting. Making League a sport is just giving more people a purpose in their lives not trying to ruin them.

  3. Tom Sparrow says:

    Fuck that. its not a fucking sport. Fuck off you stupids pricks

  4. james says:

    physically strong….pls, talk about team coordination, talk about microing…but don’t come to the olympics and talk about league players keeping themselves physically strong. some of them work out casually. most of them are lanky af or fat af

    “as much dedication.” lol teams go on and off about practicing between various tournaments. olympic athletes train straight through years without an off-season (unless they are injured or have some kind of mid-life crisis).

    Balls sounds like a douche. how long does it take most pro league players to become that good? it only came out 4 years ago, so 4 years max and not everyone was playing at the start. how long does it take pro table tennis players or other athletes to become that good? at least a decade
    i’m all for e-sports but i’m sorry league players are lazy ass wussies compared to olympic athletes. I’d love to see Balls try to become a professional table tennis player and have a professional table tennis player try their hand at lol and see who crushes who more in two years.

    I’m all for the growth of E-Sports, but please don’t come to the Olympics and talk about physical prowess and dedication. The Olympics has a far higher heritage and skill cap that LoL just doesn’t have

    • Ok dude, try to become a pro at league of legends in 4 years then come back.

      • Odoglordswagginton says:

        That’s just sad they dedicated their life to something that is so irrelevant and unrealistic that does not even exist. It’s just irrational. You say becoming pro in 4 years requires so much dedication we’ll that just shows how much their life is filled with realism

    • Anonymous says:

      Most pro league players actually played the original DotA, its predecessor, which came out MANY years ago. Also, do you think when soccer or hockey or football were invented there were no pros? This is simply the first of any generations of E-sports.

    • ruben says:

      U ever saw balls he is a prety strong guy he works out a lot XD

  5. Dude says:

    This is shit! There can be no way that “no0bSlayer69” or “1337chaoslord666” can be considered as athletic as Usain Bolt, Nikolai Valuev or Christiano Ronaldo. Honestly, people, what the actual fuck! Not only does this make no logical sense, but now kids will think that sitting on their asses all day playing video games will make them “athletic” when in reality theyll just turn into antisocial tubs of lard (like everyone who thinks this is a good idea).

    • Jesus says:

      You forgot xxXPussySlayer117Xxx

      Here’s a reference for you- http://forums.oce.leagueoflege.....1380573312

    • Anonymous says:

      Antisocial? I talk with my fucking friends when im playing is that antisocial?

    • KopitioBoz says:

      No but “no0bSlayer96” can.

    • lmp dk says:

      And what makes jumping over things and playing with sticks a sport? The competition and the ability to rouse inspiration, both things League of Legends can also do. And as to sitting on their asses all day, pro league players will require physical conditioning so kids sitting on their asses all day can give up on going pro. And as to antisocial, that’s definitely not a side affect of league of legends but modern culture and life in general. So no, no0bSlayer69 and 1337chaoslord666 aren’t considered athletes and won’t be even if League became a sport but it would give people who are good at league and not as able bodied a chance to be a part of the olympics and represent what they’re good at.

  6. Hajj says:

    Hyperx and neegodbro sound so fucking conceited it makes me sick that they are representing their respective countries

  7. Operational says:

    I can understand this knee-jerk reaction to say that LoL shouldn’t be in the olympics, but I can’t understand how your happiness for the growth and validation of Esports isn’t outweighing it.

    I would hope that forward thinking individuals would recognize that mental competition is as great or with the potential to be greater than physical competition. I think this is a step in that direction, although clearly a very narrow and perhaps ill-motivated one (designed more to capture a youth market than to make an existential statement about mental prowess).

    I think it would be more fair to open up the competition to more games (which it seems they may do in 2020 if this goes well). If your problem with this is that they chose League instead of your game (Dota, CS, Street Fighter, MvC or whatever it may be), your best option is to support League in the 2016 events and hope that it’s success just serves to promote Esports in general.

  8. Not a Retard says:

    Is this a joke? They realize clicking buttons isn’t a sport, right?

  9. Sir Falcon the III says:

    lol this is just for nerds to feel good about themselves. Lol people can now be obese and be called”athletes”. What is the future of this planet coming to…

    “I’m sure the universe is full of intelligent life. It’s just been too intelligent to come here.

    ? Arthur C. Clarke

    • JetSwift ManHero says:

      It’ll be going to a better place when you’re dead, atleast that’s certain. One less moron to slow the progress of the world.

      • Odoglordswagginton says:

        Wow. Wishing a person harm and saying how the world would be better that’s harsh. It represents your idiotic argument in a nutshell

        • Anonymous says:

          Wishing someone dead isn’t wishing harm upon them. Everyone dies man, and he didn’t explicitly say “I hope you die :C” anyway.

          • Swag says:

            Your an idiot, while this is not wishing harm on someone it is not exactly nice saying that the world would be better with out them because they have an opinion.

    • MinePwns says:

      lol this is just for nerds to feel good about themselves. Lol people can now be obese and be called ”athletes”. What is the future of this planet coming to… You said. Well what id this world coming to. People like you make people commit suicide. Getting called nerds 27/4 isn’t fun. Plus there are many ways to be athletic. You can be physically or mentally just because your some strong guy doesn’t mean everything. Many people have beat tough guys by purely outsmarting them. Also on league you learn a lot more than you will playing football. Making this an Olympic Sport is acceptable because the mentality to play this game is insane. You might ask “All I have to do is press button and I win right?” No this game takes mentality beyond you. Also it would be like saying in football “All I have to do is catch the call and run right?” No ive played football and you have to be physically strong just like you have to be mentally strong in league.

    • lmp dk says:

      Official League players will require physical conditioning…and quoting Arthur C. Clarke doesn’t make you seem intelligent, just pompous and unpleasant. You’ve expressed your dislike for “nerds” and that you wish them to not “feel good about themselves”, but nerds are just people who are consumed by a singular field of knowledge. People who are consumed by football are nerds and so are people who like a tv show so much its all they talk about. So no, obese people can’t be called athletes, and not all League players are nerds.

  10. TPBvirus says:

    I’m an 18 year old former varsity football player and ADC for my ranked team. And I find this to be awesome. I play league a lot and I want to be the best someday, and I know that it takes exceptional skill that most people simply can’t do. ANYONE can mash right click. But very few can outplay kite, position, and destroy enemy teams within 6 months of playing the game. That takes extraordinary amounts of knowledge of the game and insane mouse control to accomplish. And if you want to consider the amount of practice that takes “Piglet” ADC for the s3 world championship team, Skt t1, plays 3 hours of purely mechanics, 5 hours of solo queue, and 5 hours of team scrimmaging and 2 hours of analysis. For a total of 15 hours purely dedicated to becoming the best. If it was physically possible for a professional football player to do that I bet he would but sadly that can’t happen. Btw he still balances this with working out and eating right. The amount of dedication needed to sray at the top is unbelievable. So don’t just say that merely anyone can be good by comparing two different sports. A tennis player will always crush a lol player cuz he’s noob at tennis and vice versa. A lol player won’t have skills necessary to beat a tennis player, and in a lol 1v1 the tennis playercan pick the most op no skill champ and still lose to a league player who has better mechanics

  11. Daniel says:

    Chupa dota

  12. lanya latch says:


    • bob says:

      table tennis is tiring as well.

    • KopitioBoz says:

      I’d rather have carpel tunnel and not be able so sit up straight without looking like a bobble head.

    • lmp dk says:

      And what makes jumping over things and playing with sticks a sport? The competition and the ability to rouse inspiration, both things League of Legends can also do. You think: Oh because Olympics people work really hard all their lives making LoL an olympic sport is like a mockery to their name, but people who become pro League players work really hard too. And the fact that they can’t bend their backs in half and toss hoops makes them all the more relate able to people who aren’t particularly physical and all the more inspiring to them as well. It’s even possibly an inspiration for a lot of people to get off their asses and become physical so they can be a part of it too.

  13. lanya says:

    You are an idiot, did you know that Jack? Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the hardest sports in the World! Can you bend you back in half, toss a rope 40 feet in the air while doing four turns under it, then catching is on your leg while doing a jump? I didn’t think so. I understand that gaming is difficult, but an Olympic sport has the word sport in it which requires physical activity. My brother plays Star craft, and all he does all day is sit and stare at the computer. Not very physical, unlike Rhythmic Gymnastics where I, personally, train 4 hours every week day and sweat gallons of sweat.
    You just use Rhythmics as a reason for why LoL should be a sport, but I bet you never watched the top gymnasts. They can do much more physically than you sitting on your but all day. Just go on youtube and watch the 2012 olympics.

    • Zilo Salvo says:

      cough cough ,,, well well I see we have quite the argument here but everyone should just consider the population ratings for LOL ,,, its what the new generation wants and its what they’re going to get :)

    • JetSwift ManHero says:

      If you think League of Legends doesn’t require a huge amount of physical skill then you’re just plain uninformed. Stay that way for all the intelligent world cares, just know that you’re not part of it.

  14. Jack says:


  15. nonya says:

    League is not a sport lolololololol

  16. Anonymous says:

    isnt league of legends just a starcraft 2 mod?

    • Anonymous says:

      No… -.- Its an independent game. You’re probably thinking of DoTA being a WarCraft 3 mod. (Close enough, I suppose…)

      • Starcraft2 says:

        But it looks the same, perspective view, HUD and all. Are you sure it’s not a mod? Sure seems like it to me.

  17. Sup yo says:

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  18. !!! says:

    I don’t even want to know what’s a naturhouse. Probably a sex thing. You dirty immigrants.

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  20. FlameInstructor says:


  21. Oyy says:

    This is plain retarded Olympics means a REAL SPORT LOL is trash anyways

  22. kamihoro says:

    This is just some BS by the famous Riot. How the hell a game with in-game paid become a Olympic game ?=)))))

  23. Mynameispositive says:

    I´m really looking forward to this. The game is the biggest in the world, in rich countries there are almost as many people playing league then football. The game requires high focus, concentration, skill, teamwork and lots of practice in order to become good in it. Just like any other sport. Im just trying to say that, in a world that looks like ours do today there is no doubt that the e-sports industry only will get bigger and bigger. Me myself much rather watch e-sports then people riding a horse or gymnastics. I mean, come on, if those “sports” are eligible to enter the olympics, why wouldnt league or any other e-sports game be able to. The arguments you are using against it is just desperate pleads from people who obviously dont even know how big the e-sports scene is today and just how simular it is from any other sports-scene.

  24. Mynameispositive says:

    Why not start up national teams and such aswell, that would be really, really entertaining to watch, atleast in my opinion. ^^

  25. Anonymous says:

    Every other website even the Olympic website do not list this as a sport that will be in the Olympics. Go to the rio 2016 anyway and under sports it shows the sports that will be played, there is no lol to be seen losers

  26. Odoglordswagginton says:

    I wonder if any of these players have ever played a real sport.

  27. virus virus says:

    uma merda pois para se jogar um game não nessessita nenhum tipo de treino especifico basta jogar mais horas e já era

  28. Stacey says:

    i do wish people would stop linking video games and obesity in the same statement. Just because a person plays video games for most of their time does not mean they will be automatically fat. I’ve played over 2000 games in league of legends and i still have time to be part of Jazz band and Varsity football, now make league a sport and it will be another activity that will qualify me for a good school.

  29. Anonymous says:

    leauge of legends is for fucking noob gamers. and tiny kids.

  30. bob says:

    This is the lamest thing ive ever heard of

  31. bobissmart says:

    this isn’t real this is a satirical website and none of this is true and I am very glad

  32. meditatii says:

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  34. Anonymous says:

    why is league of legends even a sport its just pure wierd

  35. getge5e says:

    this is a genuine website that is completely “credible”… Don’t hate

  36. Ben Cucaracha says:

    League of legends can’t be a sport because of sexual harassment towards women, we need to kill League of Legends it has caused over 10 million rape cases and 50 million rape causes to not be taken seriously! Please Olympic mans don’t put this rape culture sport on national TV!

  37. Mark says:

    If league of legends could be an Olympic sport, why would dota won’t be?

  38. silas says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    This can’t be serious… What Riot G wants is more money and power over the crowd. Open your eyes, gamers, this is no good for us, not even for you!
    I mean, what’s next?
    The game is good, funny and whatever. Yeah, it takes a lot of mental skills, and it’s hard to be better than the rest. But that’s all. I don’t want to see that shit on olympics

  40. League rocks 69 says:

    League is sick. I mean really its great. Like suck my cock if u disagree it is the best thing ever. Sure it requires no fitness but suck my cock

  41. Anonymous says:

    Physical strength my ass and to compare it to gymnastics is a joke

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Purplewolfnik says:

    Halo should be the olympic sport too

  44. League of Legends champions distinguish themselves with a great deal of low-level area-of-affect techniques that generate killing minions straightforward and easy. League of Legends requires skills that can apply to many different Olympic sports.

  45. tekken 3 professional says:

    for all those e sports fan like me…ESPORT is not something which need to be included in olympics or common wealth…its something which will be organized more better way than these games…esports is future of all games