Iwata Asks: Miiverse Penis Drawing Detection Took Weeks to Develop

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  1. 430 DAE says:

    Shut the fck up.

  2. Silent Rob says:

    Great story! Aside from that, please knock off the Le Reddit army crap.

  3. Tr0n says:

    Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. It’s not funny and it’s never been funny. Destroy your computer, end your own life, nobody cares what you do as long as it results in no more cancer.

  4. reddit sucks says:

    Rotate my tires

  5. Jack says:

    I’ve cleaned up some of the comments. Comments should be constructive, meaningful and fun!

  6. Slayer says:

    Why are people laughing? Censorship isn’t funny!

  7. TheCultist says:

    No they didn’t. Stop with this crap

  8. Bert says:

    Sure is /v/ in here.

  9. chris says:

    This story is faked. Its not true. check yourself on iwataask on the Japanese, north-american or european sites. this whole thing is a fake. like all the stories here. no sources are given, but a I said last time. This story is already quoted by the morons of IGN and Neogaf. lol good job!

  10. Luke says:

    Link to the actual article?

  11. Alan says:

    ya, so we draw dicks, but what if someone draws tits, asses, or pussies? what if someone draws ppl having sex. it will be hard to detect them, cause someone could draw handjobs, blowjobs, doggy style sex, etc. then, people would draw animals having sex, then robot porn. it is impossible to make little kids safe from all the kinds of porno drawn on the miiuniverse thing.

  12. TurdSandwich says:

    I was personally at this interview [laughs] we had many jokes and later we had cakes. Iwata fell asleep and urinated on the floor [laughs]

  13. veritas says:

    Well that wasn’t……funny.

  14. Santa Claus says:

    @Alan, it’s easier to draw penises than the other things you mentioned. One can just toss off a picture of a penis, as it were. (Oops that didn’t come out right…)

  15. Smashfan64 says:

    Even though this is a fake article, it is a pretty well constructed one. It actually sounds like a real Iwata Asks session. Kudos to you.

  16. Anders And says:

    /quote “Kato: Kurisu-san suggested we study different types of penises in order to create figure out the relative shape and size people would draw. We spent a week doing that before we realized that we should have been looking at drawings of penises rather than real-life pictures. (laughs) We were very embarrassed about that.” /unquote
    I guess someones still in the closet ^^

  17. Qu Terry says:

    This is hilarious.

  18. I think I got caught.

    Oh well. It’s still very funny.

  19. terrrrrible says:

    So, really, they should have purchased the Superbad book.

  20. Colby says:

    Bark! Bark! Bbbbbaark!

    Rrrruff! :D

    Bark! Buh- o.O…. bark?



  21. Erik Schorr says:

    I don’t understand why a penis detector is necessary. Isn’t it obvious that what I volunteer to the miiverse is an accurate depiction of my penis, in all its glory? If you can’t tell that what is in front of you is, in fact, a penis, then why would you be so worried about being able to detect whether or not it’s a penis? I could, perhaps, imagine this would be a valuable service for blind individuals who are actively seeking penises, but otherwise, this penis detector thing seems so completely redundant and I can’t believe they wasted so many man-hours developing it.

  22. Ogre says:

    I work at SCEA and am interested in obtaining Nintendo’s penis drawing detection technology for our online presence.

    Ok, I really do work for Sony, but I’m in no position to negotiate technology licensing. I’m just a humble system administrator.

  23. selfdeztruction says:

    The reason why there isn’t any vagina drawings is based on the fact that no gamer has ever seen one.I am a gamer and I am 100% positive that they don’t exist,I have seen alot of naked barbies and they show that there is nothing down there except smooth,flat skin.

    *selfdeztruction is an independently owned and operated entity whose views and opinions do not reflect those shared by it’s parent company or affiliates.

  24. asdf says:

    But what if I want to draw a rocket, or a bullet bill?

  25. Pornici says:

    It is stupid to put penis and other porn things int the child game…

  26. Harper says:

    Well I am wondering how hard it would draw a pussy :))

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  30. Daniel says:

    This whole problem is made harder by the fact that drawing a mushroom or a goomba should be encouraged, but that they also resemble a drawing of a penis.

  31. I drawed a Lakitu and nintendo deletd my message why?

  32. Austin says:

    That must have been a really hard thing to do, as it was a very big problem. At least they were able to come to a solution.

  33. Sieg3 says:

    “Yuzawa: You know what surprised me. No one drew a single vagina.”

    It’s understandeable, because Nintenyearolds don’t know how a vagina looks like.

  34. Nichole says:

    What if someone drew a very abstract penis.

    Would it still be able to detect it.

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Shibuya says:

    This is officially my favourite article hahaha

  37. MasterLee says:

    What the Fuck man!

  38. .. says: