Hundreds of Japanese Gamers Return Lightning Returns After Finding Out It’s Not a Dress-up Sim

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34 Responses

  1. The Realer Monkey Man says:

    Wait…it’s not a dressing simulator?

  2. Covarr says:

    And MGS4 isn’t a stealth game, but you can still play it stealthy, just like you still play this like a dress-up sim even though it’s not.

    Nut up guys.

  3. Yamazaki says:

    Shit, glad you warned us. I’m going to cancel my pre-order.

    Why did they turn this into an action game? I like archaic and grindy RPGs almost as much as I like scantily clad women, which is almost as much as I like dressing up the women myself.

    Ni No Kuni for GotY!!! If it had more DD sized boobs and some bikinis it would be GAME OF THE GENERATION

    • Kas says:

      I’ve also cancelled my pre-order. It’s disgusting how Square Enix has mis-advertised their game.

      This appears to be a common trait with Square, as I had to cancel my Thief pre-order which I got under the belief that it was going to be a stealth game.

  4. pyropix says:

    Wow, no pantsu, what a terrible game.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, sales for 3D custom girl evolution skyrockets. Again.

  6. Seppypoo says:

    Oh man, when I saw the picture I thought it was a dress-up sim where you could dress Cloud up.

    Now I’m disappointed.

  7. Sakura Moon says:

    You all need to get a grip and actually play a Final Fantasy game! They are RPGs with fighting!!! They have never been dating simulators or dress up games. Never. They have beautiful art, amazing characters, and fantastic story lines. Those of you expecting T&A and other crap have never played a Final Fantasy game! So grow up.

    • SSJ Infinity Goku says:

      There’s always one of these on every article. I can never tell whether these people legitimately believe these articles are real, or whether they’re just trolls.

  8. What the hell? I like the game as a whole and knew it wasn’t a dress up simulator. We need more over sexualization of female characters? Really? This is insane. I have the Japanese download and I think it is a great game. We don’t need her nude or in panties to enjoy the game. I mean, what is the world coming too. I love Lightning as much as the next, but is this really the only reason people wanted it was to see her panties? Ugh… People make me sick and I’d love to see more Lightning, but making a set for just her is crazy. What about Hope and everyone? Why not bring Alyssa Zaidelle back? I like Alyssa. Its really stupid, but I guess it’s whatever. I mean quit starting on these other unnecessary projects and finish Final Fantasy Versus. Its been so long since Square Enix started, but hasn’t released. Why not fix up Type-0 also to be released into America? Those seem more like good and productive projects. Heh, remember that I have a right to my opinions!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Go back to the kitchen and make sandwiches for all the real gamers.

    • Kathleen Henry says:

      I agree that it’s really sad that people bought the game to masturbate to it (yeah because the world needs more sexist video games amiright?), and I agree that there’s nothing wrong with having a dress-up element to a fighting game (actually, I think that’s really cool and would totally consider buying this, assuming I have the platform for it – lol might make my bf let me use his), I kind of sympathize with the people who thought it was a dress-up simulator. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with not liking fighting games and preferring simulators of whatever kind. So, idk, if Squeenix did a bad job of advertising it? Nothing wrong with returning it.
      (Jesus, the creepers in the comments here, though)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe these fucking losers caused Square Enix to pull all of their talent off of FFXV to create a dress up simulator to masturbate to. Disgusting.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Where is the source for this information?
    I highly doubt the company would take resources from another development team to make a dress-up game.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Of course you would doubt, you haven’t done the amount of journalistic investigation Jack has to provide us this article. Go find the source for yourself or trust in Jack’s ability.

  12. LOL says:

    I’ve been to this website for the first time today and in less then 10 minutes I can already tell that everything on this site is a joke (read ‘lie’). Anyone reading this seriously, calm down……….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dafaq did I just read?