Hideo Kojima: Big Boss’s 9 Year Coma Means Less Time for Sequels so I Can Quit Working on Metal Gear Sooner

Claiming he is “tired of writing more Metal Gear stories”, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima explains why Big Boss is in a coma for nine years.


In a question and answer session with GDC attendees, Kojima says that the nine year coma is a way to speed up ending the Metal Gear series forever. “Once I fill in every single gap between Peace Walker and the original Metal Gear, there will be no more Metal Gears for me to direct,” Kojima explains, “The nine year coma makes it easier for me to fill in that gap. I’ll probably only have to make two more sequels before it’s finally over.”

“There really is no reason for me to continue to tell the story of Big Boss beyond what happened in Metal Gear Solid 3,” he continues, “His actions in Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 are easily explained by the events of Operation Snake Eater. Many of you might also know that I have been trying to end the series since Metal Gear Solid 2. Four games later, well, here I am making yet another Metal Gear.”

“The story is only becoming more convoluted with the addition of Ground Zeroes and the Phantom Pain,” says Kojima, “I’ve been trying to make each Metal Gear more ridiculous than the last hoping people will get tired of it. Then again, people are legitimately excited for flaming unicorns. I remember when Psycho Mantis or The Sorrow were actually scary because supernatural elements were used sparingly.”

“I just really want to work on Zone of the Enders,” Kojima laments, “Actually, I should not be so picky. I will take anything that is not Metal Gear.”

The first question Kojima took asked if he will cover The Boss’s history once the gap between the Phantom Pain and Metal Gear is explained. Kojima then stopped taking questions and left the room.

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15 Responses

  1. Hm… And Konami would be okay with him saying that? That he dislikes working on Metal Gear games. He clearly does care about them, but it is true that he has been trying to leave since the MGS2. He could literally leave at any time, but he’s the one who decided to make an entire engine instead of wrapping up the series faster. And if he really wanted to wrap it up, why is he not finishing up the saga with MGS5? Unless you have evidence, this is very hard to swallow.

    • Jack says:

      Obviously the engine could only be funded if he said he was going to make another Metal Gear game with them. Now the engine can be used in other games.

  2. Jim Profit says:

    @Robert Neumann

    He’s lamented the length of the series a number of times. See also: http://www.p4rgaming.com/?p=1459, another article on this very same site that says basically the same thing.

    Kojima is their prisoner, I very much doubt Konami cares.

  3. Michael says:

    What Kojima hasn’t realized yet is that within those 9 years, Big Boss experienced several lifetimes’ worth of nonsensical coma-induced adventures that are critical to the overall MGS story.

  4. Rashid says:

    whats the source for this? I have seen the entire GDC conference and I never heard those quotes.

    Is this fake?

  5. ujustmightgethurtyoself says:

    Yeah this sounds fake.

  6. Merio says:

    Kojima is a slave to those evil Konami bastards over at EA.

    It’s a shame.

  7. Alan Y says:

    This sounds like an April fools joke.

  8. Zero-ELEC says:

    People. Play4Real is The Onion of video games. Satire. You know.

  9. cchiu says:

    no shit dipshit

  10. kenny jacksonq says:

    Metal Gear Solid, the first game i ever played, and i still have it, the first copy i ever got haha, mgs is my all time fav series ever, this new is pretty sad to me, it means the end of snake, and big boss, but i always thought, and im sure others have to, one of the most interesting characters ever, was The Boss, although it might be difficult, the thought of a game revolving around The Boss and her story, now that would be truly remarkable

  11. Mike says:

    This is a fake website. Don’t listen to ant of this shit!

  12. Bad an says:

    notice how all the articles are negative about metal gear solid. Sounds like some one is talking a lot of shit!