GameSpot Receives Death Threats and Locks Down Entire Office After Naming Zelda Game of the Year

It seems that no matter what GameSpot says about the Zelda series, it inevitably turns into death threats being sent. Today is no exception after they announced that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is their 2013 game of the year.theydontevenwanttorememberreviewingitMany remember the infamous 8.8 score given to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess back in 2006. Jeff Gerstmann, former GameSpot employee, remembers that event very well.

“The moment I felt closest to death was when I gave an 8.8 to Twilight Princess,” recalled Gerstmann during a Giant Bomb stream, “The entire GameSpot office was in total lockdown after that review went up. We were too paranoid to leave for a few days. Some Zelda fan could have easily killed one of us if we even dared to take one step outside. For a few weeks, we were afraid someone was going to send a bomb or poison our mail. It was a terrible experience.”

“And I never really recovered to be honest,” continued Gerstmann, “I haven’t touched a Zelda game since. Every time you guys talk about Zelda, I have to walk away. I know GameSpot is kind of like our sister site now and I really feel for any of you guys watching our stream. But you knew you were messing with fire by making this decision and hell hath no fury like a Sony or Microsoft fan scorned. You should have played it safe with The Last of Us or Grand Theft Auto. Why tempt fate?”

And it does appear that for the second time within a decade, the GameSpot offices are in total lockdown. No one has been seen leaving or entering the building since this morning and there is limited communication with the employees trapped inside. We were however able to reach Martin Gaston, the writer for the Link Between Worlds review.

“I was advised not to even write a review for the game in the first place,” wrote Gaston, “They apparently did not want a repeat of the 8.8 event but nothing seemed to go wrong after the review went up. So when I placed my vote for A Link Between Worlds to be game of the year, I thought times had changed. I was wrong. I was dead fucking wrong. Video game fanatics are by definition, fanatics. Nintendo fans, Sony fans, Microsoft fans. They’re all insane for devoting themselves to something so trivial.”

“I am receiving at least five death threats a minute from these people,” relayed Gaston, “All I wanted to do was talk about Zelda without getting death threats. Is that too much to ask for in 2013? I speak negatively about Zelda, Nintendo fans will try to kill me. I speak positively about Zelda, Sony and Microsoft fans will try to kill me. If I remain neutral, everyone will try to kill me. I mean, someone just texted my mom that she will be poisoned tonight if GameSpot does not change their game of the year. I don’t know how to respond to that. I just hope GameSpot is sending protection out there for all of our family members.”

Meanwhile, Kotaku Australia is still reeling from their decision to name Luigi’s Mansion 2 as their game of the year after being attacked by regular Kotaku readers who say that Kotaku Australia is ruining Kotaku’s reputation.

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10 Responses

  1. Covarr says:

    A Link Between Worlds really deserved it. Well, that or Call of Duty Ghosts or Tomb Raider or Citizen Kane.

  2. cmonandslam says:

    A Link Between Worlds is the Citizen Kane of Skyward Swords

  3. Le Gaemur says:

    The game of the year isn’t Gone Home? I guess those threats really are justifiable.

  4. sk says:

    wtf gaemstop my brot her tol dm e tht cod wus teh best gaem evr cretaed nd he wus rite u suck wrng dik leik my mum wehn she cums hoem frum wurk wit tht dued
    u bothh fukin suk

  5. Zoom says:

    Too late. Trevor Philips already visited GameSpot office. Nobody survived.

  6. Dave says:

    Poor old Kotaku Australia, always defaming the fine Kotaku name with their general lack of gender politics and cursory bullshit. They deserve the attacks for not being real games journalism like Kotaku and P4R.

  7. Tsukuyomi says:

    I love Zelda Twilight Princess. Link Between Worlds can go to hell, or just trapped between earth and hell just like name implies.