Final Fantasy VII Director Says He Will Approve a Remake Only If Square Enix Does Not Make It

Citing fears that Square Enix would ruin a remake of Final Fantasy VII, Yoshinori Kitase, the original director of the game, does not care what company works on the remake as long as Square Enix is not involved.idplayitTalking to interviewers in preparation for the release of Rise of Mana, Kitase was bombarded with questions unrelated to the game. These questions mostly revolved around a possible remake of Final Fantasy VII.

“Look, I would love for Square to work on a remake of Final Fantasy VII, but that is no longer an option,” reminisced Kitase, “To be honest, I can not picture an outcome where a remake of Final Fantasy VII will be better than the original as long as Square Enix is behind it. Have you played Lightning Returns? Even I thought that game would not receive good reviews and I produced it.”

Reporters were shocked that Kitase would be so blasé about disparaging the company that he worked for. Others were not so surprised.

“I pretty much have immunity,” remarked Kitase, “They can not fire the man who directed Final Fantasy VII. That is like firing Miyamoto from Nintendo. The last thing Square Enix needs is headlines about firing the guy who helped direct Chrono Trigger. People still remember that as a good game. Will people remember Rise of Mana as a good game? The answer is no in case you were wondering.”

He then elaborated on his thoughts about a potential Final Fantasy VII remake and who he would want to work on this treasured title.

“Anybody but Square Enix would be fine,” said Kitase, “Even bad developers would be acceptable because they would have respect for the franchise and rise to the occasion. Look around you. I am supposed to be promoting Rise of Mana right now. This is a free-to-play game on smartphone platforms that is supposed to be another landmark title in a franchise that is now even further ruined. However, I can not leave this company. Ito-san still needs a friend.”

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda has said that this is some of the most positive attention Square Enix has received in the last few days.

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47 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    I have never heard of Rise of Mana…Listen to the man Square Enix and outsource that shit.

    • Zython says:

      I was excited to hear about a new Mana game. Then disappointed when it was a mobile game.

      Breath of Fire VI all over again.

  2. Rise of Mana is going to be just as good as Secret of Mana.

  3. Anonymous says:

    FF12? Let’s just play Xenoblade Chronicles and move on.

  4. Adaryn says:

    I’d still be curious to see the outcome of any remake honestly instead of them focusing on remaking so many newer games that are what only a few years old..I mean come on

    And yeah if you haven’t heard of Rise of Mana gee surprise you don’t live in Japan! Its a Japanese only release for Mobile phones, mmo with ingame transactions….so doesn’t surprise me if people in the US haven’t heard of it.

    SE has their good side and bad side sadly, I myself actually enjoyed Lightning Returns, but then to each their own I guess.

    I’d very much would like to just see the game remade, its my favorite one, but I wouldn’t want it updated and changed either which is what scares me for any developer that might take over it not just SE, cause sadly they will try to add things or remove things just to try and make it “better” cause sadly there is people who would buy it cause they haven’t played the original anyways. So i kinda hope that whoever picks it up just doesn’t go trying to change it completely and then ruin the game period.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would like to see a remake of this game too; mostly I would just like to see better graphics like now where it looks realistic. If they made it with more realistic graphics and shading, then I still would think it will be a good game if they leave the story itself alone

  5. Anonymous says:

    Btw this is also a fake interview..unless someone can actually full out link to the original interview

  6. Covarr says:

    They should let Dimps make it. Dimps has a pretty good history with handling other companies’ franchises.

  7. The Real Monkey Man says:

    Square-Enix will just contract it out to TOSE who did Chrono Trigger DS. New fetch quests will be added. Cloud and pals will have to go up and down Fort Condor 100 times to obtain the new summon Gilgamesh. Bonus dungeons will contain content related to Aeris’ death and possible revival.

  8. Jacob says:

    This is getting ridiculous, I have always loved and supported square enix but to hear its head directors bad mouth the company so is disrespectful, if they once made amazing games and don’t feel they do now then it starts with the lack of effort put in by there higher ups, get your fucking shit together square, stick to what u do best, stop trying to change the market and don’t fucking shoot down ur own company, make it great again, god damn I don’t wanna see them go up in smoke but if they are already fighting from the inside then the fuck we gonna do, we all love the past games so why don’t they get that energy back, the passion ahh it is so annoying

  9. Falafel says:

    Gee, the author of this really needs to be beaten to death.

  10. King Reggin says:

    Square needs to see this and sue. Posting info like this, which is clearly designed to damage a company, is highly illegal.

    • Serious P4R Fanboy says:

      Oh look, another person that got hard-hitting journalism all over his/her face.
      And yet, Kotaku can publish lies and slander and that’s A-OK.

  11. sof says:

    “Square” have made alot of good Games, but on the contrary “Square-Enix” ….Yuckks, I demand FF7 remake and FF8 remake by Square

  12. fajri says:

    maybe partially people doesn’t like FFVII but for the fans comment all over the world about this game FFVII has been proven to be popular and the best japan rpg itself so think it for fewer gamer and don’t thinking about the profit or income just remake or make the sequel as soon, people tired for waiting this for several years

  13. naz says:

    bla bla bla people thier company waste of time taling spread any rumor getting ff7 remake make them happen but..,it too late making remke cuz square enix never make remake for ps4or xbox one.,kind i too felt same way..,maybe they will possible making happen if we talk about after release FFXV so i think they copy those element to put FF7 maybe added new element on game or make old school ps1

  14. naz says:

    rise of FF7 genesis come destroy everything tht he lost all enemy maybe

  15. Wanlop Anongchanya says:

    Give it to Naughty Dog.They made Crash,Dexter.Uncharted, And The last of us.Those are great games I’m sure they can do it.

  16. Abel says:

    I want Xenogears remake more than FF7 ! )

    • Ralph says:

      lets just give the director time, while the tectonic plates of the earth holds while the asteroids are away from our systems while the VIRUS have not yet evolved while end of days are at hold please Square Enix has much Wealth we just want to a REMAKE story of cloud and continuation of advent children this is not a request of some stupid low life people this is a friendly request of Honor that in our death beds will be a memory of Square Enix has made a Remake, and we thank you for that

      • Ralph says:

        oh psp please cuz if i die anywhere anyplace anytime i could cary a psp while playing the REMAKE ff7’s PSP handy portable if i die in a mountain waiting for the dawn while psp it would be an honorable death

      • Anonymous says:

        Meteor is coming though. 7 days

  17. Wow his ego is as big as my dick… Pretty big. Fire this mother fucker

  18. Soldier says:

    Why doesn’t Yoshinori Kitase direct the remake? Did he retire from the gaming industry?

  19. Anonymous says:

    It will never top ff7 to much of a good game

  20. Jim says:

    Yeah Square Enix have already ruined the legacy of kain series i dont want them destroying my other favourite game with a crap remake

  21. That would have been great.

  22. Anonymous says:

    no square enix and no one whos partnered with EA. Ea releases games to early and to buggy and forces there developers to do the same.

    A ff7 remake needs to not only have every thing from the original game and i mean everything!! The character looks need to be redone luckily there’s a huge fan base and most of the models can easily be found online.

    Also Xenogears needs a remake bad. and no not xenosaga.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Legend of Mana was pretty awesome too