Final Fantasy Committee Starts Off Poorly After Members Begin Playing Xenoblade Instead

Square Enix recently established a Final Fantasy committee in order to ensure the series’ quality remains high. Despite their task, the team has been sidetracked after they began playing Xenoblade and seem no longer interested in the fate of Final Fantasy.bionisandmechonisisametaphorforsquareenixThe committee is formed of Naoki Yoshida, Hajime Tabata, Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase. With the exception of Kitase, none of the members have worked on a Final Fantasy prior to Final Fantasy VI, the last “classic” game in the series. Regardless, their decision to start their meetings by playing Final Fantasy XIII backfired completely. This information was revealed at a Square Enix press conference formally introducing the team.

“I wanted to play a game with Lightning in it so I suggested Final Fantasy XIII to begin with,” said Toriyama, “I directed the game, but people say that there are a lot of flaws in it. At the time, I did not see how that was possible, but I told the other members to be ruthless in their criticism. They actually just kept complaining about Lightning and at one point I said that they should criticize the actual game rather than talk about her. They would not stop.”

“I do not feel bad for Toriyama-san,” admitted Kitase, “I mean I produced that game so some of the blame lies on me, but I had fun with Tabata-san and Yoshida-san that day. After that incident, I suggested that we play other games for inspiration. I brought my copy of Xenoblade from home and suggested that we start playing this game instead to understand why so many people call this the revival of the RPG genre. That was about two weeks ago and we have gotten nothing else done since.”

“This committee actually has been going on for a long time,” said Tabata, “I believe the only reason our bosses told everyone about it was to get us in line because we have been playing Xenoblade for the past month or two. I forget exactly when we started because it has been so much fun. Honestly, these meetings are the highlight of my work week since coming to Square Enix. Sometimes I regret not joining the company when it was just known as Square and missing out on working on all those classic Final Fantasy games, but playing this game makes me feel like I did work on them.”

Yoshida, arguably the newest to the Final Fantasy series with only Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn under his belt, was extremely crucial to the committee’s success.

“I was originally part of the Dragon Quest team, but I think I contributed a lot more to the committee than people would believe,” explained Yoshida, “When Toriyama was overwhelmed by the amount of places he could travel to late in the game, I took control and had fun just going wherever my heart desired. I do not want to be specific about it to avoid spoiling the game for people who have not played it yet, but everyone should play this game. It is fantastic.”

When asked about the Final Fantasy series as a whole, Yoshida responded, “I am just part of a committee overseeing the longevity of the franchise. It is probably better that I play less of the Final Fantasy series so that I can bring something new to the table. I think I can be more inspired if I keep playing Xenoblade.”

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  1. Shulk says:

    Ahahah good one! Xenoblade is a pretty great game.

  2. Anonymous says:

    FF12 clone better than FF? Tell me more. I’m tired of this mob mentality of hating whatever it’s trendy to hate. The fact is FF series is much more important than Xeno ever was. Just because one of the 13 games wasn’t great doesn’t mean the whole legacy is undone. Show some respect.

  3. Phillip Fish says:

    Most modern Japanese games are terrible.
    You can quote me on that.