Exclusive: Koji Kondo Reveals Super Mario 64 Music Butchered, Releases Fully Realized Version (Video)

Koji Kondo, Nintendo music composer, reveals that his work on Super Mario 64 was unfinished due to the limitations of the Nintendo 64. Today, he announced the fully realized version of the soundtrack.

“When Super Mario 64 was in development, the Nintendo 64 had not been finalized,” Kondo explains, “There were extra sound channels I had used that were cut when the final version of the system was given to us.”

“One particular channel would have directly affected gameplay,” continues Kondo, “The concept was finally utilized in the New Super Mario series. The enemies dancing to the music was my idea.”

“I am sure there are people who have found unused enemy animations in Super Mario 64,” he concludes, “This would have been a very integral part of the game. Please enjoy this preview of the fully realized version of the Super Mario 64 soundtrack.”

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  1. Nice music! I like it, and I think it suits well for super Mario game

  2. Zeemgeem says:

    This sounds wrong.