It’s one of those things in life that nothing good comes for free and that you generally get what you pay for. This is as true for boosting services as it is for most other things in life. You might be wondering what all these benefits could be paying a little more for a proper boosting service than some run of the mill one you happen to run into.

We strongly recommend making sure you can completely trust your boosting service, both for your own peace of mind and the safety of your account. Let’s look at some of the advantages you gain working with professional boosting services.

Less chance of getting banned

Imagine signing up for boosting services filled with joy and hope that you will soon be playing alongside the big boys at a rank you belong. You might already think of having that shiny Diamond, Master or Platinum badge next to your name that you can proudly show off the friends and the community.

Now imagine those dreams dashed when a less than stellar boosting service gets your account banned. LoL technically doesn’t allow boosting services (however duo queuing is allowed) and you can get banned if caught. However, professional boosting services take care not to let this happen. Some even fine boosters for getting accounts banned and follow guidelines for discreteness.

Guaranteed wins or high win ratio

After all, this is what it all comes down to right? Every now and then some rumors pop up that the LoL ranking system somehow employee’s individual performance and other game stats. However, the only proven method of advancing in rank is winning games. Plain and simple.

Unless you are duo queuing, you might also not be able to play on your account at all during the elo boosting period. The higher win ratio the faster your account will get boosted to your desired rank and the sooner you can get playing. Plus, who doesn’t want a high win/loss ratio against their name?


Discretion is important for two reasons. Firstly, Elo boosting is frowned upon by the developers of Lol as well as a large part of the community. Partaking in this kind of activity can get your account banned, even though getting caught is unlikely. It’s understandable that you would want as little attention as possible on your account during this time.

From a more personal perspective, you might not want your friends to know that you have purchased boosting services, for whatever reason. Not only will the play with your account in offline mode but will also make sure you fly under the radar by not doing anything too spectacular in game, such as maintaining an inconspicuous K/D ratio and not making any crazy plays.

Customized experience

On top of providing discretion like we mentioned above, there are various other aspects of the experience you can customize. If you feel like you want to fulfill a certain role while boosting or you want your booster to play a certain role for whatever reason you can usually make this request.

This means that you can get that much-needed tank, support, pusher, jungler or carry experience you need while flying up the ranks. Everyone knows how frustrating it is trying to rank and improve with a class you have trouble with at the same time. Not playing to your full potential can help your team lose and hamper your progress.


Whenever you sign up for a service, you would like to be kept up to date on everything that’s happening, especially when it concerns something so precious to you as your LoL account with your competitive MMR rating. With some less than reputable services, you might be left in the dark when reaching out or be left waiting for replies or updates.

Professional paid services will make sure that you are kept up to speed with all the developments. If you duo queue, having clear lines of communication is even more important so that you and your booster don’t misunderstand each other.


Some boosting services have reward systems in place. Boosting services is one of those types of things that you can employ more than once and you can rack up quite a bill for the full experience, the best services, and the results you want. You might as well have it work a little bit in your favor.

Incentives are a great way to save some money and to make you feel as if you aren’t just bleeding cash. These reward systems usually give you points which you can redeem for discounts later on. As you can imagine, this is almost solely provided by the real top of the range boosting services.

Professional boosters

This is even more important if you are going with a duo boosting option. All the promises that professional boosting services make that we have listed above don’t matter at all if the boosters themselves aren’t professional in their approach. When it comes to boosting, there is more to it than just having a good win-loss ratio.

If the booster is playing on your account he will be your face to the rest of the community. Any kind of bad behavior will reflect badly on you and might result in your account being punished. On top of that, a professional booster will ensure the level of discretion that you want. If you are playing with the booster it’s only natural that you want someone that is pleasant and excellent at what they do, after all, you will be spending quite a lot of time together.

Payment options

This factor varies in importance depending on your personal preference and situation. Generally speaking, the more professional and established a boosting service is, the more payment options you can expect. This should include a range of options that include EFT’s, bank transfers, online payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, Swipe, etc.

As part of this, make sure that they also have processes in place in case of a refund (or that they even offer refunds in the first place). There could be plenty of reasons you aren’t happy with the service you got and it should be possible for you to get compensated if that’s the case.

Comprehensive tools

Many boosting services have grown to the extent that they offer a very comprehensive service. Some have very advanced dashboards and online interfaces that allow you to exercise a good level of control over your boosting service. Some of the most basic tools are to allow you to view your boosting progress, talk to your booster, make adjustments to your account and profile, and so on.

Some platforms even offer apps so that you can monitor your progress and do most of these things completely on the go. When choosing a boosting service, pay attention to this as it could drastically affect the quality of your experience.

Customer support

Do not join any boosting service if you have not heard good things about their customer support and there aren’t clear indications of them providing serious and dedicated customer support services. This might be one indication that they either are not to be taken serious or that it’s a scam.

Your precious LoL account with its curent elo is on the line so you are right to expect open channels of communication and to be taken seriously when you have concerns or questions. Email is just one of the channels that should be available to you. A phone line is rare but a big plus.


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