EA Sports: FIFA 15 Will Also Be a Reskin of FIFA 13

After confirming that the new FIFA 14 on the PlayStation Vita is simply a reskin of FIFA 13 which is simply a reskin of FIFA Soccer, EA has confirmed with us that FIFA 15 will also be a reskin of FIFA 13.exclusiveimageoffifa16EA Sports has been known for their annual sports titles that many feel do not change much from year to year except for the rosters in each game. With FIFA 14 for the Vita and next year’s FIFA 15 both being reskins of FIFA 13, we spoke with EA COO Peter Moore on why they chose this direction for the games.

“Why mess with perfection?” asked Moore, “We already know that we have the perfect product since FIFA is the best selling soccer game on the market. We outright admit it’s a completely copy of the last game because everyone wants to play the same game again since it was just that good. The developers who worked very hard to reskin the game deserve a lot of money for making FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 happen.”

“The most important part about FIFA is the roster,” said Moore, “It really doesn’t matter how good the game is if you’re playing with the wrong people on your team. I believe that alone is worth at least 60 dollars, but we’re selling the Vita version of the game for only 40. It’s a steal at that price. And it will be a steal at that price again next year for FIFA 15. Again, why mess with perfection as we already have the perfect price point which is full price.”

“People say that you can’t tell the difference between FIFA 13, FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 and those people are wrong,” explained Moore, “Other game developers might spend some time tweaking numbers to get the physics right, but no one ever notices that kind of stuff. We change one of the most notable things, the graphics. Once players see the right name on the back of the player’s jersey, they know they are playing a brand new game.”

“I already know that FIFA 15 will be perfect because FIFA 13 is perfect,” continued Moore, “The best part is, I can guarantee it because if anyone on our team makes a mistake with the graphics or the names of the players, we can fix it with a free patch. In fact, our development team for FIFA 13 just made one giant patch to make FIFA 14. I don’t know how they work their magic since I’m not a programmer. I’m just here to make sure the game is creative which they always are.”

Many companies are following EA’s lead in releasing reskinned games. Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin recently spoke about Call of Duty‘s continual success saying, “We definitely could have worked less on the games by borrowing more from the previous games and still have sold as many copies.”

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55 Responses

  1. Covarr says:

    They couldn’t at least add a girls’ soccer mode with Team Ninja’s physics engine?

  2. Pele Face says:

    They’re doing it wrong. The game is supposed to be 90 seconds long, not the development time.

  3. Cyclo says:

    I miss when EA didn’t own exclusive rights to sports and actually had to get creative to compete with Sega taking these sports and setting everything about them on fire.

    • Covarr says:

      PES 14 should be coming out soon, and way better than this. It’s being made in the FOX engine, the same one powering the open-world MGS5, so it’ll probably be pretty good.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed ! PES 2015 for VITA will Be Pretty AMAZING !!!
        WAY better than this FIFA CRAP !

      • FIFA Developer says:

        No they lie.
        It’s never made with open-world FOX engine.

        Otherwise I can roam the stadium freely, join hot babes on supporter area, or wreck havoc on rival supporters.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Okay! let FIFA 15 for Vita be a Re Skin. but AT LEAST add ULTIMATE TEAM to it. Thats All We’re Asking !!! PLEASE !!!

    Otherwise, Trust Me. PES 2015 [If Launched for vita] Will take Away All the Users of FIFA PS Vita to them !!
    Cuz PES doesnt compromise on anything !!! THEY ARE PERFECT !
    So, if FIFA Wants to Save their Assess Next year from their Rivals, They HAVE to Add ULTIMATE TEAM to FIFA 15 PS VITA !!

    • mISSA sTITCH says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE… reskin it as much as you want but just give people ULTIMATE TEAM. think about how the sales of PS Vita would rise and the sales of fifa 15 on the vita. and think about how much the sales would rise on FUT add ons like fifa points. but all that aside imagine having FUT on-the-go it would be insane

      • plz says:

        plz im begging put fifa 14 ultimate team on it.
        plz im am begging as much as i possible plz put fut on it.
        put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz. put fut on it plz.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree had ultimate team to fifa 15 for the ps vita

    • Fifa player says:

      I agree with the previous comments all we ask of EA Sports is to add Ultimate Team to Fifa 15 for the PS Vita.

  5. KAM says:

    Yes do a reskin of fifa 14 but just put ULTIMATE TEAM ON!!!!!!!!! If you do you will most likely get more buyers and if you don’t everyone will buy Pes 15 for ps vita. PLEASE!!!

  6. chris says:

    It definitely isn’t perfect , no ultimate team , a very poor manager mode (same as fifa 11). A good and more interactive manager mode as on ps3 will be a lot better as well as produce more sales

  7. rumailison says:

    i have a psvita and fifa 14 is boring make fifa 15 like fifa 13 on ps3 than we going to enjoy because nobody is gonna play the same thing psvita is very cool and fifa to but we need to enjoy and we don’t going to enjoy if we playing 3 years the same thingyou guys need to do something different like the background, see the players when you chouse you,re shirt, new stadiums only that and than i think it’s gonna be amazing i hope you guys are going to do that . Thank you :)

  8. rumailison says:

    and of course ultimate team

  9. rumailison says:

    please!!!!!!!!!! if ultimate and the background are in fifa 15 on psvita it is gonna be amazing

  10. rumailison says:

    if everyone know that FIFA 15 is going to be like fifa 13 again nobody is gonna buy fifa 15 on the psvita

  11. rumailison says:

    wtf we want a better ps vita soccer game because fifa 13 and 14 are boring make fifa 15 like fifa 14 on the ps3 for psvita if we play every year the sam game its not going to be fun we need to enjoy and we not enjoying fifa 13 and fifa 14 come on!!!!!

  12. FifaPlaya says:

    Changing players names on kits are no big deal …You can do it by editing squad from customize fifa menu.. about the kit though there will be very minor changes except the barca kit.

  13. samuele says:

    make it more realistic like fifa 13 on ps3 or fifa 14 on ps3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    They need to put ultimate team on the vita version and it would be so much better

  15. rumailison says:

    fifa 15 need ultimate team, nice menu and realistic gameplay thats it

  16. doom says:

    What we want in FIFA 15 in PS vita is just ADD ultmate team Mode to the game… Fifa 15 for vita with ultmate team mode

  17. james says:

    Please put FUT on vita!!

  18. abid says:

    The fifa on psvita is done by another company origonal makers of fifa gave them permission to make it but cant make it like fifa on ps3/4 . fifa ps vita rip of .. if they did it properly the ps vita and fifa would be best selling game in history plus its cheaper having ps vita too…..

  19. Anonymous says:

    Peter Moore should be fired

  20. g says:

    EA is Fucking Shit

  21. Anonymous says:

    Need lobbies for 2v2 and pro clubs in fifa for vita ffs how evil

  22. liam says:


  23. im 10 years ald and also have a ps vita i brought fifaa 14 with it hoping for FUT but there wasnt i was really disappointed please please please please put ultimate team on fifa 15

    ps if u do it u will get more money and happy faces so please do it

  24. Darren Wigley says:

    At least update player pics in menu. Some are 4 yrs old now

  25. Reda10 says:

    Plz we want a new players faces and a lot of stadiums

  26. Narek says:

    fuck you mother bitch!!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Why do they not add teams like Ghana and have career mode updated?

  28. CONNER C says:

    i love sterlinngv because he is a good player

  29. neymar says:

    Please,include the easfc catalogue in the main menu of fifa 15 PS VITA so that I can be able to buy new boots

  30. thierry says:

    why are people saying “a re-skin is fine” :/ NO IT’S NOT!!! the graphics should be updated,more modes involved such as training and ultimate team.expand on “be a pro” as it was just stale after a while.EA are an absolute disgrace how can you put out the exact same game for 2 years and just change the kits and rosters???? DISGRACE!!!!

  31. JayB says:

    The vita fifa game is not perfect…What about giving the game an ad-hoc mode???

  32. JayB says:

    Does either of Vita fifa 13 or vita fifa 14 have ad-hoc mode???

  33. Tigran says:

    patch fifa 15 ps vita pleasy