EA Hires Hundreds of Chinese Spammers to Post Positively About SimCity’s Always Online Requirement

In an effort to downplay SimCity’s always online component that has rendered thousands of players unable to play the game due to unexpected maintenance, EA has hired hundreds of Chinese internet spammers to spin the news positively.


On gaming boards like GameFAQs, IGN and NeoGAF, new registrations have spiked causing some forum administrators to shut down registration. They have reported that a majority of the IPs originate from China and that those users have only posted in threads regarding SimCity complaints. Many share similar themes and phrases including:

“I like to think of this game as an MMO. You can only play MMOs online so I’m okay with this!”

“Only losers like to play alone. We should make friends with all SimCity players for a better gameplay!”

“Thank you EA for making sure our game will always be up to date!”

“Our patience will be rewarded with a wonderful game!”

“Don’t get a refund so soon, you should give EA another chance!”

We spoke to one of these spammers in an exclusive interview:

Play4Real: Rumor has it that you are being paid by EA, is this true?

citybuilder229: No, this is not true.

Play4Real: Then why are you posting only good things about SimCity’s always online requirement?

citybuilder229: Because I was told by EA representative to post them.

Play4Real: But you said you weren’t being paid by EA.

citybuilder229: I have not been paid yet.

Play4Real: Oh, okay. Is there anything else you can tell us about this deal you made?

citybuilder229: I am to be paid one RMB (approximately .16 USD) per good post I make.

Play4Real: How many posts have you made?

citybuilder229: 780.

An EA spokesperson has denied these claims saying, “We would never stoop so low as to hire Chinese spammers to post positive spin about SimCity’s always online requirement. There is no reason to since the always online requirement is a good thing.”

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164 Responses

  1. Stan Heda from Canada says:

    Always on lines has truely increased fun, interactiity and immersion in my Sim City ™ experience.
    This article is just propaganda from Nintendo

    • Conor says:

      Sigh… Nintendo competes with microsoft and sony, not EA. But because china has no consoles, you think nintendo tries compeating. Fact, the original simcity was ported to nintendo and had bowser in it… EPIC FAIL!!!!

  2. simon persson says:

    DWill it Blend? – Facebook

    Hi! I would very much like to see if the new simcity will blend? And if you have the time too spare, I would love to see if the EA-logo will blend. But please dont mix those 2 together becouse it seems the end-result tastes horrible :P Thanks for your time, nn

  3. xi zhi chi says:

    u by more sim city now! vary gud game! by by by! u vary hapy if by now!

  4. xi zhi chi says:

    u vary hapy and make ae vary hapy if by more now! we all hapy

  5. HongkongDindDong says:

    Is this real?

  6. Freddie says:

    Is this just fantasy?

  7. heng sheng120 says:

    Ea makea the best games The last est Ea city simulator is the best of all games I played would very much recommend to everyone online secure server prevent dirty chinese pirates ye? ?

  8. ching yang says:

    Me buy game, game belly goody , me no problem internet, internet velly velly fast, belly good!

    You no like game, you cityxl owner, shooo go away.

    sim city velly velly good 60euros very cheap!

  9. Anon2 says:

    They’re not jokes. They’re getting paid to post here even though their comments are obviously sarcastic.

    It’s a chinese troll’s dream come true.

  10. Menospammer says:

    You buy game now. It be what you want when fix they make.

  11. I'm not Chinese since my name is Machel says:

    EA very good company, you just wait fix server and play good.

  12. Game will has been improved, and then, we’ll forget all of this. Just wait, you see!

  13. Anonymous says:

    >There is no reason to since the always online requirement is a good thing.

    seems legit

  14. Huy Fong says:

    SimCity love you long time. You play now have good happiness.

  15. ThisSiteIsStupid says:

    Really, what a load of bullshit. None of the gaming sites in this article officially mentioned anything about registration spikes from China.

    Great job attracting morons.

  16. ThisSiteIsStupid says:

    Really, what a load of bullshit. None of the gaming boards mentioned in this article officially stated anything about registration spikes from China.

    Great job attracting gullible people.

  17. Pot Noodle says:

    Honestly it’s Pot Noodle time

  18. ChineseOnlineMarketer says:

    Best Game, play with friends forever dont loser be buy now!

  19. China says:

    EA is the greatest, no such problems from Sim City, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 or Dead Space 3. Best company I’ve ever wasted 60$ x 4 games on.
    Okay now where’s my .16 cents EA

  20. Me love SimCity 2013 long time.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Don’t mad always. Play SimCity long today. This site is best for news today.

  22. Hung Long says:


  23. Alex says:

    I find it funny that the comment about paid positive commenting is one of the highest commented topic with most of everyone attempting to praise or defend EA and Simcity. Makes you think….

  24. Sum Yung Gai says:

    This game very good, I like alway being online with my friendliness.

    You buy game now and play online all day. No server, no problem.

    Add me on Origin and I am very good gamer and I win you all.

  25. MeatCat says:

    Why do I not find it hard to actually believe this?

  26. Dick Gumshoe says:

    would be funny if it wasnt so close to the truth

  27. Jidasen says:

    So apparently chinese characters don’t render in the comments… HOW CONVENIENT

  28. Ho Sum-Dum says:

    SimCity is awesome, arways onrine is the best thing ever. Just knowing EA courd turn off the servers any time they wish makes me want to pray it even more!

  29. Fogherty says:

    I love EA and Simcity 5!

  30. Jim says:

    All ur SimCity belong to us!

  31. One Hung Lo says:

    EA good company, Sim City good game. Me luv Sim City long time.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha lmao lmao lmao Hahahahahahahahahahahaha thigh smack shake and howdy

  33. Hong Jong says:

    The SimCity $59.99 ! Play the game, always on the line ! Play with the friends ! You will have experiences !

  34. a says:

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  35. this is me says:

    I’m so lucky that I discovered this blog site.

  36. Absolute Not Chinese Person says:

    Why no one play SimCity anymore?
    Need resources to trade!
    Come back please!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t give EA any ideas. They do just fine on their own.

  38. Conor says:

    Hey spammers, http://www.google.com/imgres?n.....038;zoom=1 Click on it and get your desire.

  39. Jun Hung Yo says:

    Get shimshity. Itsa hases loteas 0f multiieplayeer experinacieas. Getsit and beas! amazededed? Soomuch downloadses thatese itsese good. Geteses it pleases. Thises sitesspread liees. Simcitygreat, get now!

  40. Jun Hung Yo says:

    So much road, train is bad. Get neew simcity and be amazed. treain is devil transssprot. Get road.

  41. Conor says:

    Scarsacim test complete.
    Simcity 4 has mods! What could be better than that?

  42. Joe Chang says:

    Me love SimCity 2013 long time!

  43. Pretty! Esta ha sido una muy extremadamente maravilloso post .
    Gracias por suministrar esta información .

  44. Loyal P4R Fanboy says: