EA and Maxis Already Developing Over 50 Expansion Packs for The Sims 4

With the news that swimming pools and toddlers will be missing in The Sims 4, EA and Maxis have assured players that those features will not be forgotten in at least one of the fifty expansion packs that will be released over the next few years.pooltoysnotincludedinswimmingexpansionWhile many feel that The Sims 4 might be lacking in content, EA has already announced that there will be over a hundred pieces of content strewn throughout fifty expansion packs. If a player feels like their gameplay is lacking in variety, they can simply download four or five expansion packs to really change things up.

“If players really miss the pool, they can easily buy the swimming expansion pack for hours of swimming related Sims activities,” explained an EA spokesperson, “And to make it even more fun, they can add in the backyard barbeque expansion to host poolside barbeques for the entire Sims family. For even more variety, players can buy the nighttime expansion pack to swim under the stars.”

Some players question the direction The Sims 4 is taking due to how drastically the gaming landscape has changed since 2009. Maxis promises that The Sims 4 will not succumb to the temptations of modern gaming and hopes to create a successful new entry in a classic series much like how EA continues the legacies of Dungeon Keeper and Command & Conquer.

The Sims 4 is a natural expansion of what The Sims 3 brought to the table in terms of increasing the amount of content available to players,” said producer Ryan Vaughan, “So why did we decide to remove swimming pools, the Create a Style feature, and toddlers? The answer is simple. We want players to be more creative. Giving them too many options actually limits what their imaginations can do. Maybe players will find something more fun than personalizing every object in the game.”

The Sims 4 will not only include expansion packs, but will also include an online store that allows players to buy unique items and features that can’t be found in any of the expansions or pre-order DLC. The following is a list of items as well as tentative prices that give a taste of what The Sims 4 can offer (all prices in USD).

Lava lamp…0.99
Red stove…1.49
Bigger windows…1.49
Chef’s hat…1.99
Australian skin color…1.99
Crew cut hairstyle…2.49
Gangnam Style dance moves…2.99
Hipster emotions…2.99
Famous painting…3.99

Most players still remain skeptical about The Sims 4 especially after the new SimCity. However, EA has made it extremely clear that they can not afford to have players skip out on this game and they will do everything in their power to make sure players purchase The Sims 4 and at least ten expansion packs.

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70 Responses

  1. Covarr says:

    Can players make their own DLC and sell them online to other players for in-game money?

    • Mike C says:

      No, they’d compete with the official DLC, and that’s practically stealing from EA. It’s more ethical to make sure the users can’t create anything to compete with EA’s top-notch DLC offerings.

    • KNZLPZNT says:

      That would ruin the developers vision.

    • Joshua C says:

      That is actually a good Idea, by letting players make DLC that they can sell and EA takes a cut from it, their game may just become even more popular. Many games that go this route have seen lots positive improvement, and if nothing else than EA will make even more money.

      • Breech says:

        You’re not supposed to. But Maxis doesn’t really put up a fuss. The majority of new items are recolours of things they made, and either new clothes, hairstyles, or general clutter that’s good for styling your house.

  2. p4ranger says:

    Thank god they are thinking about minorities with the Australian skin color dlc. Now fingers crossed for italian and British skin color im no racist but I like to tell who is who.

  3. TheHolyTurnip says:

    This sounds way too spot on. I’m questioning whether this is real article or not…

  4. Grandyo says:

    Very interesting.
    I’d like to see what brands appear in the DLC; hopefully it will be better handled than the Nissan Leaf was in SimCity4.

    Which will be the first free DLC brand? Jeep, Levi’s, Coke, Century 21?

  5. Brilliant Green says:

    Large penis expansion pack?
    D-cup expansion pack?

  6. skeptical says:

    This just sounds like EA is trying waaay too hard to make money. Why would I buy a game that requires me to pay even more money for features that should already be in it?

    • Origibro says:

      People like you are why EA has little money.

      • PainKiller1020 says:

        Loool No my friend, EA is the reason why EA doesn’t have much money. If they could release finished games with alot of content at the begening like other game developper, they would gain reputation like any other game company and people would actually buy the game and be trilled for more. This new sims is simply a big joke. After 5 hours into the game, I feel like EA was spitting onto my face laughing at me for buying this joke of a game.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, they should have started with the minimum features, and not regressed backwards in progress… seems to me EA sims division doesn’t have a new experience to offer it’s gamers customers, so they removed “privilages” and are releasing those “privilages” back to us one at a time at a fee.

  7. P4R Reader says:

    YAY! My favorite part of the Sims was collecting multiple Packs to give me another set of meaningless things to do!

  8. RainbowShyFlutterdash says:

    They better add some Pony avatars. I’m so sick of bronyphobic devs these days…

  9. elise says:

    Interesting. Not really a fan of DLC’s. They should make interesting expansions and include all the stuff in it.

  10. Luke Plunkett says:

    I want to shave my head and cover it in vaseline. I would then meet up with Jack and slowly push my head into his delicate anus. Then i would wear Jack as a mask and go to a party where other people where each other as masks. Maybe we could get drunk together.

  11. Sim says:

    I thought this site only posted BS.

  12. fsdfagta says:

    This is a fake article. Obviously satirical and has been copied by a few other idiot websites that believe this crap. Its meant to make fun of EA.

  13. James Noah says:

    A: Sims 4 is not a expansion upon Sims 3
    B: From the sound of these supposed future expansions, its just going to add mostly things from Sims 3 base game
    C: Come on i could cope with a few less items and that but no story progression, really!?
    EA have turned into real money grabbers lately and i hope this game becomes a real flop so they might get some sense

  14. Nordlys says:

    Do you really believe they will do 50 Expansions pack? They will do max 12, I think (Sims 3 had 11 EP).
    Two for sure are
    – Water (pools beach, wathever is related to water)
    – Will add Toddlers and Pre-teen lifestage.

    • p4ranger says:

      EA loves to out do themselves. So 50 no 54 ohhhh yes!

      • cait says:

        if they were to do 50+ expansion packs no one would buy them all plus your computer would constantly be crashing and the game would be unuseable. I had the sims 2 with 7 on it and it was even struggling to work properly then and I had a good computer if the last game had 11 the max they will do will probably be about 12 or 13 to include the toddlers and pools.

  15. Havoc says:

    Thankfully, mods.

  16. patrick says:

    Hope the sales of the game are really bad, this is just retarted.
    50 expansion packs and content that was in sims 3 you need to pay for again..
    To everybody: Do not buy it..

    • Will Wright's Disembodied Voice says:

      Shut up, “The Sims 4″(TM) is the best Sims game to date!

      • PrInCeSsToYa says:

        Not if your a true simmer from the start of Sims…it’s def a major set back!

        • cait says:

          I had sims 1 and am a ‘true simmer’ I didn’t like sims 3 I liked sims 2 and 1 better, sims 4 is quite boring to me and yes a major set back, you cant do as much and I really thought the emotions would do more but I do like it more then the sims 3 and cant wait for the expansions

  17. PrInCeSsToYa says:

    All I know is I’ve gotten bored extremely fast with the new Sims, but honestly AFTER i started a family…Toddlers, Pools, Restaurant’s, Cars..I can’t tell who the teens are so how are my kids supposed to make friends!!???? Really frustrating but I’m going to try and hold in there until the first expansion pack. If I don’t see any signs of excitement after that, I will be going back to Sims 3 DEFINITELY!!!!

    • Robert Scott says:

      i hear you, their is no excuse with taking away pools to add emotional systems and such, practically saying well it would make the game hard to run for users, well im sorry why are you working on aprox. 40 DLC and 10 expansions if you cant have pools and toddlers and different heights and such how are people going to add these…. EA at its finest. money grabbing, i wish i read it all up before purchasing because id of passed. i was shocked at how much has been removed due to adding more emotions and realistic movements. guarantee most they have took out will be sold as DLC later

  18. Lizzie A says:

    Aussie skin color…? What?

  19. Robert Scott says:

    EA at its finest, cut so much out JUST so they can sell it off later. when i say toddlers and pools were out to work more on “emotions” i knew it was a puff piece and they’d be released later for £££. i never realised how much has been taken out and how little is included 50 expansions is taking the mick especially when an expansions adds alot to a game and 30- 40 of these will be item packs aka DLC

  20. Sims 2 is the best says:

    Toddlers and swimming pools should have been in the base game. It’s like we are being sold an incomplete game, and half to pay a little bit at a time to get the pieces.

  21. Tyler says:

    so basically just another way of hoarding money with selling items on the store

  22. Leox says:

    Es por esto mismo que preferí piratearlo que comprármelo original xD

  23. Anonymous says:

    Personally, sims4 has regressed too much for me… I been buying sims games since sims2, and I don’t think that expansion packs can repair the base game mechanics of sims4 that I dislike so much. It handles like a retarded Station wagon, while I am expecting it to handle more like a Ferrari.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “CAN’T” repair…. as is CAN NOT repair… sry typo

  25. Derp says:

    This article seems fake. If they wanted a good quality store wouldnt #SimGuruAlan be working on it?

  26. Thanks for the laugh. I cannot believe anyone falls for this hoax!

  27. Twiggy Phelps says:

    “Giving them too many options actually limits what their imaginations can do. Maybe players will find something more fun than personalizing every object in the game.”

    Easily one of the dumbest things I’ve read today. Just another EA puppet disguising the reality of sucking money from their consumer base in the absolute purest form of dumb logic. The saddest thing is that I’ll probably buy into because I love The Sims….bastards.

  28. Deitrich says:

    You should add religion and states and penthouses hotels and all animals

  29. Autumn says:

    You take away create a style, to make us more creative? Where does that make sense? And how did having toddlers stifle our creativity? Sillies nonsense I ever heard.

  30. Irene Yablon says:

    This is a perfect example of someone opening their mouth, ok so it’s a written message, and finding that there’s at least one foot in his mouth. Probably not in this case. When he checks he just might find an arm and a leg as well.

    How can they justify selling skin color? And for $2.49? Dance moves for $2.99? Are they doing this because they think their product is worth it, or is it because they think their customers do not the value of money?

    “The Sims 4 is a natural expansion of what The Sims 3 brought to the table in terms of increasing the amount of content available to players,” said producer Ryan Vaughan, “So why did we decide to remove swimming pools, the Create a Style feature, and toddlers? The answer is simple. We want players to be more creative. Giving them too many options actually limits what their imaginations can do. Maybe players will find something more fun than personalizing every object in the game.” I thought that EA creates the games and their customers decide how they want to play the game. Some prefer just to create houses without playing the game. Sometimes I do prefer personalizing every object in the game rather playing it. His judgmental comment is quite insulting. We do not need to be judged. This is only to justify everything that was in #3 but not in #4.

  31. Rodrigo says:

    50 EXPANSIONS!!!!!!! I think you’ve been up with this huh?
    P.D.: I’m spanish so I don’t know if “you’ve been up” is an expression there, but, do you understand no?

  32. Jack says:

    so what are the 50 expansion packs that u plan on releasing?

  33. Jack says:

    will there be a pets, university, show time, supernatural, into the future or seasons based expansion pack, there’s all ready been a ambitions/open for business based expansion pack aka(Get to Work) also are there any other expansion packs based on previous ones in the Sims, Sims 2, Sims 3

  34. Jack says:

    also I forgot late night, world adventures, island paradise or generations based expansion packs?

  35. Jacexoxo says:

    50 expansion packs…

    To all the people out there buying the Sims 4… this is why we can’t have nice things.

    Keep shoving money into EAs mouth, so they can keep intentionally screwing us.

    If you’re not looking at the Sims 4 as a middle finger to the fan base and EA as a big fat dude sitting behind a desk with his feet up, laughing in your face as you give him more money… you are a blind and naive fan boy/girl.

    If people stopped buying this game, took a minute and told EA to stop the BS and come out with some real content FOR FREE and cut that expected 50 expansions in half with more content… well we would have ourselves a little victory dance wit out the buyers remorse when buying the Sims 4.

    Seriously guys and galz… wake up.