Developers Say Porting Games to Dreamcast More Profitable Than Porting to Wii U

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  1. Covarr says:

    This will turn out to be a poor decision when they realize that only top-down shmups are profitable on the Dreamcast. Someone should’ve told Masuda that he needs to be working on an Ikaruga clone if he really wants to succeed in that market.

  2. Toparaman says:

    Laughed as soon as I read the headline.

    And holy crap, PS2?

  3. Antiginger says:

    You make the world a better place Jack

  4. The Theory says:

    The PS2 version of the FIFA game are, surprisingly enough, the best version to play. I’m not kidding…

    -The Theory

  5. Kango234 says:

    Wow it really does say something about the WiiU if the PS2 is still getting ports

  6. elm says:






    • elm says:

      mmm,japanese letters broken :(

      i think that’s very Embarrassed speach.

      >The time it takes to add in features for the second screen would take up too much of our resources.

      that’s equal to say

      “I have no plans for WiiU game pad,(XBOX’s)smartglass,and (PS4’s)linkage to VITA”

      whare is your creativity?

  7. Nathan says:

    This is insanely crazy.

  8. proc says:

    I heard the Atari Jag and Philips CD-i are getting the next Battlefield over the WiiU.

  9. Don Tusk says:

    i shit you not, i checked the post date after reading the article. for a moment i thought it was april fools trolling.