David Cage Redefines the Word “Game” So Beyond: Two Souls Can Count

In an interview with GameSpot, Beyond: Two Souls director David Cage said that “no one should be allowed to define what a game is or should be.” In a more recent press conference, Cage now claims that anything can be a game, even Beyond: Two Souls.shesmoreproudofherworkinthelastofusdespitenotbeinginit“No one should define what a game is. Therefore, what I’m saying is that Beyond: Two Souls is most definitely a game,” Cage proudly stated as his comments were met with disapproval from the audience. Despite the negative response, Cage continued to talk for three more hours about how anything, especially Beyond: Two Souls, can be a game.

“What is a game?” asked Cage, “I’m sure many of you will have different definitions of what that is. So what should we do about this? The answer is quite simple. We make everything into a game. Beyond: Two Souls meets this new, broad definition of what a game can be. In fact, this press conference we’re having right now is a game. I view it as a game because I’m challenging myself to impart my wisdom upon you.”

“It’s not just the act of playing Beyond: Two Souls that can be considered as a game, watching someone play Beyond: Two Souls is a game in itself,” continued Cage, “Even entering the store to make the decision to purchase Beyond: Two Souls can be a game. Maybe you forgot to bring your wallet. Maybe you were tempted to purchase a different game. The supposedly simple act of trying to purchase something can become something much more immersive.”

After three more examples about the new definition of a game, Cage then explained how redefining the word “game” changed his world view.

“Redefining what a game is extends far beyond the world of video games and can be seen as a sort of life-changing philosophy if viewed correctly,” explained Cage, “Before directing Heavy Rain, I was faced with a problem. How do we make gamers believe they are accomplishing something important with their lives through my creation? Could my new definition of a game help solve this problem? In fact, it did. With my game being part of this bigger world game, it ultimately leads itself into a larger fulfillment that I think many only choose to understand when they embrace it.”

After the conference, Cage held a question and answer session that turned into a thirty-minute speech about how people do not need technology to play video games. Many attendees of the press conference left the venue unimpressed.

“I don’t care what he calls it, I can still call it bad,” said one attendee, “Honestly, I endured this speech just so I could see Ellen Page be bored for four hours. That was more fun than Beyond: Two Souls.”

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11 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Ellen Page is literally looking at me wanting help. Literally.

  2. Covarr says:

    But doesn’t it at least have quick time events?

    Doesn’t matter if it counts as a game or not, it’s still no good because you don’t have to spend hours getting between towns just to continue the story, like in a good game like skyrim.

    • Monkey Man says:

      Skyrim? Bah! Daggerfall is where it is at. 15,000 procedurally generated towns and dungeons. Only six have any interesting customization. The class and combat system is so inscrutable that you’re unlikely to make it out of the starter dungeon without dying a few dozen times. Hours into the game, you may discover you screwed up your character and need to start over (choosing languages as a major skill was a terrible idea).

      Truly it is a a gamer’s dream.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beyond: Two Souls is no different from Ryse.

    They’re both boring QTE filled movies that you would stop in the middle of and never watch again.

    • Anonymous says:

      well not really. rsye actually controls way better and you chose to activate the quick time events. there arn’t really even that many qtes in beyond. most os it’s just a cut scene.

  4. Transfat Pansexual Christian-to-Atheist Ponylover says:

    He just wants to make games a respected art form. This means taking the whole “game” part away and turning them into movies.

  5. hiromu656 says:

    Some Visual Novels are considered games, idk why Americans are so mad at David Cage for doing what he’s doing.

  6. Le Gaemur says:

    It’s nice knowing Kadeem Hardison is still getting work.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does no one remember Indigo Prophecy? David Cage is the epitome of arrogance and if you know anything about Indigo Prophecy then you know what I mean.

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