Capcom Unable to Recognize Four out of Five Characters in Mega Man’s Final Smash in Smash Bros.

Mega Man’s Final Smash attack in Super Smash Bros. 4 has been revealed showing four other iterations of Mega Man including Volnutt and X. Masahiro Sakurai revealed that when asking for permission to use the other versions, Capcom had no idea who he was asking for.rememberusIn a post-Nintendo Direct interview, Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed the origins of Mega Man’s Final Smash attack and explained how troublesome it was to get permission from Capcom to do so.

“Since this is probably the last time people will see Rockman, I wanted it to be a celebration of the entire franchise,” said Sakurai, “I honestly believe that I put more time into thinking about Rockman’s inclusion in Smash Brothers than Capcom did thinking about Rockman at all this past year. But I know this to be true because Capcom keeps asking me how the next Rockman game is coming along.”

“When I asked for permission to use the other forms of Rockman, the employees were very confused as to what I was asking,” continued Sakurai, “They thought I was showing them fan art of Rockman. They had to bring in over 30 employees until someone recognized Volnutt as the fighting version of Rockman in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Then they said I could do whatever I wanted with these other Rockmans since they were clearly not using them.”

Capcom says that the Mega Man franchise is stronger than ever with Rockman Xover‘s protagonist OVER-1 being included in Smash Bros. 4. Corporate officer Yoshinori Ishida has stated that he is thrilled that OVER-1 somehow made it into the roster.

OVER-1 from Rockman Xover.

OVER-1 from Rockman Xover.

“We were surprised to hear that Nintendo wanted to include OVER-1 into Smash Brothers,” said Ishida, “I know he looks a little different in the game but that is because Sakurai-san designed him to look retro. Even though he has never really had a retro design before, I personally think it looks really nice and hopefully we can use that kind of look in a future Rockman game.”

Sakurai has hinted that he might delay Smash Bros. 4 in order to sneak in an entire Mega Man game while he still has the opportunity.

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  1. John Bryant says:

    Who would have known it would take over 30 employees to recognize Volnutt?
    That’s just absolutely incredible.
    Thanks for bringing us the news P4R!

  2. Covarr says:

    Who the hell is Mega Man? Is that a character from DmC?

    • Anonymous says:

      He was a boss from Bomberman 64.

      • Mario says:

        Nope he’s the exiled son of Megaroman, a giant long-haired colossus superhero from circa ’80.
        He’s exiled because he’s bald and can’t use the same hairy Megalon Fire like his father. Later someone gave him a blue helmet and prosthetic arm.

  3. Anthony says:

    This looks like a rip off of Mighty #9. Did Capcom get permission for this?

  4. dreta says:

    It’s a relief they recognized at least one iteration and that they know they still own the franchise.

    Mega Man fans rejoice. There’s still hope.

  5. A concerned Christian says:

    I hope that those Megamen aren’t homosexuals.

  6. Sankaku Royal Guard says:

    Rockman Xover suck, just saying.

  7. Transfat Pansexual Christian-to-Atheist Ponylover says:

    “Mega Man? Why do you want to use him? Are you sure you don’t want Dante the Demon Killer instead?”

  8. Bingo says:

    I think the real question here is why Sakurai has no intention of bringing box-art Maga Man. Is he ok?

    • Anonymous says:

      He probably thought it’d be too weird. Remember when they did the Bad Box Art version for Street Fighter VS Tekken?

  9. Wait says:

    Wait? No, there’s some confusion here. This is Solid Snake and all his clone counterparts.

  10. Capn Falcom says:

    At least those lame dumb whiny loser crybaby poopypants Megaman fans can’t cause this game to fail by not promoting the game hard enough to guarantee some profitable projections for the stockholders.

    Those entitled Megafags should be grateful that Sakurai is putting precious development time towards modeling such an unpopular character that nobody liked in the first place.

    • awww is the child a little butthurt?

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe he was making a satirical post. When Mega Man Legends 3 got cancelled, Capcom said it was due to lack of support from the fans. The opposite however was true. There were tons of fans even contributing to the project originally.

        • Loyal P4R Fanboy says:

          Taking a break from my usual “fanboy spiel”, I have to say thanks to you for clearing this up. I was a bit confused by this comment at first.

          Looking at it again, though, it’s actually genius, because let’s face it, this is definitely something a mainstream or indie gaming news outlet would try to say these days.

          • Anonymous says:

            Funny thing, news outlets DID kind of say that when Legends 3 was cancelled.

            When the rug was pulled out from under the fans because they didn’t “show enough support” some people understandably got a little upset since it was never made clear that a caveat of the game being made was hinging on the fans ability to shill the game for Capcom. Some people took that a little hard, some people started petitions to try and save the game and show that they were supporting it, and some people had some strong words for Capcom on twitter after some of their, let’s say, less tactful employees were flat out putting all of the blame on the fans for the game being cancelled.

            Of course, the gaming media who had zero context for what people were upset about quickly jumped to the one conclusion they always do when gamers are upset at a company: “HAHA, LOOK AT ALL THE MAD LITTLE WHINY ENTITLED GAMERS, LET’S ALL POINT AND LAUGH AT THEM. WAIT, A PETITION? HAHAHAHA MY SIDES GET OVER IT GAMERS LEGENDS WAS NEVER POPULAR TO BEGIN WITH YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING GAMES GET CANCELLED ALL THE TIME DEAL WITH IT NERDS”

            I know game journos are constantly looking for any reason to be contrarian to gamers but goddamn dude they were just shitting hard on the Legends fans. Even having given up on games journalism and being numb to the stupidity of game journos, I still got some serious fucking douche chills.

          • Loyal P4R Fanboy says:

            OK, now I definitely want to hear some more of this. Do you have any articles from around that time to back this up? This is definitely something I want to see with my own eyes.

        • Loyal P4R Fanboy says:

          Bumping just in case so you might see this reply… but just want to add that I’d believe you, regardless. It definitely sounds like a thing gaming news outlets would do.

          • Dewritos says:

            I’M HELPING

            I remember hearing about some asshole game journos blowing off the Legends fans, but I could not remember who the fuck it was. Then a little lightbulb went off.


            It was Morgan Webb and old daddy Sessler.

            The sites that featured that blurb don’t have a video anymore, and this special little low quality vid is all I could find, though it cuts out Adam’s reported “Have fun rallying” kneejerk at the end.


            Where’s my journalism degree?

          • Megafan says:

            Dewritos is doing Jack’s job.
            For shame…

          • Loyal P4R Fanboy says:

            Getting mad over fucking X-Play, really? I expected something from Kotaku or Destructoid, et al. How strangely disappointing. Anyways (assuming you’re the same anon), thank you for sharing it, but I advise you not to dedicate time to getting mad over Sessler, and use it instead to laugh. At him or with him, it doesn’t really matter to me.

            And you know Jack, he’s too busy to dedicate precious time to digging into the decrepit past when he’s using it to focus on reporting the hard-hitting news of TODAY!

  11. Anonymous says:

    kinda lost the credibility after stating that the employees did not know any other megaman characters & over-1 being included. Still, megamans final smash is great addition to the game.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Canis Lupus is a retarded fucking cunt.

  13. this can’t be true seriously, that’s ludicrous how the living fuck did noone recognize megaman x let alone megaman volnutt before megaman x

  14. J_Joestar says:

    “Sakurai has hinted that he might delay Smash Bros. 4 in order to sneak in an entire Mega Man game while he still has the opportunity.”

    Calling it now, Wii U will have a unique pseudo-story/adventure mode that plays like a classic Megaman game with other playable characters placed as bosses in the classic 9-square selection grid and a short stage for each one.

  15. Nimble finger says:

    I love Megaman Legends. Roll, Bon-Bonne, and Servbots.
    How dare they drop Megaman Legends 3, and pretend didn’t recognize Volnutt at all.

  16. anonymus says:

    The final smash is totally awesome, like anybody would think, but nobody noticed… they forgot Zero.

  17. sammaster9 says:

    This is a joke right? RIGHT? If it is not a joke, this is very upsetting.

  18. Oskar says:

    Where the hell is Model X?
    Model X is the missing Mega Man.

    • Metal Man says:

      Model X is a future incarnation of X, and X is right there on the screenshot. If you mean “Where’s Vent, or Aile, or Grey, or Ashe?” then the answer is: they aren’t Mega Man. I know in the game they technically call people who use biometals Mega Men, but trust me here, they aren’t related to Mega Man outside of being able to use Model X.

  19. Arnold Midler says:

    Four out of five? Last time Capcom put Megaman into a game he didn’t look like any one of those.

  20. Anonymous says:

    They… they thought X was the one from the shitty mobile game?!

  21. Francisco says:

    “When I asked for permission to use the other forms of Rockman, the employees were very confused as to what I was asking,” continued Sakurai, “They thought I was showing them fan art of Rockman.

    Not surprise why no Megaman game nowadays….

    Just die capcom. please…. just dieeeeeeee.

    • Gunvolt Advent says:

      No, Capcom is still actually making good games, Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, random niche games every so offten, and a few others I still enjoy from them, and if they were to fail the digital versions of all their games would be removed from the services that sell them.

  22. que pena que se tendria que traer a mas de 30 empleados para reconocer a Volnutt, uno de los personajes de las franquicias mas grandes de capcom , really?
    Capcom de da algo de pena en estos momentos

  23. Anonymous11 says:

    Y’know, with how Capcom’s been treating the blue bomber recently, I kinda believed this headline before realizing that this is a joke site… it’s kinda sad really…

  24. BiorockmanX says:

    Capcom:”What’s a volnutt ? is that a street fighter character??”

  25. Mordexai says:

    So OVER-1 is most likely confirmed to be a character in the game? I’d like to see that, he has potential to being an awesome Megaman, i love his design and his powers combine all the Megamen into one. I know the phone game wasn’t liked because of the automatic side scrolling, but it still had RPG elements and probably has a good storyline. I now hope he is in the game because he needs redemption after his game because like i said he has potential but the execution wasn’t good. Maybe he’ll be unlockable or an alternate costume. But i hope he gets the redemption he deserves and becomes a respectable 2nd representation of the Megaman franchise for Smash Bros.

  26. Ankford says:

    So none of them will be yelling MEGA-HI! or anything? That’s a Mega-Shame-Icus

  27. Ace says:

    they showd put model x too, and Zero as a secret character!!!

  28. Reidlos Toof says:

    …This isn’t a real article is it? This is a spoof, right? Please tell me this is a spoof.

  29. Anonymous says:

    …explain! EXPLAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!

  30. It’s no secret that Capcom isn’t nearly as cool as it once was, and that Mega Man is dormant right now and they’re making terrible decisions with the franchise. But this article? I find it hard to believe, honestly. As stupid as Capcom can be, I doubt even they would be that stupid to ask him “how’s the next Rockman game coming along?”. You know the saying, too good to be true, right. For me this is the opposite scenario: This sounds too DUMB to be true.