Capcom Mistakenly Orders 55k Gallons of Real Blood for Resident Evil Blood Swimming Pool Event

Capcom has a bit of a mess on its hands after accidentally ordering 55,000 gallons of blood for its blood swimming pool that was to act as a promotion for the release of Resident Evil: Revelations on consoles.


The company has stated that the cause of the misplaced order was due to a “miscommunication” between departments. Capcom has not disclosed any further details about the mistake only saying it was a typographical error by a department head. In addition, due to the order being treated as fake blood, the shipment was not properly stored and now can no longer be used for any medical purposes.

Capcom is still planning to do the blood swimming pool event with fake blood and has put preventative measures in place to ensure that no real human body parts make it into the pool. While Capcom has not announced what they are doing with the shipment of real blood, many gamers are asking Capcom to use the real blood for the pool to make the event more exciting.

“If the real blood is used, I think Resident Evil: Revelations could make national headlines,” says Capcom Unity member Beachhead, “This can only be a good thing for Capcom and I think they can really turn a lot of heads towards this awesome game.”

“Hell, I’ll swim through diarrhea to get some exclusive Resident Evil merchandise,” says Capcom Unity member Mezolitik, “I’ll have less people to compete with if you use real blood, Capcom.”

One fan has been waiting outside London’s Olympic Stadium since the announcement of the event and is thrilled at the potential for real blood being used. He declined to give us his name but was willing to speak with us.

“One of my biggest fantasies is to swim in a pool of blood,” says the man, “I knew it was fake blood coming here, but it was better than nothing. I mean, nothing can simulate the smell, taste, or viscosity of the actual thing. Now with the possibility of real blood being used, I’m over the moon.”

When asked how he feels about Resident Evil: Revelations heading to consoles, he replied that he has no idea what a Resident Evil is.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Capcom’s outsourcing strikes again.

  2. luke says:

    what the balls