BioShock Infinite’s Original Cover With Elizabeth’s Breasts Much Worse Says Ken Levine

While many gamers complain about the cover’s supposed appeal towards the mainstream gamer demographic, designer Ken Levine says that the original cover with a focus on Elizabeth’s breasts was much worse.


“While it tested well with the general male demographic, we found that many women were turned off by the cover,” says Levine when asked about the original cover, “The response was so horrendous that we left it off the reversible cover poll.”

“When we allowed men to play through a demo of the game, many of them were frustrated that they couldn’t get to the scene where Elizabeth gets naked. That scene does not exist in the game in any form,” he continues, “We had no choice but to change the cover to Booker holding a gun to show that this was a game where you shoot people and not one where you have sex with the female main character.”

“Even when they were told that there was no such scene, many men continued to ask whether or not there would be a sex scene with her in the full version of the game or if you could play with her breasts during a cutscene like in Metal Gear Solid 4,” laments Levine, “One even asked if they could see Mrs. Moleva (official Elizabeth cosplayer) only to make a grab for her breasts. It was very embarrassing.”

“I can safely say that despite not being completely satisfied with the new cover, I would rather have it in this form than any other,” concludes Levine.

Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite developers, continue to receive over 300 e-mails per day asking for an inclusion of a naked Elizabeth in some form.

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3 Responses

  1. Reda says:

    I feel like this article deserves one, so here it goes.

    “No shit.”

    Why are developers surprised that gamers expect the cover to be representative of the product? The cover of Bioshock 1 showed a Big Daddy, and some of the underwater city of Rapture. What you see is what you get, it’s that simple.

    If you feel that breasts play such a significant role in your game that they need to be the main focus of your front cover (they don’t even show Elizabeth’s face for shit’s sake), why are you surprised when your play-testers are disappointed or misled?

    Either this article is a joke, or the people that approved that main cover are.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What kind of mouthbreathing retards did you invite?