Battlefield 4 Uses New AMD Bird Rendering Technology: PecksFX

Similar to Tomb Raider’s use of the new TressFX hair rendering technology, DICE and AMD have teamed up on Battlefield 4 to use AMD’s new PecksFX bird rendering technology as seen in the newly released trailer.


“Since the dawn of the 3D era, your favorite games have largely featured totally unrealistic flocks of birds that destroyed your immersion into the environment,” says AMD CEO Rory Read, “We understood the disappointment players felt when they saw only one or two birds in the sky so we took it upon ourselves to solve this problem.”

“Many games have attempted to disguise this problem either through explaining that birds have gone extinct to using pre-rendered birds or even simply placing characters in environments where birds cannot exist,” Read continues, “Realistic flocks of birds is one of the most complex and challenging animations to accurately reproduce in real-time.”

“Battlefield 3’s realism was largely hampered by the lack of birds,” says DICE technical director Henrik Karlsson, “We did a survey and found that when players first entered Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, many complained about the lack of birds. Our partnership with AMD has allowed us to render up to 500 unique birds at once without any slowdown.”

“Battlefield 4’s flocks of birds is not just for appearances as they will also provide new gameplay mechanics,” he continues, “Birds will obscure player’s vision as they try to snipe an enemy from afar. The added realism has allowed us to create AI that is distracted by the flocks of birds which can be used as a tactic to surprise enemies. PecksFX will become a defining technology for years to come.”

Karlsson concludes, “Hair is what defined Tomb Raider; birds are what will define Battlefield 4.”

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18 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Suck it Nvidia. AMD is taking over.

  2. KOKOT says:


  3. AMD-HOVNO says:

    Hello , ja pochazim z CZ republica, Ja kupil sem si 7970 , co to kurva je za Grafcku kartu ?, Jede to jak mravenecnik skrizeny s voslem do pice Marje.NASRAT AMD, NASRAT CATALISTUM, VIVAT N V I D I A , salut KOKOTI

  4. AMD-HOVNO says:

    co do pice ? Stejnak prodam 6950 a koupim Titana, skuvena AMD

  5. Szoltan says:

    AMD nasrat paprika, kurva hovno Vga karte , Baracpalenka picabo hovna, Jeste raz vam Ceskej Czaba odkazuje, naserte AMD do prdele

  6. JURI says:

    AMD idi na chuj.

  7. n/c says:

    “where gaming journalisms level up” should be replaced “where gaming journalism game over”…

  8. Ron Pual says:

    Maybe low altitude anti-ground strafing in fighters will finally not be overpowered.

  9. jon says:

    LOL AMD is for the birds

  10. wow cool, will definitely pre order now!! Woo! birds!
    I’ve boarded the EA Hype train- next stop- realistic dog turds!

  11. Tommy says:

    Oh man, I hope the steam isn’t too fake. Fake dog turd steam always ruins my immersion experience.

  12. Birds, PeckFx to spawn an unlimited number of birds, swim your way through a sea of birds! Need a jet?! Wait for the birds to shape one for you?

    Forget heatseakers, we have BIRDSeekers.

    Forget Air Superiority, and underwater battles we have bird superiority.

  13. MaXKiLLz says:

    “Birds will obscure player’s vision as they try to snipe an enemy from afar…”

    Well, AMD snipers will be at a disadvantage since nVidia snipers will not be obscured! Thanks AMD.

  14. BF4Only says:

    I am sure Nvidia will come up with something new too!