Battlefield 4 Uses New AMD Bird Rendering Technology: PecksFX

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18 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Suck it Nvidia. AMD is taking over.

  2. KOKOT says:


  3. AMD-HOVNO says:

    Hello , ja pochazim z CZ republica, Ja kupil sem si 7970 , co to kurva je za Grafcku kartu ?, Jede to jak mravenecnik skrizeny s voslem do pice Marje.NASRAT AMD, NASRAT CATALISTUM, VIVAT N V I D I A , salut KOKOTI

  4. AMD-HOVNO says:

    co do pice ? Stejnak prodam 6950 a koupim Titana, skuvena AMD

  5. Szoltan says:

    AMD nasrat paprika, kurva hovno Vga karte , Baracpalenka picabo hovna, Jeste raz vam Ceskej Czaba odkazuje, naserte AMD do prdele

  6. JURI says:

    AMD idi na chuj.

  7. n/c says:

    “where gaming journalisms level up” should be replaced “where gaming journalism game over”…

  8. Ron Pual says:

    Maybe low altitude anti-ground strafing in fighters will finally not be overpowered.

  9. jon says:

    LOL AMD is for the birds

  10. wow cool, will definitely pre order now!! Woo! birds!
    I’ve boarded the EA Hype train- next stop- realistic dog turds!

  11. Tommy says:

    Oh man, I hope the steam isn’t too fake. Fake dog turd steam always ruins my immersion experience.

  12. Birds, PeckFx to spawn an unlimited number of birds, swim your way through a sea of birds! Need a jet?! Wait for the birds to shape one for you?

    Forget heatseakers, we have BIRDSeekers.

    Forget Air Superiority, and underwater battles we have bird superiority.

  13. MaXKiLLz says:

    “Birds will obscure player’s vision as they try to snipe an enemy from afar…”

    Well, AMD snipers will be at a disadvantage since nVidia snipers will not be obscured! Thanks AMD.

  14. BF4Only says:

    I am sure Nvidia will come up with something new too!