Atlus Recalls All Persona Games After 26 Children Die Attempting to Summon Their Persona

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  1. Anon says:

    This is why you don’t provide white kids with Japanese made games.
    those motherfuckers can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean ‘muricas child can’t tell the difference, cause i saw killing games most of my childhood still im here and i did not commit suicide :/ nor did the kid who “Bought the tarot card and not a Gun”

    • japanese games are fine. the entire persona series is labeled as “mature”. the people at fault are the schools and the parents, not the developers who gave it a mature rating for a reason. you have to be 17 to play them. also persona 3 is the only persona game that summons a persona this way, so it shouldve been the only one recalled. even then it shouldnt have been recalled.

    • reDG says:

      And who give those white kids mutherfuckers a GUN in the first place?

      I don’t know which is to blame, the game or the (real) gun.

  2. Someone who cant stop laughing says:

    seriously ? ‘murica? lol
    and i thought Persona 3 labeled “Mature” by ESRB. now i wonder for whom should i give my gold medal

  3. butts says:

    thing is i doubt this is for real i mean when i was THIRD grade i knew not to put a gun to my head because i did it on a video game and plus for the parents nintendo is a japanese company as well you racist bastards

  4. Anonymous says:

    My mom believed this article until I told her it was fake…

  5. Trent says:

    Wow, I don’t know whos more retarded, the parents who bought their kids rated M GAMES, or the people in the comments thinking “those damn japanese and their games”. This game has been out in Japan since about 2006. And has anything like that happened over there? No. I wonder why…. Oh yeah, they don’t do stupid shit like those clowns in Texas or they have COMMON SENSE not to try and shoot their selves with real guns.

    • Mark says:

      What’s retarded is the people who actually think this is real. There is all kinds of hints with sarcasm in the post.

      Where the hell did all 26 kids find 26 guns? Did one kid shoot himself, and the others thought “Oh look, his persona is coming out!” and do the same? Yeah, no

      This is more of a satire on past stories where kids have done stupid things that they have seen in movies & games.

  6. mexicoguy says:

    Children had access to
    “M rated Game”
    “A FUCKING Gun”


  7. ButtLicker says:

    I dun care who ya are, that theres a funny article I tell you whut.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The schools fault for giving them M rated games.

  9. wat says:

    wait, the people below me think this site isn’t a joke site?

  10. Smoovies says:

    If this article was real, I’d talk about how it was the parents’ fault and this is why they have ESRB ratings. I’d have hoped they had life insurance for their retarded offspring. In fact, this would be a perfect representation of natural selection.

  11. The game is rated M... says:

    I call bullshit.

  12. James Doakes says:

    If you think this is real you are actually retarded.

  13. Alice Thorn says:

    I love a good laugh, but on topic: To hell with gun control, we need gun education.

  14. Zak Jakobs says:

    What dumb fuck decided it was a good idea to give a bunch of kids a copy of Persona 3?!

  15. I am ashamed of our school system and parents says:

    So, an entire 5th grade class received an M rated game? Way to go, retarded elementary school, you’ve just made an entire class an hero themselves.

  16. Jeffrey white says:

    So nobody is questioning why that guy thinks that his right to bear arms is under the fourth amendment? Also how the hell did all of the children have access to guns. Also how can you blame the video game creators when they did not give the games to the children. You can’t blame them when there is a rating system for video games. It sucks to say it but the suicides are the parents and the people who gave the kids the game system with the game on it

  17. DAMN JAPS says:

    “Those damn Japs with their video games and whatnot,” says Ted Lomas who lost two children in the accident, “I thought Sony was an American brand but I just learned that those chinks used an American-sounding name. God damn it, killing off our innocent children with their disgusting and subversive filth. I’m telling all my friends to buy those Nintendo games from now on.”

  18. OTAKU says:


  19. OTAKU says:


  20. Truthsayer says:

    This is fake gentlemen. because I in fact live in Austin and have never heard of this. not to mention this is the only site that has this story, no reputable news organization can corroborate such a claim.

  21. wowae says:

    wow americans are really dumb haha nintendo is also japanese

  22. nona says:

    Its the school fault for not checking the games contents and the parents fault for not locking there guns away so the moronic children could get them it is a tragic remind of just how stupid some people really are so put the blame were it belongs and not of the Sony electronics entertainment company or game companys

  23. ??? says:

    fucking american children stupid fantasy , they too stupid to think it can be use in reality

  24. nipplejuice says:

    “Angry and saddened parents wonder where it all went wrong”. Your parenting is what went wrong.

  25. TheOnlySmartPerson says:

    STUPID AMERICANS!! Now, honestly, I’m canadian but I love America, except for this garbage! You people are so fucking stupid to believe this! Parents are so fucking dumb nowadays! “stupid japs” “chinks” obviously and American right there. All parents are dumb. They shouldn’t buy games like this or GTA for their kids anyway. P.S. (CoD should be rated E+10) xD

  26. Jh says:

    This is not a good article! It is pretty hard to tell that it is a joke unless you understand the website and most people get to articles through search engines.

  27. Baylie says:

    Whoever wrote this article should write for The Onion.

  28. Unknown says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s because you gave the game to a bunch of 5th graders, and let’s face it, 5th graders are stupid, and I’m pretty sure the game is rated M, for people aged 17 and older, not E for 5th graders, that rating is there for a reason, and it’s not Japans fault if your kids are too stupid to tell the difference between fantasy, and reality. They gave it a M rating for adults, or at least near adult teenagers, if you go and give it to a bunch of borderline toddlers, and they kill themselves, it’s the fault of the parents and the school for ignoring the ESRB rating, and providing them with a game that could potentially be taken seriously by someone of their age and mindset.

    The game was never made to be played by 5th graders, and it is beyond any doubt, the fault of the school and the parents for giving a whole 5th grade class a copy of any game free of charge other than games rated E. Japan isn’t conducting some secret ploy to kill our children, they made a game for borderline adults, and that’s their target audience, not your elementary school child.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolute tragedy that these children are dead, but it’s neither the fault of the gaming industry, nor the nation that makes these games and/or consoles. It’s the parents, and the school, and anyone who thinks Japan is at fault for this, or the game company, all I can say is, you’re a prime example of someone who shouldn’t be a parent. Where the hell did this entire 5th grade class get firearms from anyway? I’m willing to bet a Japanese guy wasn’t standing outside handing out handguns as the class went in, they likely got them from their parents, parents who improperly stored firearms and the ammunition to said firearms.

    Also, for those “Right to bear arms” morons, yes, you have every right to store a gun in any way you choose in your own home, this however is not any excuse or justification for storing a gun in an ignorant place where it’s easily accessible by a child who can’t even begin to imagine why he shouldn’t play with it. When you become a parent, it becomes common sense to store your firearms in a place where your children cannot obtain access to it, nail a holster to the ceiling, anything but leaving it just laying loaded on the floor, there are plenty of places you as a full grown adult can store a firearm and still get to it in the event of an emergency, you’re 5th grade child doesn’t need access to it.

    I mean come on, an ENTIRE 5th grade class, showing up with guns, are you freaking serious? I own plenty of guns myself, and I never nor will I ever leave them just laying around where any child can get them. If you think it’s normal for an entire 5th grade class to have that ease of access to guns, then you’re an idiot, and now I see why there are so many mass shootings in the mid west, you idiots can’t store your guns properly, that’s the problem, so any moron can just grab them, and go shoot themselves or worse a bunch of other people.

    Parents, I’m sorry your child had to die in such a way, I really am, but it’s still your fault, not the game clearly rated for someone older, not the company who made the game either, nor the nationality of the company. I’ve played plenty of these games in my life, I myself have played Persona 3, and 4, I’ve never even considered shooting myself to try an attempt fantasy, nor would I have been able to get to a firearm even if I had thought of trying it, because the firearms in my families house were either on my father or mothers person, or stored in a gun locker.

    You can spew your non-sense about your right to bear arms all you want, but let’s be serious, what’s more important, you’re right to leave guns laying around anywhere you want for home defense, or the life of your child who may get their hands on your firearms?

    • Anonymous says:

      Please, sir. I don’t know if you’re joking or not (or have already realized this after reading the other posts), and if this actually occurred, what you said makes sense. However, this didn’t occur. The girl with the tarot cards line was probably a hint this was going for a joke-although still deceptively written.

      If you already realized this, sorry for the inconvenience.

  29. This is fake. Everyone, even a 5 year old, much less a class full of 5th graders knows whats going to happen if you shoot yourself in the head. This is moronic on a level on par with wiping your ass with a pine cone. Also, if a parent lost a child, do you really think they would say this, “Let me tell you something, some people have blamed me for keeping my gun with the safety off under my bed. It’s my god damn right in the Constitution under the fourth amendment! Victim-blaming America, those fucking liberals have stooped so low.”

  30. Can I cry for the stupidity !!! The game was rated matured you fucking idiot americans parents!!! You’re the one who provided your children with *mature rating game like this , COD , GTA …. why don’t you just let your kids play POKEMON

  31. lol, did people actually read this story?

    I think this is a parody story just like one written in The Onion. If 20+ kids killed themselves because of a videogame, it would have been national news.

  32. uknown says:

    Can someone slap the guy who slandered sony for being a japanese company then stated they were going to tell their freinds to buy games from a japanese company (nintendo)

  33. Christian says:

    Where the fuck did those kids get their guns at anyways those parents must be parenting horribly persona 3 is awesome

  34. Tyler says:

    This entire story sounds fake

  35. ethan says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS THE STUPID SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN! I mean really if you’re going to give kids a video game and a PSP if the score high at least do some fucking background info on the game. a better game would have been ape escape or some thing like that not a game where story and emotion take place kids wont appreciate that, their just kids they wont understand or wont care.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Are people actually taking this seriously?

  37. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to kill myself after playing Persona 3 too… lucky lil bastards!

  38. thissiteisBS says:

    Awww….I’m kinda disappointed…no one has blamed Obama..lmfao

  39. Rain says:

    Frank Conner says its his right under the fourth amendment to have a gun with the safety off under his bed.

    What the fuck does the fourth amendment have to do with that? And in turn, your kid wouldn’t have gotten your gun if it wasn’t under your bed. And she wouldn’t have shot herself if the safety was on. You fucking idiot, the game is not the only one at fault.

  40. Anon says:

    Why the hell did they even have a gun?.. I’m gonna be honest sometimes I like to pretend I can summon a person with my airsoft gun but hell to the no would I actually shoot the thing..
    But real guns? 26 kids?!! Jeez..
    Not to mention it’s an M rated game too..

  41. Anonymous says:

    “Those damn Maps with their video games and whatnot… I’m telling all my friends to but those Nintendo games from now on.

    Nintendo is a Japanese company as well. Go figure.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Okay, for one, the school should have researched the game first rather than say “Here have a game”. Secondly, the parents shouldn’t blame “the damn Japs” for their children commiting suicide

  43. Anonymous says:

    I guarantee that the kid who brought the tarot cards to school was the one who was bullied the most, even by the nerds.

  44. ded says:

    Was this comment section raided?

  45. Anonymous says:

    I Think the problem here isn’t the stupidity potrayed in this story, but that so many people have so little faith in our society that they think this is a true story.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I’m waiting for people to realize this is essentially The Onion of video games, and that NONE of these articles are real.

  47. Are you serious says:

    Their damn fault for giving the kids M rated games.

  48. James says:

    Hey I am only twelve and know this article isn’t true plus who lets theri kids play with guns also i play mature games.

  49. James says:

    Btw james isn’t my name its was supposed to be jams because jam i awsome

  50. @nonymous says:

    Goddamnit, I feel like a retard for believing this was real (it would explain the lack of other news reports, no me too on wiki sites, and the obvious problem that ALL THE CHILDREN HAD GUNS).