Adam Sessler: Is There Really Any Meaning to Life If I Can’t Do Video Game Journalism?

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4 Responses

  1. phantastic says:

    Ahahaha. Wow u guys r fast on keeping up with the news. I bet u read neogaf xD. Anyways this was a fun read. Could have been better

  2. Anthony says:

    No wonder he made that silly remark about that ‘Bros before Hoes’ trophy. He’s losing his damn mind.

  3. Transfat Pansexual Christian-to-Atheist Ponylover says:

    I am sure glad those journalists and reporters are so good at their job of reporting important news. Instead of being secretive about it, as if they were being heavily controlled and influenced by video game corporations.

  4. Albert Einstein says:

    Sounds like he’s suffering Dementia. I wish the best for that geezer.