Adam Sessler: Is There Really Any Meaning to Life If I Can’t Do Video Game Journalism?

Revision3 Games producer Adam Sessler is finding himself stuck between a rock and a hard place as his livelihood as a game journalist is allegedly at stake. But an exclusive interview with his wife Amber reveals its more than about money.theonlythingiwasgoodatSessler’s recent tweets have been very cryptic and divulge nothing about the circumstances behind them. Most revealing was writing that “[he has] to consider new professional avenues, it’s that serious.” Even his wife allegedly tweeted from his account with the following:

This is Amber, Adam’s wife. Thank you, Mr. Big Videogame Corp. for ruining another Saturday chez Sesslers. I don’t get you.

In an exclusive interview with Amber, we got more insight into what he has been talking about for the past two hours.

Play4Real: Thank you for letting us interview you on such short notice.

Amber: Oh no, thank you. I need to get this message out there before this goes out of control.

Play4Real: Can you explain what is going on?

Amber: That tweet I made is a little bit out of context. Yes, a video game corporation did ruin Adam’s day a bit. But that’s just video game stuff. The part where I said “I don’t get you” was meant to be directed at Adam, not the video game company.

Play4Real: Interesting, go on.

Amber: I don’t really know or care about what’s going on about this video game drama, but he keeps saying things like there won’t be any meaning in his life without gaming journalism. That’s a little extreme, I mean, maybe he can get a real job now.

Play4Real: Do you not think his current position at Revision3 is legitimate or what?

Amber: I knew I was marrying a video game man going into this marriage. I didn’t realize it was his entire life. He comes straight home from work about video games to relaxing on the couch playing video games. It’s insane!

Play4Real: What do you expect to come out of this whole situation?

Amber: A man with a renewed sense of purpose in his life. Someone who doesn’t make me write Twitter posts. I mean, he’s legitimately showing more emotion over this whole thing than I’ve ever seen in my life together with him.

Play4Real: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Amber: Come back to me Adam.

Play4Real: Thank you for your time.

After the interview, Amber accidentally left her Skype session open and we heard something similar to sobbing for five minutes. Adam then asked if she was crying because he might have to quit video game journalism. At that point, the session was disconnected.

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  1. phantastic says:

    Ahahaha. Wow u guys r fast on keeping up with the news. I bet u read neogaf xD. Anyways this was a fun read. Could have been better

  2. Anthony says:

    No wonder he made that silly remark about that ‘Bros before Hoes’ trophy. He’s losing his damn mind.

  3. Transfat Pansexual Christian-to-Atheist Ponylover says:

    I am sure glad those journalists and reporters are so good at their job of reporting important news. Instead of being secretive about it, as if they were being heavily controlled and influenced by video game corporations.

  4. Albert Einstein says:

    Sounds like he’s suffering Dementia. I wish the best for that geezer.