95 Percent of Hearthstone Games Are Won Through Complete Chance

The secret to being a professional Hearthstone player has finally been revealed by staff working on the game. It’s pure luck. The illusion of high win ratios is kept by players blaming all of their losses on chance.alsohowsomegamesgetsuccessfulHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a card game based on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft series. This casual card game has been a massive hit with live streamers who say that the game’s luck-based gameplay makes for very exciting matches which brings in the large crowds. The main reason for this is because viewers can not determine who will win based on any semblance of skill.

“By design, everyone who plays this game is a winner,” said Hearthstone production director Jason Chayes, “Beginners can easily win no matter how poorly they play because of how the game works. And the best part is, beginners will never feel discouraged because of their lack of skill. They just pick themselves right back up after a loss and say that the random number generator will be nicer next time.”

It’s this simplistic gameplay that gets so many people involved on gaming streams as viewers feel that they too could become a professional Hearthstone player. Each person watching thinks that they could have made the same move as the streamer. In reality, nothing is stopping anyone from becoming a professional Hearthstone player.

“It’s kind of hard to be a professional at this game,” continued Chayes, “Common sense dictates most of the moves people should make. In fact, we have determined that ninety-five percent of the games played are solely determined by chance. There is an element of skill involved, but that is only because some people lack common sense. If you’re smart enough, you have a fifty percent chance of winning every game you play.”

The game’s popularity is a testament to how far gaming has come. The best games always look extremely difficult but in reality are very easy to play. But the best part about this game is that it’s pretty much free.

“This game definitely lives up to the free-to-play title,” explained Chayes, “No matter what cards you buy with real money, you will still have the same equal footing as someone playing the game for the first time who hasn’t bought anything. The real reason people are buying our booster packs is just to collect all these wonderful virtual cards. Pretty much everyone playing knows that legendary cards are essentially worthless.”

Blizzard plans on using some of the lessons learned from Hearthstone and applying it to the next World of Warcraft expansion. One proposed change is giving every attack a fifty percent chance to hit.

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  1. Anthony says:

    One proposed change is giving every attack a fifty percent chance to hit.
    I don’t like this. Blizzard needs to give me the option to buy a better chance to hit. I would pay at least $15 for a one day boost.

  2. How can you tell if the game has been won by complete chance, though? Please share you complex analysis algorithm with us, Jack, so I can plagiarize it for my CS PhD,

  3. Covarr says:

    This game is too hard

  4. Zython says:

    Having played Hearthstone, I can say one thing:

    I KNEW it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This game is shit, they need to fix it if its ever to come out of beta .. yeah 50% chance of winning if you are intelligent? So a new player coming in playing people with better cards paid cards, etc have a 50% chance of winning? The writer had a 50% chance of being intelligent with this article and he failed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you aren’t praying to the RNGods while you play, you’re doing it wrong.

  7. To Loyal Play4Real Fanboy:
    You are a nerd! A fackless, ugly, virgin of a nerd, who isn’t even worth this crap hole of a place.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This reminds of an article I read a couple years ago saying that 90% of all Magic The Gathering games were won through luck. I wonder where that 5% difference is from.

  9. Lord Jaraxxus says:


    • OLDBBOY69 says:

      like for poker there will be always player saying is 95% luck i wonder why is always the same player at the top most be the luckiest people in the world.
      Of course there is luck involved but so is poker and even a 10% edge is enought to be a winner at long run people like him who think is so much about luck just lack of skill or just don`t want to improve them play im an infinite player on arena so i must be crazy lucky then same for trump a famous layer wich is an infinite player arena so WTF how he manage to have an average of 7 win in arena if is 95% luck and if got 7 average win over thousands games so yeah jack keep saying yourself is a pure luck game it mean i will most likelly crush you if i face you one day

    • Malganis says:

      I AM MALGANIS, I AM INTERNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. whocares says:

    Win ratios are fixed. You win too many, get ready for a losing streak

  11. Anonymous says:

    This article is hilarious, it says that pretty much everyone knows legendarys are worthless(not true).

    Ex. Play a Duplicate next turn a hogger and whatever 4 mana or less spell to give the hogger a chance, next turn faceless manipulate the hogger so now there is 2 and at the end of each of ur turns get 2 free frostwolf grunts, and if one of the hoggers dies get 2 more and continue.

  12. Anonymous says:

    not surprised at all, people just copy each others deck and hope to “get lucky” with draws

  13. Raxtus says:

    Well that’s a lie. At least a white lie anyway. The trick to being good at Hearthstone does not often lie in an actual match itself, but in what cards you chose for your deck. There is a lot of thinking and skill in the game, just maybe not where people look for it. Either way never trusting this website again, they just want attention.

    • kkelis says:

      Seriously, everything said in this article is complete garbage. Hearthstone is very similar to poker believe it or not. What separates a good poker from a bad one? When the good poker plays has the opportunity to advance his position, ONLY THEN does he decide to bid and raise the pot in order to POSSIBLY win. Most of the times he will. Whereas the bad poker player advances in any position and at any hand and ends up going bust.

      Same thing with hearthstone but HS is a much larger version than Poker and more complex due to its variety of cards, class specific cards etc . Just like poker.. you need a good starting hand. If you dont have it , you fold. In HS, you wait. Knowing how to efficiently use your mana EVERY SINGLE TURN and effectively dealing damage/using defensive skills and using smart mechanics behind combo’s is what wins the game. You need to optimize your wins efficiently and MAKE SURE YOU WIN EVERYTIME YOU CAN. Why do you think people are ranked in legend? because of pure luck ? No, it was because when the luck was on there side favoring them with one or more draws, they had the SKILL to build on that, and use it 100% to there own advantage.

      If i had to honestly state a percentage for luck factor in hearthstone, i would say its 30% luck 70%skill at its worst.

      • Ben Cucaracha says:

        Hahaha look at this nerd thinking that Hearthstone requires any sort of skill. Sorry bub it will forever be a 50% Chance of winning and losing. I had my dog play heartstone once and he won 25 games and lost another 25… a creature with no intelligence easily proves this.

        Bow down to Blizzard’s masterful game design or be beaten by a dog, scrub.

        We all know those legendary players are bots designed to give people hope they can overcome the absolute 50% win/lose chance.

      • heartstone is for homos says:

        lol this fanboy, dont you get it bro ? all the big players are paid by poker companies, to make you believe they won, its ALL fake. They are paid to promote their ”winning” image. So that you believe that shit like the blind sheep you are and go spend your money in that 90% rng poker stuff. Grow up bro, I dont know why people are so stupid, so easy to understand.

  14. This article is a joke.

    Just goes to show you that any moron can tout their opinion on the internet and pass it off as “journalism”.

    Please delete this and stop wasting everyone’s time who is unfortunate enough to stumble upon it.

  15. Whatever says:

    This game really is all about luck.. you get a bad hand and your opponent get’s a strong opening hand it’s just GG from the get go..

    And if both of you get good hands it’s about trading and trading.. and use some very short term strategy.
    and still get lucky you have all the answers constantly.. thinking about removing this game off my computer..

  16. Sarunas Rimkus says:

    Hearthstone IS a game of pure luck. I would even go as far as to say 100% of games are luck.
    Why I say this? 5 minnion equality into madder bomber hitting all 5 minnions and last bomb hitting face.
    All collectible card games are decided by luck.

  17. JumpyBanana says:

    And what about when the game constantly matches a new player against decks full of overpowered legendary cards?

    You must be dumb as a brick if you’re incapable of seeing who will win such a match.

  18. angry_d00d says:

    “The real reason people are buying our booster packs is just to collect all these wonderful virtual cards. Pretty much everyone playing knows that legendary cards are essentially worthless.”
    Am I the only one reading this??