5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Elo Boosting Services

If you are reading this, chances are you have already spent some time looking for a boosting service. No doubt you have seen them range widely in price and in the number of features, the level of support, and the different services they offer. You might be tempted to go for the cheapest options, after all, money is always a limited resource and you might think it doesn’t matter how you get your rank as long as you get it.

However, don’t forget that your valuable ranked account is on the line. Most of the time in life, you get exactly what you pay for and it’s no different when it comes to boosting services.

It might be a scam

This is obviously the biggest concern with any kind of boosting service when you first consider signing up for one. In fact, it’s always at least a little worrying when you sign up for a service online or buy something online. It feels like you have little control over whether you get what you pay for or not.

Even if you go onto online gaming forums you will find individuals who offer up boosting services. It sounds reasonable enough that they can offer lower prices since they work alone and there is no middleman. Although, it’s important to realize that there is very little that stops them from taking your money and disappearing. On the other hand, it would also be difficult for them to only take payment after completion of the service as they can be scammed.

Many other services might even have a website and everything to make them look more legit and entice you into buying their service. These are much easier to trust and more difficult to spot as a scam. One good way to find out is to simply look around for any past experiences with them and how easy it is to contact them. If there is very little feedback or information on these two things, chances are it’s a scam.

Unprofessional service

We have said it before and we will say it again: You get what you pay for. Some boosting services can seem quite expensive but it’s important to keep in mind what you are paying for. To rank up to the higher leagues might require weeks to months of grinding depending on how much time you have to play. Even if they win every single game, it will take a significant amount of hours to complete the task.

Remember, that legit boosting services rank you up by actually playing and winning not by employing any kind of programmatic or other cheating techniques. If they do use some of these, it’s better to stay away. The chance of your account getting caught and banned is much higher. This means that what you are actually paying them for is your precious time.

The more you pay them, the more responsibility they have to provide you with great service. You should shop around to see what different boosting services offer when deciding which is the best value for money. Generally, the more you pay the better level of communication and support you can expect (sometimes priority support or voice communication is an add-on).

Your account could get banned

We briefly mentioned this in the previous point. If the boosting service you are looking at uses cheating in any way don’t use it unless you are ok with having your account banned for life! Nowadays, most competitive games have very good cheat detection and it’s unlikely some fly by night operation has the means to bypass this reliably.

Good old boosting services make use of nothing more than pure skill to rank your account. They usually employ players that have themselves reached the Master or Challenger leagues and have thus proven themselves to be highly skilled players that have done it before themselves. Furthermore, this kind of boosting is very hard to predict or to detect by the developers. From all outward appearances, it just looks like another skilled player making his way up the ranks.

For most of us, our competitive gaming account where we play ranked matches is already something precious that we have poured many hours and a lot of hard work into, don’t lose yours.

No guarantee of results

This is obviously the most important thing next to your account remaining safe. Without you actually getting the rank that you paid for, it would’ve all been for nothing. Professional boosting services only use the best players to boost accounts who have proven that they can reach Master or Challenger level on their own before.

As players who have done it before, there isn’t much that will stop them from reaching that point again with your account. The best boosting services use incentives to urge their boosters on to achieve their goals and might even fine boosters who fail to reach their targets in time. Also, make sure to check whether the boosting services offer refunds in case of missing their deadline or failing to deliver the rank you choose. They should at least have payment refund systems in place in case of this eventuality.

Poor customer service

Results aren’t the only thing that matters. Services differ in the level of support and communication you will receive. With some, how much you get depend completely on the lol boosting company itself and for others you can pay more for an added level of customer support and communication. If you duo queue, you might also have to pay for being able to voice chat with your booster.

Carefully consider all these aspects before you sign up for a boosting service. You also don’t want to sit there and worry about your account 24/7 while the boosting is taking place, unable to login and view the progress yourself. You want the kind of open communication that will allow you to check in with them at any time.


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