13 Year Old Tekken Champ Says Button Mashing Strategy Key to Victory

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  1. Sexy Sessler says:

    I wish I can fully conquer Lavarez’s strategy. Instead, I have Dementia.

  2. Covarr says:

    This only works in some fighting games, but not in SoulCalibur 2, where the correct strategy is to choose Link and then do a million downward stabs until your opponent rage quits and throws the controller at you.

  3. Anthony says:

    I’ve been using this strategy since before he was born. You’re welcome rookie.

  4. Monkey Man says:

    The iPad-port will compensate for its touch controls by giving players unblockable swipe moves. Swiping your hand across the screen will unleash a “Falcon Punch”-type move.

    Forthcoming mixed-platform tournaments will be dominated by the iPad. Clearly, the iPad is the future of gaming.

  5. Decoy says:

    If he played Melty, he’d be a world champion now.

  6. Kevin says:

    Ah, yes. This is an ancient tactic that works 100% of the time most of the time.

  7. #BuffLars says:

    Just so you know, Harada didn’t give him a gift because he was impressive, he gave him a gift because it was his 13th birthday the day before the tournament. Great way to ‘level up’ your journalism guys with an untruth in the first paragraph!

    AK getting beat by twice by JDCR and losing to Saint proves that this isn’t going to work against the best players in the world. Pretty confident Jimmy would have beaten him had they have played.

    And lol at the blindfolded comment, what good is mashing going to do when your opponent is a screens length away from you lol, even at mid range just gonna get wiff punished for a living.
    How do them SS ewgf’s taste son!?

    • Photon says:

      Er… you might want to check out the other comments and articles on this site before you react so violently, champ. lol

  8. Oldschoolnobody says:

    The game is fuckIn broken .. What do you expect.. Pros need to do twice even three times the effort just to avoid random multiple halflife launchers by these fuckin noobs.. Fuck even a 13 yr old gets third place in a world tourney.. The kid has talent for his age i give you that but man.. I think it isnt enough to match up to the world if the game wasnt this screwed up.. Imo

  9. Hamza62240 says:

    lol, I played Tekken for the first time EVER and I beat my expert cousins by button mashing before I knew this article even existed xD

    • Komkon says:

      Only if you play Eddy Gordo.
      I beat all Tekken experts on campus using him + button mashing + some beers.

      Doesn’t really matter now. I played Virtua Fighter since.

  10. WufanGohan says:

    Tekken has always been a button-mashing game (it didn’t even have the combo register in arcade mode!) which is what I like. It was never a Real Fighting Simulator and it’s only that most mashers approach fighting games like most 3-year-olds approach calculus.

  11. James says:

    Button mashing is an easy way out. It’s an overused and heavily relied on tactic. The fact that people are willing to admit (sometimes) that they knowingly mash just about all of the inputs as fast as possible to bypass their enemies recovery time is not respectable. Then people wanna act like spamming every possible combo input( ex: down, diagonal, forward, then whatever attack button ) repeatedly, while also bypassing enemy recovery time isn’t cheap. Yeah right. Unbelievable.

    • James says:

      And the fact that you can actually HEAR the speed at which the buttons are getting pressed proves how much actual skill and though the is going into the actions. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Just speed and accuracy